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2002Adaptive baseline wander removal in the pulse waveformLisheng, X; Kuanquan, W; Zhang, D ; Cheng, S
2002Antecedents of consumer complaining behaviors : a comparison of Chinese and western consumersCheng, S; Lam, TERRY
2003A bibliography of process capability papersSpiring, F; Leung, B ; Cheng, S; Yeung, A
2008Biocomposites made from biodegradable poly (latic acid) and keratin fibers obtained from chicken feathersZhao, YQ; Lau, KT ; Liu, T; Cheng, S; Lam, PM; Li, HL
17-Jul-2009Deformation crossover : from nano- to mesoscaleCheng, S; Stoica, AD; Wang, X; Ren, Y; Almer, J; Horton, JA; Liu, CT; Clausen, B; Brown, DW; Liaw, PK; Zuo, L
2004Difference in visual thresholds between Humphrey and Octopus models, eccentricities, and meridiansLam, A ; Cheng, S; Lee, D; Tse, A
2003Dissatisfaction responses of Chinese customers in high-class restaurantsCheng, S; Lam, TERRY; Hsu, C 
2010The electrochemistry corrosion behavior of Fe3Al-type intermetallic with super-hydrophobic surfacesLiu, T; Lau, KT ; Chen, S; Cheng, S; He, T; Yin, Y
2008The influence of the marine bacterium vibrio natriegeus growth on metallic corrosion as studied by microscope technologiesYin, YS; Cheng, S; Lau, KT ; Chen, SG; Liu, T
2011An integrated model of employees' behavioral intention toward innovative information and communication technologies in travel agenciesCheng, S; Cho, V 
2010Microscopical observation of the marine bacterium vibrio natriegeus growth on metallic corrosionCheng, S; Lau, KT ; Chen, S; Chang, X; Liu, T; Yin, Y
2006Negative word-of-mouth communication intention: an application of the theory of planned behaviorCheng, S; Lam, T; Hsu, CH 
2011Outcome of a postnatal depression screening programme using the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale : a randomized controlled trialLeung, SSL; Leung, C ; Lam, TH; Hung, SF; Chan, R; Yeung, T; Miao, M; Cheng, S; Leung, SH; Lau, A; Lee, DTS
2005Ownership, corporate governance and top management pay in Hong KongCheng, S; Firth, M
2003Predictors of negative word-of-mouth communication : individual and social influencesCheng, S; Lam, T; Hsu, C 
2015Professionalism : a contemporary interpretation in hospitality industry contextCheng, S; Wong, A 
2010Protic ionic liquid-based hybrid proton-conducting membranes for anhydrous proton exchange membrane applicationLin, B; Cheng, S; Qiu, L; Yan, F; Shang, S ; Lu, J
2008Quantum chemical and electrochemical studies on the inhibitive effect of carboxymenthylchitosan for mild steel in different pHsChen, SG; Cheng, S; Lau, KT ; Yin, YS
2008The role of the customer-seller relationship in the intention of the customer to complain : a study of Chinese restaurateursCheng, S; Lam, T
2008Super-hydrophobic surfaces improve corrosion resistance of Fe3Al-type intermetallic in seawaterLiu, T; Lau, KT ; Chen, SG; Cheng, S; Yin, YS