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2013Active learning for cross-lingual sentiment classificationLi, S; Wang, R; Liu, H; Huang, CR 
2003An alternative approach to ascertain the rate-determining steps of TiO2 photoelectrocatalytic reaction by electrochemical impedance spectroscopyLiu, H; Li, XZ; Leng, YJ; Li, WZ
2010Analysis of the relaxation modulus of spun yarnsLiu, H; Tao, XM ; Choi, KF; Xu, BG 
2014Bi-hemispheric corticomotor excitability changes after peripheral electrical stimulation to the affected arm in chronic strokeAu-Yeung, SSY ; Liu, H
2009Challenges for interactive textiles structures to be used as wearable bio-potential surface electrodesTao, XM ; Zhang, H; Xu, PJ; Liu, H
2009Characteristics analysis and simulation of permanent magnet actuator with a new control method for air circuit breakerFang, S; Lin, H; Ho, SL ; Wang, X; Jin, P; Liu, H
2004The characteristics and photocatalytic activities of silver doped ZnO nanocrystallitesWang, R; Xin, JH ; Yang, Y; Liu, H; Xu, L; Hu, J
2011Classification of bio-potential surface electrode based on FKCM and SVMLiu, H; Tao, X ; Xu, P; Qiu, G
2009Combining coarse-grained software pipelining with dvs for scheduling real-time periodic dependent tasks on multi-core embedded systemsLiu, H; Shao, Z ; Wang, M; Du, J; Xue, CJ; Jia, Z
2015Computation of electromagnetic losses in double-rotor vernier PM motors with three topologies using TS-FEMLiu, H; Hao, Y; Niu, S ; Fu, W 
2015Constructional meaning selection for “A+Yi (One) +x, B+Yi (one) +Y” in mandarin ChineseLiu, H; Zhan, W; Huang, CR 
2015Core-shell Fe3O4@SiO2@HNbMoO6 nanocomposites : new magnetically recyclable solid acid for heterogeneous catalysisShen, P; Zhang, HT; Liu, H; Xin, JY; Fei, LF; Luo, XG; Ma, RZ; Zhang, SJ
2001Dendritic catalysts for asymmetric transfer hydrogenationChen, YC; Wu, TF; Deng, JG; Liu, H; Jiang, YZ; Choi, MCK; Chan, ASC
15-Dec-2010Dephosphorylation of nucleophosmin by PP1β facilitates pRB binding and consequent E2F1-dependent DNA repairLin, CY; Tan, BCM; Liu, H; Shih, CJ; Chien, KY; Lin, CL; Yung, BYM 
2014Design and analysis of low-speed double-fed brushless generator with fractional slot windingsLiu, H; Chen, Y; Fu, WN 
2010Design and synthesis of a multiprocessor system-on-chip architecture for real-time biomedical signal processing in gamma camerasSun, K; Wang, M; Shao, Z ; Liu, H; Wei, H; Wang, T
2014Designed synthesis of a highly conjugated hexaethynylbenzene-based host for supramolecular architecturesLi, Y; Xu, L; Chan, SLF ; Li, Y; Jiang, R; Liu, H; Che, CM
2002Development of TiO2-based photooxidation for water and wastewater treatmentLi, XZ; Liu, H
2008Differential cardiovascular effects of synthetic peptides derived from endomorphin-1 in anesthetized ratsLiu, H; Yang, Y; Xin, R; Liu, X; Cao, Y; Ni, J; Wang, R
2014Dual-modal upconversion fluorescent/X-ray imaging using ligand-free hexagonal phase NaLuF4: Gd/Yb/Er nanorods for blood vessel visualizationZeng, S; Wang, H; Lu, W; Yi, Z; Rao, L; Liu, H; Hao, J