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2007Acoustically coupled model of an enclosure and a Helmholtz resonator arrayLi, D; Cheng, L 
2000An algebraic algorithm for point inclusion queryWu, H; Gong, J; Li, D; Shi, W 
2007Algorithms for the m-coverage problem and k-connected m-coverage problem in wireless sensor networksLi, D; Cao, J ; Liu, D; Yu, Y; Sun, H
2009Analysis of Nordex N43/600 wind turbineLi, D; Che, Y; Cheng, KWE 
2007Antibacterial phenolic compounds from the spines of Gleditsia sinensis LamZhou, L; Li, D; Wang, J; Liu, Y; Wu, J 
2009Application of ForceControl in the vehicle gasohol delivery systemLi, D; Che, Y; Cheng, KWE 
2009Approximation algorithm for constructing data aggregation trees for wireless sensor networksLi, D; Cao, J ; Zhu, Q
2016Assessing investment value of privately-owned public rental housing projects with multiple optionsLi, D; Guo, K; You, J; Hui, ECM 
2014Autostereoscopy-based three-dimensional on-machine measuring system for micro-structured surfacesLi, D; Cheung, CF ; Ren, MJ; Zhou, LQ; Zhao, X
2016Catalytic asymmetric ring-opening reactions of aziridines with 3-aryl-oxindolesWang, L; Li, D; Yang, D; Wang, K; Wang, J; Wang, P; Su, W; Wang, R
2006Channel coordination in supply chains with agents having mean-variance objectivesChoi, TM ; Li, D; Yan, H; Chiu, CH
2007Characterization of His-tagged rat uroporphyrinogen III synthase wild-type and variant enzymesLi, N; Ma, DL; Liu, X; Wu, L; Chu, X; Wong, KY ; Li, D
2016Characterizing the stabilization size for semi-implicit fourier-spectral method to phase field equationsLi, D; Qiao, Z ; Tang, T
2011Color correction via robust reference selection and recovery using a low-rank matrix modelLi, D; Xie, X; Lam, KM 
2015Combustion characteristics of a slotted swirl combustor: An experimental test and numerical validationLi, Y; Li, R; Li, D; Bao, J; Zhang, P 
2015Concise synthesis of two natural steroidal glycosides isolated from Allium schoenoprasumLiu, Q; Guo, T; Li, D; Li, W
2006Construction of optimal data aggregation trees for wireless sensor networksLi, D; Cao, J ; Liu, M; Zheng, Y
2007Control of interior noise inside a small enclosure using T-shaped acoustic resonatorsLi, D; Yu, G; Cheng, L 
2009Controllability of noise transmission through double-glazed windows using acoustic resonatorsLi, D; Cheng, L 
2006Convergence of optimal values of quadratic penalty problems for mathematical programs with complementarity constraintsHuang, XX; Li, D; Yang, XQ