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200835 Mhz UBM ultrasound imaging of excised ovine lumbar spinal nerve rootsRaphael, DT; Sun, L ; Wu, DMS; Zhang, Y; Berger, J
20103D face representation and recognition by intrinsic shape description mapsGuo, Z; Zhang, Y; Xia, Y; Lin, Z; Feng, D
2007A 3D finite element analysis of human foot with high-heeled shoeZhang, M ; Yu, J; Zhang, Y; Cheung, JTM; Cong, Y; Leung, AKL 
2015An 8-O-4′ norlignan exerts oestrogen-like actions in osteoblastic cells via rapid nongenomic ER signaling pathwayXiao, HH; Gao, QG; Ho, MX; Zhang, Y; Wong, KC; Dai, Y; Yao, XS; Wong, MS 
2015Absorption Enhancement in Organic Solar Cells with a Built-In Short-Pitch Plasmonic GratingZhang, Y; Cui, Y; Wang, W; Fung, KH ; Ji, T; Hao, Y; Zhu, F
1995Ac voltammetric and impedance studies of the electrochemical oxidation of pyrrole in aqueous mediumShiu, KK; Zhang, Y; Wong, KY 
2014Accounting valuation and cross-sectional stock returns in ChinaLee, WJ; Zhang, Y
2011An adaptive method of speckle reduction and feature enhancement for SAR images based on curvelet transform and particle swarm optimizationLi, Y; Gong, H; Feng, D; Zhang, Y
2014An adaptive surface filter for airborne laser scanning point clouds by means of regularization and bending energyHu, H; Ding, Y; Zhu, Q; Wu, B ; Lin, H; Du, Z; Zhang, Y; Zhang, Y
2015Aggregation-induced emission rotors : rational design and tunable stimuli responseLi, J; Zhang, Y; Mei, J; Lam, JWY; Hao, J ; Tang, BZ
2007Anti-osteoporotic effect of Erythrina variegata L. in ovariectomized ratsZhang, Y; Li, XL; Lai, WP; Chen, B; Chow, HK; Wu, CF; Wang, NL; Yao, XS; Wong, MS 
2005Anti-osteoporotic effect of erythrina variegate on ovariectomized ratsZhang, Y; Li, XL; Xie, F; Wu, CF; Wang, NL; Yao, XS; Wong, MS 
2007The anti-osteoporotic effect of total flavonoid extract of herba epimedii in ovariectomized miceMok, SK; Lai, KH; Pang, WY; Lai, WP; Zhang, Y; Leung, PC; Yao, XS; Wong, MS 
2006Anti-osteoporotic effects of medicinal herbs and their mechanisms of actionZhang, Y; Wong, M ; Wu, C
2015Application guideline for embedded GHG emissions database and G-BOM analyzerYung, KC ; Chan, CY; Zhang, Y
2015Application of complex extreme learning machine to multiclass classification problems with high dimensionality : a THz spectra classification problemYin, XX; Hadjiloucas, S; He, J; Zhang, Y; Wang, Y; Zhang, D 
Aug-2012Aromatic hydrocarbons as ozone precursors before and after outbreak of the 2008 financial crisis in the Pearl River Delta region, south ChinaZhang, Y; Wang, X; Blake, DR; Li, L; Zhang, Z; Wang, S; Guo, H ; Lee, SC ; Gao, B; Chan, LY; Wu, D; Rowland, FS
2010Atmospheric wet deposition of trace elements to central Tibetan PlateauCong, Z; Kang, S; Zhang, Y; Li, X 
2012BaTiO3 : Yb/Er 铁电薄膜中电控光致发光新现象的初步探索Hao, JH ; Zhang, Y; Wei, XH
2003A bilayer piezoelectric transformer operating in a bending vibration modeWong, NY; Zhang, Y; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL
2015Bio-inspired chemical fabrication of stretchable transparent electrodesYu, Y; Zhang, Y; Li, K; Yan, C; Zheng, Z 
2012Bio-inspired interfacial strengthening strategy through geometrically interlocking designsZhang, Y; Yao, H ; Ortiz, C; Xu, J; Dao, M
2007Bioactive modification of NiTi shape memory alloyHuang, CJ; Xie, YB; Zhou, LM ; Huang, HT ; Lu, J; Zhang, Y
2011Biocompatibility of alkaline hydrolyzed wool polypeptides on human foreskin fibroblastsLiu, X; Zhang, Y; Li, Y ; Hu, JY; Han, YX; Li, Y ; Zhao, Zheng
2012The biocompatibility of electrospun wool polypeptide/PLLA composite nanofibers on saos-2 osteoblastsLiu, X; Li, Y ; Zhang, Y; Li, JS; Zhang, J; Han, YX; Hu, JY
2011Biodiesel production by esterification of oleic acide via zirconia-based compounds as heterogeneous superacid catalystsZhang, Y; Yung, KF ; Wong, WT
2014Biodiesel production via esterification of oleic acid catalyzed by chlorosulfonic acid modified zirconiaZhang, Y; Wong, WT ; Yung, KF 
2015Biomechanical response of the musculoskeletal system to whole body vibration using a seated driver modelLi, W; Zhang, M ; Lv, G; Han, Q; Gao, Y; Wang, Y; Tan, Q; Zhang, M; Zhang, Y; Li, Z
2014BiPO4/reduced graphene oxide composites photocatalyst with highphotocatalytic activityZhang, Y; Shen, B; Huang, H; He, Y; Fei, B ; Lv, F
2008Bragg gratings in pure-silica polarization-maintaining photonic crystal fiberGuan, BO; Chen, D; Zhang, Y; Wang, HJ; Tam, HY 
Sep-2012Broadband ultrasonic linear array using ternary PIN-PMN-PT single crystalWang, W; Zhao, X; Or, DSW ; Leung, CM; Zhang, Y; Jiao, J; Luo, H
2000Capacity-constrained traffic assignment in networks with residual queuesLam, WHK ; Zhang, Y
2006Carbon nanotube seeded sol-gel synthesis of silica nanoparticle assembliesLiu, Y; Tang, J; Chen, X; Wang, R; Pang, GKH; Zhang, Y; Xin, JH 
2010Cellular uptake study of silica nanoparticles in human foreskin fibroblast cellsZhang, Y; Liu, X; Chen, AZ; Chen, D; Yang, M; Li, Y 
2013CEO Compensation and Fair Value Accounting : evidence from Purchase Price AllocationShalev, R; Zhang, IX; Zhang, Y
2015Characteristics of air pollutant dispersion around a high-rise buildingZhang, Y; Kwok, KCS; Liu, XP; Niu, JL 
2008Characteristics of the distributed Bragg reflector fiber laser sensor for lateral force measurementZhang, Y; Guan, BO; Tam, HY 
2010Characterizing iron deposition in Parkinson's disease using susceptibility-weighted imaging : an in vivo MR studyZhang, J; Zhang, Y; Wang, J; Cai, P; Luo, C; Qian, Z; Dai, Y; Feng, H
2015Chemical features of Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae and Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae Viride revealed by GC-MS metabolomics analysisYi, L; Dong, N; Liu, S; Yi, Z; Zhang, Y
2015Chemical vapor deposition growth of large-scale hexagonal boron nitride with controllable orientationSong, X; Gao, J; Nie, Y; Gao, T; Sun, J; Ma, D; Li, Q; Chen, Y; Jin, C; Bachmatiuk, A; Rümmeli, MH; Ding, F ; Zhang, Y; Liu, Z
2014Chinese herbal medicine for bone healthMukwaya, E; Xu, F; Wong, MS ; Zhang, Y
2013Cognitive elaboration during wiki use in project teams : an empirical studyZhang, Y; Fang, Y; Wei, KK; He, W 
2002Color image watermarking based on DCT-domains of color channelsZheng, J; Zhang, Y; Feng, D; Zhao, R
14-May-2013Color-tunable upconversion luminescence of Yb ³⁺, Er³⁺, and Tm³⁺ tri-doped ferroelectric BaTiO₃ materialsZhang, Y; Hao, JH 
2011Comparing the value of information sharing under different inventory policies in construction supply chainXue, X; Shen, Q ; Tan, Y ; Zhang, Y; Fan, H 
2015Composite thin films consisting of fine-grained barium strontium titanate for tunable microwave devicesZhang, Y; Wang, G; Dong, X; Wang, Y ; Tang, X
Jan-2011Comprehensive scheme for subpixel variable block-size motion estimationZhang, Y; Siu, WC ; Shen, T
2015Compressive strength and behaviour of gusset plate connections with single-sided splice membersFang, C; Yam, MCH ; Roger Cheng, JJ; Zhang, Y
2000Conducting lanthanum nickel oxide as electrodes for lead zirconate titanate filmsZhang, Y; Zhou, QF; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL 
2005Consistency of cooperative caching in mobile peer-to-peer systems over MANETCao, J ; Zhang, Y; Xie, LI; Cao, G
2006Consistency of cooperative caching in mobile peer-to-peer systems over MANETCao, J ; Zhang, Y; Xie, L; Cao, G
2015Corrigendum to "Automatic design of conformal cooling circuits for rapid tooling" [J. Comput.-Aided Des. 43(8) (2011) 1001-1010]Wang, Y; Yu, KM ; Wang, CCL; Zhang, Y
2002Coupling of FEM and DDA methodsCheng, Y ; Zhang, Y
2011A coupling process of membrane separation and heterogeneous Fenton-like catalytic oxidation for treatment of acid orange II-containing wastewaterZhang, Y; He, C; Sharma, VK; Li, XZ; Tian, S; Xiong, Y
Jun-2012Covalently immobilized biomolecule gradient on hydrogel surface using a gradient generating microfluidic device for a quantitative mesenchymal stem cell studyLiu, Z; Xiao, L; Xu, B; Zhang, Y; Mak, AFT; Li, Y ; Man, WY; Yang, M 
2006Crystal structure of 3S-hydroxy-7 melleineLiu, XH; Xu, F; Zhang, Y; Liu, LH; Huang, HR; She, ZG; Lin, YC; Chan, W
2013Cylindrically shaped ultrasonic linear array fabricated using PIMNT/epoxy 1-3 piezoelectric compositeWang, W; Or, SW ; Yue, Q; Zhang, Y; Jiao, J; Ren, B; Lin, D; Leung, CM; Zhao, X; Luo, H
2013Cytotoxicity and cellular uptake of silk fibroin nanoparticles prepared in supercritical CO2Zhao, Z; Zhang, Y; Li, Y ; Chen, AZ; Xie, MB; Zhang, J
Apr-2007Data consistency for cooperative caching in mobile environmentsCao, J ; Zhang, Y; Cao, G; Xie, L
2012Decoupling dehumidification and cooling for energy saving and desirable space air conditions in hot and humid Hong KongLee, WL ; Chen, H; Leung, YC; Zhang, Y
2014Defect states and charge trapping characteristics of HfO2 films for high performance nonvolatile memory applicationsZhang, Y; Shao, YY; Lu, XB; Zeng, M; Zhang, Z; Gao, XS; Zhang, XJ; Liu, JM; Dai, JY 
2015Detection of contacts between three-dimensional polyhedral blocks for discontinuous deformation analysisZhang, H; Chen, G; Zheng, L; Han, Z; Zhang, Y; Wu, Y; Liu, S
2012Developing a concession pricing model for PPP highway projectsXu, Y; Skibniewski, MJ; Zhang, Y; Chan, APC ; Yeung, JFY
2008Development of a finite element model of female foot for high-heeled shoe designYu, J; Cheung, JTM; Fan, Y; Zhang, Y; Leung, AKL ; Zhang, M 
2014Development of silk fibroin modified poly(L-lactide)-poly(ethylene glycol)-poly(L-lactide) nanoparticles in supercritical CO2Zhao, Z; Li, Y ; Zhang, Y; Chen, AZ; Li, G; Zhang, J; Xie, MB
8-Feb-2008Dielectric relaxation in polyimide nanofoamed films with low dielectric constantZhang, Y; Ke, S; Huang, H ; Zhao, L; Yu, L; Chan, HLW 
14-Oct-2011Dielectric relaxations of high-k poly(butylene succinate) based all-organic nanocomposite films for capacitor applicationsYu, L; Ke, S; Zhang, Y; Shen, B; Zhang, A; Huang, H 
2002Differential expression of lipid metabolism related genes in hepG2 cells treated by neotoralactone as revealed by CDNA microarraysAu, TS; Yang, DJ; Zhang, Y; Wong, MS ; Chen, SL; Fong, WF; Xiao, PG; Yang, MS
2009Differential mrna expression profiles in proximal tibia of aged rats in response to ovariectomy and low-ca dietZhang, Y; Dong, XL; Leung, PC; Wong, MS 
2012Direct spectroscopic evidence of CO spillover and subsequent reaction with preadsorbed NOx on Pd and K cosupported Mg-Al mixed oxidesZhang, Y; Wang, X; Wang, Z; Li, Q; Zhang, Z; Zhou, L 
Aug-2011Displacement-based design approach for highway bridges with SMA isolatorsLiu, JL; Zhu, S ; Xu, YL ; Zhang, Y
2009Distributed Bragg reflector fiber lasers for high temperature sensor applicationsGuan, BO; Zhang, Y; Wang, HJ; Chen, D; Tam, HY 
2007Distributed Bragg-reflector fiber-laser sensor for lateral force measurementZhang, Y; Guan, BO; Tam, H 
2009Doubly stereocontrolled asymmetric aza-henry reaction with in situ generation of n-boc-imines catalyzed by novel rosin-derived amine thiourea catalystsJiang, X; Zhang, Y; Wu, L; Zhang, G; Liu, X; Zhang, H; Fu, D; Wang, R
1998Dual-frequency transducers fabricated using partially poled vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene copolymerKwok, KW ; Chan, HLW ; Zhang, Y; Choy, CL 
2014Effect of biaxial strain induced by piezoelectric PMN-PT on the upconversion photoluminescence of BaTiO3:Yb/Er thin filmsWu, ZP; Zhang, Y; Bai, GX; Tang, WH; Gao, J; Hao, JH 
2007The effect of four flavonoid compounds isolated from Herba Epimedii in UMR-106 cellsMok, SK; Fung, CY; Pang, WY; Lai, WP; Zhang, Y; Leung, PC; Yao, XS; Wong, MS 
2006Effect of Fructus Ligustri Lucidi (Nuzhenzi) on the regulation of vitamin D in rats with different Ca intakeWan, HY; Zhang, Y; Lai, WP; Dong, XL; Wong, MS 
2005Effect of Fructus Ligustri Lucidi on calcium metabolism and vitamin D related genes expression in ovariectomized ratsZhang, Y; Lai, WP; Leung, PC; Wu, CF; Yao, XS; Wong, MS 
2006Effect of Fructus Ligustri Lucidi on calcium metabolism and vitamin D-dependent gene expressions in ovariectomized ratsZhang, Y; Wong, MS ; Chen, B; Leung, PC; Wu, CF; Yao, XS