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2013Birefringent microfiber-based fiber loop mirrors for tunable filters and refractive index sensorsJin, W; Xuan, HF; Jin, W 
2015Effects of stretch and preferential diffusion on tip opening of laminar premixed Bunsen flames of syngas/air mixturesWang, J; Wei, Z; Yu, S; Jin, W; Xie, Y; Zhang, M; Huang, Z
2014Highly birefringent suspended-core photonic microcells for refractive-index sensingWang, C; Jin, W; Liao, CR; Ma, J; Jin, W ; Yang, F; Ho, HL; Wang, YP
14-Sep-2010Hollow-core photonic bandgap fiber polarizerJin, W; Xuan, H
2013Intense near-infrared emission of 1.23 μm in erbium-doped low-phonon-energy fluorotellurite glassZhou, B; Tao, L; Chan, CYY; Tsang, YH ; Jin, W; Pun, EYB
2014Large-scale triaxial tests on behavior of gravelly soil at different shearing ratesZhu, J; Gong, X; Zhou, J; Jin, W; Yin, J 
2012Long period grating made by rocking a single mode fiberJin, W; Xuan, HF; Jin, W 
16-Feb-2010Method of manufacturing CO₂ laser grooved long period fiber gratingsWang, D; Wang, Y; Jin, W
5-Dec-2007Method of measuring length and mass of brad and pileYin, JH; Jin, W
2008The monitoring of soil nail pull-out tests by optical fiber sensorsZhu, H; Yin, JH ; Jin, W; Zhou, WH
2-Jul-2003Optic fibre Bragg grating sensorJin, W; Chan, CC; Ho, HL
7-Oct-2009Optical fibre gas laser and optical fiber type ring laser gyroscope possessing the laserJin, W; Shi, X
21-Aug-2007Optical pulses emitterWang, D; Fang, X; Jin, W
2014Polarization converters in highly birefringent microfibersXuan, H; Ma, J; Jin, W; Jin, W 
2014Robust microfiber photonic microcells for sensor and device applicationsJin, W; Xuan, HF; Wang, C; Jin, W ; Wang, YP
2013Rocking long period gratings in single mode fibersJin, W; Xuan, H; Jin, W ; Jin, L
2014A simple and direct method for the palladium-catalyzed oxidative coupling of unactivated allylarenes with classic arenesJin, W; Wong, WT ; Law, GL 
10-Apr-2006Simple system for optical short-pulse generation in both active mode-locking and self-seeding schemesFang, X; Wang, DN ; Jin, W; Ho, HL; Liu, H; Chu, PL
2014Structural polarization-rocking filters in highly birefringent microfibersJin, W; Jin, W ; Xuan, H
18-Sep-2013Transformer failure gas monitoring system and methodJin, W; Ho, HL; Ju, J