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2002Development of an ultrasound elastomicroscopy (UEM) system : preliminary resultsZheng, YP ; Saied, A; Jaffre, B; Lu, MH; Bridal, L; Laugier, P; Mak, A
7-Sep-2004High resolution ultrasound elastomicroscopy imaging of soft tissues : system development and feasibilityZheng, YP ; Bridal, L; Shi, J; Saied, A; Lu, MH; Jaffre, B; Mak, AFT; Laugier, P
2006Measurement of articular cartilage elasticity using water-jet ultrasound indentationZheng, YP ; Lu, MH; Bridal, L
Jan-2009Noncontact evaluation of articular cartilage degeneration using a novel ultrasound water jet indentation systemLu, MH; Zheng, YP ; Huang, QH; Ling, C; Wang, Q; Bridal, L; Qin, L; Mak, AFT
2002Ultrasound elastomicroscopy (UEM) : system developmentZheng, YP ; Bridal, L; Lu, MH; Jaffre, B; Saied, A; Mak, AFT; Laugier, P