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2015Adaptive Fuzzy Consensus Clustering Framework for Clustering Analysis of Cancer DataYu, Z; Chen, H; You, J ; Liu, J; Wong, HS; Han, G; Li, L
2014Analysis of short-circuit current of split-winding transformer with stabilizing windingLi, L; Fu, WN ; Li, Y
2009Antibacterial properties of nanosilver PLLA fibrous membranesLi, L; Li, Y ; Li, J; Yao, L; Mak, AFT; Ko, F; Qin, L
2004Architectural and functional parameters of human brachialis muscle at rest and during isometric contractionLi, L; Tong, KY ; Hu, XL
Aug-2012Aromatic hydrocarbons as ozone precursors before and after outbreak of the 2008 financial crisis in the Pearl River Delta region, south ChinaZhang, Y; Wang, X; Blake, DR; Li, L; Zhang, Z; Wang, S; Guo, H ; Lee, SC ; Gao, B; Chan, LY; Wu, D; Rowland, FS
2007Artificial lotus leaf structures from assembling carbon nanotubes and their applications in hydrophobic textilesLiu, Y; Tang, J; Wang, R; Lu, H; Li, L; Kong, Y; Qi, K; Xin, JH 
2015Assembly of polypyrrole nanotube@MnO2 composites with an improved electrochemical capacitanceJi, J; Zhang, X; Liu, J; Peng, L; Chen, C; Huang, Z; Li, L; Yu, X; Shang, S 
2015Assembly of polypyrrole-graphene oxide hydrogel nanocomposites and their swelling propertiesJi, J; Yu, X; Cheng, P; Zhang, Q; Du, F; Li, L; Shang, S 
2010Assessment of catastrophic risk using bayesian network constructed from domain knowledge and spatial dataLi, L; Wang, J; Leung, H ; Jiang, C
2007The assessment of the performance of a windcatcher system using computational fluid dynamicsLi, L; Mak, CM 
Aug-2008Assistive control system using continuous myoelectric signal in robot-aided arm training for patients after strokeSong, R; Tong, KYR; Hu, X; Li, L
2014Bayesian prediction of fault-proneness of agile-developed object-oriented systemLi, L; Leung, H 
14-Aug-2012Biodegradable and bioabsorbable biomaterials and keratin fibrous articles for medical applicationsLi, Y; Li, J; Hu, J; Li, L
9-May-2013Biomimicry of quorum sensing using bacterial lifecycle modelNiu, B; Wang, H; Duan, Q; Li, L
2003BluePoint : a bluetooth-based architecture for location-positioning servicesChan, ATS ; Leong, HV ; Chan, J; Hon, A; Lau, L; Li, L
2002Brain iron metabolism and neurodegenerative diseasesQian, ZM; Li, L; Wang, W; Guo, SY; Wang, K
2001Challenges in compiling a corpus based business lexiconLi, L; Bilbow, G; Xu, X 
2014Characterization and Bio-binding ability study on size-controllable highly monodisperse magnetic nanoparticleLi, L; Leung, CW ; Chan, KY; Jiang, CP; Ruotolo, A; Pong, PWT
2015Characterization and bio-binding ability study on size-controllable highly monodisperse magnetic nanoparticlesLi, L; Ruotolo, A; Leung, CW ; Jiang, CP; Pong, PWT
2002China's health care system reformLi, L