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2012Being too positive : the effect of positive emotions on stock market reactionGuo, W
2012Dithiafulvenyl unit as a new donor for high-efficiency dye-sensitized solar cells : synthesis and demonstration of a family of metal-free organic sensitizersGuo, K; Yan, K; Lu, X; Qiu, Y; Liu, Z; Sun, J; Yan, F ; Guo, W; Yang, S
2007Dynamic response of a long span suspension bridge and running safety of a train under wind actionGuo, W; Xia, H; Xu, YL 
2013Exceptional tunability of band energy in a compressively strained trilayer MoS2 sheetHui, YY; Liu, X; Jie, W; Chan, NY; Hao, J ; Hsu, YT; Li, LJ; Guo, W; Lau, SP 
2008Forecasting accuracy of time varying parameter structural time series modelsSong, H ; Witt, S; Guo, W; Li, G
10-Dec-2004Formation of sp³ bonding in nanoindented carbon nanotubes and graphiteGuo, W; Zhu, CZ; Yu, TX; Woo, CH; Zhang, B; Dai, YT
2010Global synchronization of nonlinearly coupled complex networks with non-delayed and delayed couplingGuo, W; Austin, F; Chen, S
Jun-2011Ni induced few-layer graphene growth at low temperature by pulsed laser depositionWang, K; Tai, G; Wong, KH; Lau, SP ; Guo, W
2012Nonlinear-linear transition of magnetoelectric effect in magnetic graphene nanoflakes on substratesLu, P; Zhang, Z; Woo, CH; Guo, W
2012Nonlithographic fabrication of crystalline silicon nanodots on grapheneTai, G; Wang, K; Sun, Z; Yin, J; Ng, SM; Zhou, J; Yan, F ; Leung, CW ; Wong, KH; Guo, W; Lau, SP 
2009Pinning synchronization of the complex networks with non-delayed and delayed couplingGuo, W; Austin, F; Chen, S; Sun, W
2005Radial compression of carbon nanotubes : deformation and damage, super-elasticity and super-hardnessZhu, C; Guo, W; Yu, TX; Woo, CH
2010Running safety analysis of a train on the Tsing Ma Bridge under turbulent windsGuo, W; Xia, H; Xu, Y 
2008Tourism demand modelling and forecastingSong, H ; Guo, W
2001一种面向地理信息系统的空间索引方法Shi, W ; Guo, W; Pang, YC