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Apr-2011Delta method in large deviations and moderate deviations for estimatorsGao, F; Zhao, X 
2010Measurement of resilience and its application to enterprise information systemsWang, JW; Gao, F; Ip, WH 
2009Microwave rapid synthesis of nanoporous Fe3O4 magnetic microspheresYang, DP; Gao, F; Cui, DX; Yang, M 
2012Post-entry container port capacity expansionLuo, M ; Liu, L; Gao, F
1-May-2006Preparation of La-doped BiFeO₃thin films with Fe²⁺ ions on Si substratesGao, F; Cai, C; Wang, Y; Dong, S; Qiu, XY; Yuan, GL; Liu, ZG; Liu, J
2012Strontium titanate/silicon-based terahertz photonic crystal multilayer stackXin, JZ; Jim, KL; Yang, J; Gong, XJ; Chen, LQ; Gao, F; Tsang, YH ; Chan, HLW ; Leung, CW 
2013Superoxide constitutes a major signal of mitochondrial superoxide flashZhang, X; Huang, Z; Hou, T; Xu, J; Wang, Y; Shang, W; Ye, T ; Cheng, H; Gao, F; Wang, X
2013Synergistic triggering of superoxide flashes by mitochondrial Ca2+ uniport and basal reactive oxygen species elevationHou, T; Zhang, X; Xu, J; Jian, C; Huang, Z; Ye, T ; Hu, K; Zheng, M; Gao, F; Wang, X; Cheng, H
2000Upwind finite-difference method for the approximation of viscosity solutions to Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equationsWang, S; Gao, F; Teo, KL