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Dec-20053-D measurement of body tissues based on ultrasound images with 3-D spatial informationHuang, QH; Zheng, YP ; Li, R; Lu, MH
2008Adaptive feedback control using neural networks with PIDCao, L; Li, R; Tong, KY 
2012Advertising expenditure, ownership structure and firm value : evidence from the emerging Chinese marketKim, M ; Li, R
2002Assessing Chinese adults' memory abilities : validation of the Chinese version of the rivermead behavioral memory testMan, DWK ; Li, R
2010Assessment of geo-positioning capability of high resolution satellite imagery for densely populated high buildings in metropolitan areasQiao, G; Wang, W; Wu, B ; Liu, C; Li, R
2015Can Hong Kong price-manage its cross-harbor-tunnel congestion?Woo, CK; Cheng, YS; Li, R; Shiu, A ; Ho, ST; Horowitz, I
2011Children's interpretation of elliptical structures with pronouns石定栩 ; Li, R; Hu, J
2012Coal consumption and economic growth in ChinaLi, R; Leung, GCK
2008Combined electromyography (EMG)-driven system with functional electrical stimulation (FES) for poststroke rehabilitationLi, R; Hu, X; Tong, KYR
2010Combined functional electrical stimulation (FES) and robotic system for wrist rehabiliation after strokeHu, XL; Tong, KY; Li, R; Chen, M; Xue, JJ; Ho, SK; Chen, PN
2015Combustion characteristics of a slotted swirl combustor: An experimental test and numerical validationLi, Y; Li, R; Li, D; Bao, J; Zhang, P 
2009Comparative analysis of essential oils from eight herbal medicines with pungent flavor and cool nature by GC-MS and chemometric resolution methodsZhao, C; Zeng, Y; Wan, M; Li, R; Liang, Y; Li, C; Zeng, Z; Chau, FT
2009Convergence of numerical solutions to stochastic age-dependent population equations with Markovian switchingLi, R; Leung, PK ; Pang, WK
2010Convergence of numerical solutions to stochastic age-structured population equations with diffusions and Markovian switchingLi, R; Pang, WK; Leung, PK 
2008Convergence of the semi-implicit Euler method for stochastic age-dependent population equationsPang, WK; Li, R; Liu, M
2006Debonding failures of RC beams strengthened with near surface mounted CFRP stripsTeng, JG ; De Lorenzis, L; Wang, B; Li, R; Wong, TN; Lam, L
2014Decision-aided sampling frequency offset compensation for reduced-guard-interval coherent optical OFDM systemsWang, W; Zhuge, Q; Morsy Osman, M; Gao, Y; Xu, X; Chagnon, M; Qiu, M; Hoang, MT; Zhang, F; Li, R; Plant, DV
2014Dimension-reduced hyperbolic momentmethod for the boltzmann equation with BGK-type collisionCai, Z; Fan, Y; Li, R; Qiao, Z 
2010DLDA and LDA/QR equivalence framework for human face recognitionLi, R; Chan, CL; Eddie,; Baciu, G 
2010Effectiveness of functional electrical stimulation (FES)-robot assisted wrist training on persons after strokeHu, XL; Tong, KY ; Li, R; Chen, M; Xue, JJ; Ho, SK; Chen, PN