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2013Active learning for cross-lingual sentiment classificationLi, S; Wang, R; Liu, H; Huang, CR 
1-May-2009All wavelengths and directions hybrid-guidance photonic crystal fiber and its property of Bragg grating resonanceZhang, H; Li, S; Leung, DCW ; Chan, HLW 
2014Annotating event in an emotion corpusLee, SYM ; Li, S; Huang, CR 
2013The anti-cancer agent SU4312 unexpectedly protects against MPP(+) -induced neurotoxicity via selective and direct inhibition of neuronal NOS.Cui, W; Zhang, Z; Li, W; Hu, S; Mak, S; Zhang, H; Han, R; Yuan, S; Li, S; Sa, F; Xu, D; Lin, Z; Zuo, Z; Rong, J; Ma, EDL; Choi, TC; Lee, SMY; Han, Y 
2008Antioxidant activity of Chinese medicinal herbsChan, SW; Li, S; Kwok, CY; Benzie, IFF ; Szeto, YT; Guo, DJ; He, XP; Yu, PHF
2011Applying regression models to query-focused multi-document summarizationOuyang, Y; Li, W ; Li, S; Lu, Q
2012Arbitrary body segmentation in static imagesLi, S; Lu, H; Zhang, L 
2015Basal Flt1 tyrosine kinase activity is a positive regulator of endothelial survival and vascularization during zebrafish embryogenesisLi, S
2011Breaking a modified substitution-diffusion image cipher based on chaotic standard and logistic mapsLi, C; Li, S; Lo, KT 
2015Broadband photodetectors based on graphene-Bi2Te3heterostructureQiao, H; Yuan, J; Xu, Z; Chen, C; Lin, S; Wang, Y; Song, J; Liu, Y; Khan, Q; Hoh, HY; Pan, CX; Li, S; Bao, Q
Jul-2010Calycosin promotes angiogenesis involving estrogen receptor and mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) signaling pathway in zebrafish and HUVECTang, JY; Li, S; Li, ZH; Zhang, ZJ; Hu, G; Cheang, LCV; Alex, D; Hoi, MPM; Kwan, YW; Chan, SW; Leung, GPH; Lee, SMY
2015CEO campaign contribution channels and financial reporting qualityZhang, Y; Li, S; Saffar, W ; Cheng, CS 
2016Characteristics of the IR laser photothermally induced phase change in microchannels with different depthsChen, R; He, X; Zhu, X; Liao, Q; An, L ; Wang, Z; Li, S
2010Chinese sentiment classification based on stacking combination methodLi, S; Huang, CR 
2010Chinese word segmentation based on word boundary decisionLi, S; Huang, CR 
2015Ciprofloxacin adsorption on graphene and granular activated carbon: kinetics, isotherms, and effects of solution chemistryZhu, X; Tsang, DCW ; Chen, F; Li, S; Yang, X
2010A collaborative international community health nursing : clinical experience in ChinaHu, J; Andreatta, S; Yu, L; Li, S
2011Color image canonical correlation analysis for face feature extraction and recognitionJing, X; Li, S; Lan, C; Zhang, D ; Yang, J; Liu, Q
2010Combining constituent and dependency syntactic views for Chinese semantic role labelingLi, S; Lu, Q ; Zhao, T; Liu, P; Li, H
2011A community-based survey on cardiovascular health status among residents in a Wuhan district in ChinaSit, WHJ; Chair, SY; Li, S; Wong, EMY; Zheng, Y; Wong, KST