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2012Algorithm implementation and engineering practice of suppressing subsynchonous oscillations with SVCLo, WCE ; Lin, Y
2012An ant colony optimization approach for maximizing the lifetime of heterogeneous wireless sensor networksLin, Y; Zhang, J; Chung, HSH; Ip, WH ; Li, Y; Shi, YH
2013Bond formation of surface-tethered receptor-ligand pairs in relative separationQian, J; Lin, Y; Jiang, H; Yao, H 
2015Colour preference varies with lighting applicationLin, Y; Wei, M ; Smet, K. A. G; Tsukitani, A; Bodrogi, P; Khanh, TQ
2008Computer simulation and performance of a low concentration ratiio hybrid solar concentrator system with DC outputLo, WCE ; Pang, H; Lin, Y
2013A crossing age analysis on the basic vowels in Hong Kong CantoneseLiu, Y ; Shi, F; Lin, Y
2015Effects of fabrics with dynamic moisture transfer properties on skin temperature in females during exercise and recoveryLin, X; Li, Y ; Zhou, J; Cao, X; Hu, J ; Guo, Y; Sun, S; Lv, R; Lin, Y; Ye, Q; Leung, H 
2015Effects of Ga doping and hollow structure on the band-structures and photovoltaic properties of SnO2 photoanode dye-sensitized solar cellsDuan, Y; Zheng, J; Fu, N; Hu, J; Liu, T; Fang, Y; Zhang, Q; Zhou, X; Lin, Y; Pan, F
2013Efficient estimation of the censored linear regression modelLin, Y; Chen, K
2010Efficient verification of shortest path search via authenticated hintsYiu, ML ; Lin, Y; Mouratidis, K
6-Feb-2012Electronic and magnetic properties of La₂NiMnO₆ and La₂CoMnO₆ with cationic orderingZhu, M; Lin, Y; Lo, E ; Wang, Q; Zhao, Z; Xie, W
2007Enhancing agility by timely sharing of supply informationLi, G; Lin, Y; Wang, S; Yan, H 
2015Enhancing the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells : doping SnO2 photoanodes with Al to simultaneously improve conduction band and electron lifetimeDuan, Y; Zheng, J; Fu, N; Fang, Y; Liu, T; Zhang, Q; Zhou, X; Lin, Y; Pan, F
2011Expression and function of iron metabolism proteins in the kidneyLin, Y; Qian, ZM; Ke, Y
2015Extraction, antimicrobial, and antioxidant activities of crude polysaccharides from the wood ear medicinal mushroom Auricularia auricula-judae (higher basidiomycetes)Cai, M; Lin, Y; Luo, YL; Liang, HH ; Sun, PL
2014Facile fabrication of highly porous photoanode at low temperature for all-plastic dye-sensitized solar cells with quasi-solid state electrolyteFu, NQ; Duan, YD; Fang, YY; Zhou, XW; Liu, YC; Peng, F; Lin, Y; Huang, HT 
2011Finite element modeling of male leg and sportswear : contact pressure and clothing deformationLin, Y; Choi, KF; Luximon, A ; Yao, L; Hu, JY; Li, Y 
2014Grid stability and application of SVC in suppressing low-frequency oscillationsLo, EWC ; Lin, Y
2006Hetero-diels-alder reaction of ethyl 2-nitrosoacrylate and cyclohexadienes, and bromine induced diene isomerizationSong, J; Lin, Y; Szeto, YS ; Chan, WL
2015Metal and F dual-doping to synchronously improve electron transport rate and lifetime for TiO2 photoanode to enhance dye-sensitized solar cells performancesDuan, Y; Zheng, J; Xu, M; Song, X; Fu, N; Fang, Y; Zhou, X; Lin, Y; Pan, F