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2001Actuators, piezoelectric ceramics and functionally gradient materialsZhu, X; Zhu, J; Zhou, S; Li, Q; Liu, Z; Ming, N; Meng, Z; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL 
2006Automated retinal vessel segmentation using multiscale analysis and adaptive thresholdingLi, Q; You, J ; Zhang, L ; Bhattacharya, P
2007Bragg soliton pulse compression in non-uniform fiber bragg gratingsSenthilnathan, K; Li, Q; Wai, PKA ; Nakkeeran, K
2011Cascaded higher-order soliton compressionLi, Q; Kutz, JN; Wai, PKA 
1-Nov-2010Cascaded higher-order soliton for non-adiabatic pulse compressionLi, Q; Kutz, JN; Wai, PKA 
2011Cascaded second-order soliton for high-coherence supercontinuum generationLi, Q; Kutz, JN; Wai, PKA 
2011Characteristics of supercontinuum generation under the influence of a weak continuous-wave triggerLi, Q; Li, F; Wong, KKY; Lau, APT ; Tsia, KK; Wai, PKA 
2010Characterization of the interface between the Hf-based high-k thin film and the Si using spatially resolved electron energy-loss spectroscopyWang, XF; Li, Q; Lee, PF; Dai, JY ; Gong, XG
2015Chemical vapor deposition growth of large-scale hexagonal boron nitride with controllable orientationSong, X; Gao, J; Nie, Y; Gao, T; Sun, J; Ma, D; Li, Q; Chen, Y; Jin, C; Bachmatiuk, A; Rümmeli, MH; Ding, F ; Zhang, Y; Liu, Z
2011Chinese nurses' attitudes and beliefs toward sexuality care in cancer patientsZeng, YC; Li, Q; Wang, N; Ching, SSY ; Loke, AY 
2012Chinese women's sexuality concerns after gynecologic cancerZeng, YC; Li, Q; Li, X; Loke, AY 
2009Chirped optical solitons: High degree pulse compressionSenthilnathan, K; Nakkeeran, K; Li, Q; Wai, PKA 
2011Chloride diffusion property of recycled aggregate concrete treated with water repellent agents-silaneZhu, Y; Dai, J ; Li, Q
1-May-2006Comparison of interfacial and electrical characteristics of HfO₂and HfAlO high-k dielectrics on compressively strained Si[sub 1−x]Ge[sub x]Curreem, KKS; Lee, PF; Wong, KS; Dai, J ; Zhou, MJ; Wang, J; Li, Q
2015A comparison of waveform processing algorithms for single-wavelength LiDAR bathymetryWang, C; Li, Q; Liu, Y; Wu, G; Liu, P; Ding, X 
2005Complexity of the microstructure evolution for optimization cBN growth in a four-step ion-assisted deposition processWong, SF; Ong, CW ; Pang, GKH; Li, Q; Lau, WM
2010Computer-aided nonlinear vehicle-bridge interaction analysisLi, Q; Xu, YL ; Wu, DJ; Chen, ZW
Jan-2012Concentration effect on construction firms : tests of resource partitioning theory in Jiangsu Province (China) from 1989 to 2007Yang, H; Chan, APC ; Yeung, FY; Li, Q
2012Concrete bridge-borne low-frequency noise simulation based on traintrackbridge dynamic interactionLi, Q; Xu, YL ; Wu, DJ
2005Constructing multi-resolution triangulated irregular network model for visualizationYang, B; Li, Q; Shi, W