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20141 ¡Ñ N Fiber Optic Coupler Based on a Polyhedral Gradient-Index LensYang, Y; Li, H; Song, K; Jin, W 
2015Achieving balanced regional development in China: Is domestic or international tourism more efficacious?Goh, C; Li, H; Zhang, Q
2013Adaptive geo-information processing service evolution : reuse and local modification methodLi, H; Wu, B 
2015Analyzing Non-Participation in Domestic Tourism: A Combined FrameworkLi, H; Zhang, Z; Goh, C
2014Bifunctional up-converting lanthanide nanoparticles for selective in vitro imaging and inhibition of cyclin D as anti-cancer agentsChan, CF; Tsang, MK; Li, H; Lan, R; Chadbourne, FL; Chan, WL; Law, GL ; Cobb, SL; Hao, J ; Wong, WT ; Wong, KL
2005Characterisation of surface roughness for ultra-precision freeform surfacesLi, H; Cheung, CF ; Lee, WB ; To, S ; Jiang, XQ
2011Chemical composition of indoor and outdoor atmospheric particles at emperor Qin's Terra-cotta museum, Xi'an, ChinaCao, JJ; Li, H; Chow, JC; Watson, JG; Lee, S ; Rong, B; Dong, JG; Ho, KF
2015Cloud deposition of PAHs at mount lushan in southern ChinaWang, R; Wang, Y; Li, H; Yang, M; Sun, L; Wang, T ; Wang, W
2015Cluster consensus of high-order multi-agent systems with switching topologiesHou, B; Sun, F; Li, H; Chen, Y; Xi, J
2014A comparative analysis of domestic and international tourism spatial distribution : trends and impactsGoh, C; Li, H; Li, M 
2011Comparative studies of multi-photon induced emission by pyridine-based small molecular probes in biological media : selective binding of bioactive molecules and in vitro imagingWu, W; Kong, HK; Li, H; Ho, YM; Gao, Y; Hao, J ; Murphy, MB; Lam, MHW; Wong, KL; Lee, CS
2003Comparison between triangular cylinder and screen near-wakes in the orthogonal wavelet representationLi, H; Zhou, Y
2006Competition among three coupled Bose-Einstein condensates due to potential deviationLi, H; Wang, DN ; Cheng, Y
2012Conditional inactivation of Pten with EGFR overexpression in Schwann cells models sporadic MPNSTKeng, WKV ; Watson, AL; Rahrmann, EP; Li, H; Tschida, BR; Moriarity, BS; Choi, K; Rizvi, TA; Collins, MH; Wallace, MR; Ratner, N; Largaespada, DA
2011Construction of a molecular beacon based on two-photon excited fluorescence resonance energy transfer with quantum dot as donorLiu, L; Li, H; Qiu, T; Zhou, G; Wong, KY ; He, Z; Liu, Z
2008Control for dynamics of two coupled Bose-Einstein condensate solitons by potential deviationLi, H; Wang, DN 
2008Dark soliton of a growing bose-einstein condensate in an external trapLi, H; Wang, DN 
Dec-2012Data fusion-based structural damage detection under varying temperature conditionsBao, YQ; Xia, Y ; Li, H; Xu, YL ; Zhang, P
2007Design and analysis of a gas sensor based on a ring multi-wavelength fiber laser in near InfraredLi, H; Wang, DN 
2013Determinants of customer satisfaction in the hotel industry : an application of online review analysisLi, H; Ye, Q; Law, R