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Mar-2000Biomechanical assessment of plantar foot tissue in diabetic patients using an ultrasound indentation systemZheng, YP ; Choi, YKC; Wong, K; Chan, S; Mak, AFT
2009Exploratory study of the download speed of leading university hospitality and tourism department websites worldwideChan, S; Leung, R; Law, R ; Shi, W
2004Internet and tourism - part XIVLaw, R ; Chan, S
2003Server architectures for interactive multimedia applicationsLi, F; Chan, S; Li, Q; Lau, R
2002Synthesis of novel diastereomeric diphosphine ligands and their applications in asymmetric hydrogenation reactionsQiu, L; Qi, J; Pai, CC; Chan, S; Zhou, Z; Choi, MCK; Chan, ASC
2000Trends in nursing education in ChinaWong, FKY ; Chan, S; Yeung, S