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2004An adaptive courseware delivery system for heterogeneous client environmentsChan, S; Cheung, R
2009Apportionment in import processing arrangements - a recent Court of Appeal decisionChan, S; Cheung, D
2006Automatic website evaluations : the case of hotels in Hong KongChan, S; Law, R 
2013Beneficial ownership in China's corproate income tax regimChan, S; Cheung, D
Mar-2000Biomechanical assessment of plantar foot tissue in diabetic patients using an ultrasound indentation systemZheng, YP ; Choi, YKC; Wong, K; Chan, S; Mak, AFT
2007Business profits - to what extent can interest payable on borrowed funds used to pay dividends qualify for deduction?Halkyard, A; Chan, S
2007Business profits - to what extent the work done by persons other than the taxpayer relevant in determining the source of profits?Chan, S; Lee, J
2007Butterworths Hong Kong bankruptcy law handbook : Bankruptcy Ordinance (Cap 6)Chan, S
2007Clinical problem-based learning (CPBL) : an introductory guideChan, S; Wong, E; Tiwari, A; Lam, W; Patil, N
2000Competition in Hong Kong's gas industryLam, PL; Chan, S
2011Contemporary tax issues arising from recent court decisionsChan, S
2006The design of performance management systems : evidence from the public sectorChan, S; Yuen, S
2016The effect of parent education program for preschool children with developmental disabilities : a randomized controlled trialLeung, C ; Chan, S; Lam, T; Yau, S; Tsang, S
2002The effects of accounting students' ethical reaasoning and personal factors on their ethical sensitivityChan, S; Leung, P
2001Employee share option benefitsChan, S
2002Ethical sensitivity development of accounting students : an empirical assessment of an accounting ethics interventionChan, S; Leung, P
2009Exploratory study of the download speed of leading university hospitality and tourism department websites worldwideChan, S; Leung, R; Law, R ; Shi, W
2002Highlights of the 2002/2003 budget and a comparison with various budget proposals made by professional bodiesChan, S
2003The Hong Kong company director's duty of skill and care : a standard for the 21st century?Spink, P; Chan, S
2006The impact of hospitalization on childrenKong, S ; Kools, S; Kennedy, C; Chan, K; Cheng, G; Chan, S; Fung, L; Luk, G; Wong, T