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2010114-Gbit/s 2SC-NRZ-D8PSK for 50-GHz WDM grid without polarization multiplexingCheng, L; Li, Z; Yang, Y; Lu, C ; Liu, L; Zeng, L; Xiong, Q; Lau, APT ; Tam, HY ; Wai, PKA 
2009Adaptation in intercultural negotiations : mental model change, culture, and time pressureLiu, W ; Liu, L
2011Adaptive weighted fusion of local kernel classifiers for effective pattern classificationYang, S; Zuo, W; Liu, L; Li, Y; Zhang, D 
2004Amorphous-to-quasicrystalline transformation in Zr65Ni 10Cu7.5Al7.5Ag10 bulk metallic glassLiu, L; Chan, KC 
2012Analysis of multivariate recurrent event data with time-dependent covariates and informative censoringZhao, X ; Liu, L; Liu, Y; Xu, W
2009Bertrand competition with capacity expansionLuo, M ; Liu, L; Gao, F
2010Bio-activation of Ni-free Zr-based bulk metallic glass by surface modificationLiu, L; Chan, KC ; Yu, Y; Chen, Q
2012Bioactive calcium titanate coatings on a Zr-based bulk metallic glass by laser claddingLiu, Z; Chan, KC ; Liu, L; Guo, SF
2009Change in free volume during the homogeneous flow of Zr-based bulk metallic glass matrix compositeChen, Q; Liu, L; Chan, KC 
2013Characterization of a novel zinc transporter znuA acquired by vibrio parahaemolyticus through horizontal gene transferLiu, M; Yan, M; Liu, L; Chen, S 
1999Chirp-free tuning of fiber Bragg grating using a cantilever beamYu, Y; Tam, H ; Geng, S; Demokan, MS; Liu, L; Chung, W
2012Chitosan microcapsules loaded with either miconazole nitrate or clotrimazole, prepared via emulsion techniqueYuen, CWM; Yip, J ; Liu, L; Cheuk, K ; Kan, CW ; Cheung, HC; Cheng, SY
2012Combination of heterogeneous features for wrist pulse blood flow signal diagnosis via multiple kernel learningLiu, L; Zuo, W; Zhang, D ; Li, N; Zhang, H
2013Comparative studies of solar collectors in Southern China hotelsChan, WW ; Jiang, B; Liu, L
2014Competitive ratios for preemptive and non-preemptive online scheduling with nondecreasing concave machine costJiang, Y; Hu, J; Liu, L; Zhu, Y; Cheng, TCE 
2011Construction of a molecular beacon based on two-photon excited fluorescence resonance energy transfer with quantum dot as donorLiu, L; Li, H; Qiu, T; Zhou, G; Wong, KY ; He, Z; Liu, Z
2007Cooling rate induced variation in microstructure and magnetic structure of Nd60Fe30Al10 glass forming alloyHu, Y; Chan, KC ; Liu, L; Yang, YZ
2015Cytotoxicity assessment of functionalized CdSe, CdTe and InP quantum dots in two human cancer cell modelsLiu, J; Hu, R; Liu, J; Zhang, B; Wang, Y; Liu, X; Law, WC ; Liu, L; Ye, L; Yong, KT
May-2009Deformation behavior and indentation size effect in amorphous and crystallized Pd₄₀Cu₃₀Ni₁₀P₂₀ alloyLi, N; Liu, L; Chan, KC 
2009Deformation behavior and indentation size effect of Au49Ag5.5Pd2.3Cu26.9Si16.3 bulk metallic glass at elevated temperaturesLi, N; Liu, L; Chan, KC ; Chen, Q; Pan, J