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2015140-Gb/s 20-km transmission of PAM-4 Signal at 1.3 μm for short reach communicationsZhong, K; Zhou, X; Gao, Y; Chen, W; Man, J; Zeng, L; Lau, APT ; Lu, C 
2005An active detecting method against SYN flooding attackXiao, B ; Chen, W; He, Y; Sha, E
2009An analysis of the most influential articles published in tourism journals from 2000 to 2007 : a google scholar approachLaw, R ; Ye, Q; Chen, W; Leung, R
2014Application of a cavity enhanced UV-LED spectrometer for measurements of atmospheric HONO and NO2 in Hong KongWu, T; Zha, Q; Chen, W; Xu, Z; Wang, T ; He, X
2013Atmospheric and environmental sensing by photonic absorption spectroscopyChen, W; Wu, T; Zhao, W; Wysocki, G; Cui, X; Lengignon, C; Maamary, R; Fertein, E; Coeur, C; Cassez, A; Wang, Y; Zhang, W; Gao, X; Liu, W; Dong, F; Zha, G; Zheng, X; Wang, T 
2011AUC maximizing support vector machines with feature selectionTian, Y; Shi, Y; Chen, X ; Chen, W
2008An autonomous defense against SYN flooding attacks : detect and throttle attacks at the victim side independentlyXiao, B ; Chen, W; He, Y
2010Carbon emissions and well-being performance in ChinaChen, W; Zhu, DJ; Chan, EHW ; Xu, Y
2006Carbon nanotube-reinforced polyurethane composite fibersChen, W; Tao, X ; Liu, Y
2006The characteristics of space cooling load and indoor humidity control for residences in the subtropicsLi, Z; Chen, W; Deng, S ; Lin, Z
2001Communication optimization for SMP clustersLin, W; Chen, W; Li, Z; Zheng, W
2011Comparing the severity of different types of injuries at junction locations in Hong KongYe, DJ; Lam, WHK ; Tam, ML; Chen, W; Ngai, EWT
May-2012Conditions for the emergence of unaccusative ‘give’ in Sinitic languages : evidence from Hui’an (Southern Min)Chen, W; Yap, FH 
2009Control strategy for input-series-output-parallel converterRuan, X; Chen, W; Cheng, L; Tse, CK ; Yan, H; Zhang, T
2013Covering of nanofibers on polystyrene and PS/C60 nanofiber films and the effects on light absorption and surface wettabilitiesXu, Y; Tian, W; Chen, W; Yung, KL ; Huang, LB; Kang, CL
2009DC/DC conversion systems consisting of multiple converter modules: Stability, control, and experimental verificationsChen, W; Ruan, X; Yan, H; Tse, CK 
2007Degradation of lead zirconate titanate piezoelectric ceramics induced by water and AC voltagesXiang, W; Chen, W; You, W; Chan, HLW ; Li, L
2010Description and evaluation of an initiative to develop advanced practice nurses in mainland ChinaWong, FKY ; Peng, G; Kan, EC; Li, Y; Lau, AT; Zhang, L; Leung, AF; Liu, X; Leung, VO; Chen, W; Li, M
2014Development and deployment of a cavity enhanced UV-LED spectrometer for measurements of atmospheric HONO and NO2 in Hong KongWu, T; Zha, Q; Chen, W; Xu, Z; Wang, T ; He, X
2009Development and field testing of an automated and cost-effective tunnel boring machine guidance systemShen, XS; Lu, M; Chen, W; Lo, KI