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2004A 3D biomechanical human model for numerical simulation of garment-body dynamic mechanical interactions during wearYeung, KW; Li, Y ; Zhang, X
2003A 3D biomechanical model for numerical simulation of dynamic mechanical interactions of bra and breast during wearLi, Y ; Zhang, X; Yeung, KW
2013Adaptive active capacitor converter for improving stability of cascaded DC power supply systemZhang, X; Ruan, X; Kim, H; Tse, CK 
2012An adaptive mesh method in transient finite element analysis of magnetic field using a novel error estimatorZhao, Y; Zhang, X; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN 
2015Adaptive security management of real-time storage applications over NAND based storage systemsJiang, W; Ma, Y; Zhang, X; Wang, X; Shao, Z 
2015Algorithms to speedup pattern matching for network intrusion detection systemsZheng, K; Cai, Z; Zhang, X; Wang, Z ; Yang, B
2015All-optical quantization scheme by slicing the supercontinuum in a chalcogenide horizontal slot waveguideKang, S; Yuan, J; Kang, Z; Zhang, X; Kang, X; Guo, Z; Li, F; Yan, B; Wang, K; Sang, X; Yu, C
2013An alternative GARCH-in-mean model : structure and estimationZhang, X; Wong, H ; Li, Y; Ip, WC
2012An alternative model for evaluating sustainable urbanizationShen, L; Peng, Y; Zhang, X; Wu, Y
2012Analysis and optimization of magnetically coupled resonators for wireless power transferZhang, X; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN 
2010Analysis for magnetic stimulation effects on acupointYang, Q; Xu, G; Ho, SL ; Yu, H; Zhang, X; Fu, WN ; Yang, S; Shang, X
2004Analysis of carbon isotopes in airborne carbonate and implications for aeolian sourcesCao, J; Wang, Y; Zhang, X; Lee, S ; Ho, K; Cao, Y; Li, Y
20-Jan-2010Analysis of Kerr effect in resonator fiber optic gyros with triangular wave phase modulationYing, D; Demokan, S; Zhang, X; Jin, W 
2007Analysis of time- and space-domain sampling for probe vehicle-based traffic information systemHong, J; Zhang, X; Chen, J; Wei, Z; Cao, J ; Ren, Y
2012Analysis of wireless power transfer system based on 3-D finite-element method including displacement currentZhang, X; Zhao, Y; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN 
2012Application of low waste technologies for design and construction : a case study in Hong KongZhang, X; Wu, Y; Shen, L
2011The application of urban sustainability indicators – a comparison between various practicesShen, LY; Ochoa, JJ; Shah, MN; Zhang, X
2011Applications of extensive green-roof systems in contributing to sustainable development in densely populated cities : a Hong Kong studyTam, VWY; Zhang, X; Lee, WWY; Shen, LY
2015Assembly of polypyrrole nanotube@MnO2 composites with an improved electrochemical capacitanceJi, J; Zhang, X; Liu, J; Peng, L; Chen, C; Huang, Z; Li, L; Yu, X; Shang, S 
2009Assessment of cerebral oxygenation during prolonged simulated driving using near infrared spectroscopy : its implications for fatigue developmentLi, Z; Zhang, M ; Zhang, X; Dai, S; Yu, X; Wang, Y
2015Assessment of robustness of power systems from the perspective of complex networksZhang, X; Tse, CK 
2001Bagging of woven fabrics : the rheological mechanism and predictionsZhang, X; Li, Y ; Yeung, KW; Yao, M
2012Barriers to implement extensive green roof systems : a Hong Kong studyZhang, X; Shen, L; Tam, VWY; Lee, WWY
2012The best rank-1 approximation of a symmetric tensor and related spherical optimization problemsZhang, X; Ling, C; Qi, L 
2002Bezout space-time precoders and equalizers for MIMO channelsKung, SY; Wu, Y; Zhang, X
2015A biologically inspired network design modelZhang, X; Adamatzky, A; Chan, FTS ; Deng, Y; Yang, H; Yang, XS; Tsompanas, MAI; Sirakoulis, GC; Mahadevan, S
2008Bis(7)-tacrine, a promising anti-Alzheimer's dimer, affords dose- and time-dependent neuroprotection against transient focal cerebral ischemiaZhao, Y; Li, W; Chow, PCY; Lau, DTK; Lee, NTK; Pang, Y; Zhang, X; Wang, X; Han, Y 
2008Braess's paradoxes in dynamic traffic assignment with simultaneous departure time and route choicesZhang, X; Lam, WHK ; Huang, HJ
2003Capacity analysis for parallel and sequential MIMO equalizersZhang, X; Kung, SY
2003Capacity analysis for parallel and sequential MIMO equalizersZhang, X; Kung, SY
2005Capacity bound analysis for FIR Be´zout equalizers in ISI MIMO channelsZhang, X; Kung, SY
2011A class of threshold autoregressive conditional heteroscedastic modelsZhang, X; Wong, H ; Li, Y; Ip, WC
2010A comparative analysis of quantity and price competitions in tourism supply chain networks for package holidaysHuang, GQ; Song, H ; Zhang, X
2015A comparative analysis of waste management requirements between five green building rating systems for new residential buildingsWu, Z; Shen, L; Yu, ATW ; Zhang, X
2009Competitiveness assessment for real estate enterprises in China : a model-procedureZhang, X; Shen, L; Wu, Y; Fan, LCN
2010Complexity analysis of EEG under magnetic stimulation at acupointsXu, G; Zhang, X; Yu, H; Ho, SL ; Yang, Q; Fu, WN ; Yan, W
2009Complexity analysis of magnetic stimulation at the acupoint of zusanli (St36) on EEGXu, G; Zhang, X; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN ; Yan, W; Wang, Y
2010Computational model for the underlying mechanisms regulating bone loss by mechanical unloading and estrogen deficiencyGong, H; Zhu, D; Zhang, M ; Zhang, X
2011A computational study of plastic deformation in AISI 304 induced by surface mechanical attrition treatmentZhang, X; Lu, J; Shi, S 
2013A Cone Constrained Convex Program : structure and AlgorithmsQi, L ; Xu, Y; Yuan, YX; Zhang, X
2008Content analysis based smart macroblock rearrangement for error resilience in wireless video transmissionChen, Y; Feng, J; Lo, KT ; Zhang, X
2014Controllable synthesis of Ln3+ (Ln = Tb, Eu) doped zinc phosphate nano-/micro-structured materials : phase, morphology and luminescence propertiesYue, D; Lu, W; Li, C; Zhang, X; Liu, C; Wang, Z
2015Cost-sensitive and ensemble-based prediction model for outsourced software project risk predictionHu, Y; Feng, B; Mo, X; Zhang, X; Ngai, EWT ; Fan, M; Liu, M
2012The cubic spherical optimization problemsZhang, X; Qi, L ; Ye, Y 
Jan-2013Delivering a low-carbon community in China : technology vs. strategy?Zhang, X; Shen, GQP ; Feng, J; Wu, Y
2015Design optimization of a novel doubly fed dual-rotor flux-modulated machine for hybrid electric vehiclesLiu, Y; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN ; Zhang, X
2014Designing loudspeaker by ensemble of composite differential evolution ingredientsZhang, X; Zhang, X; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN 
1999Detrapping behavior of trapped space charges in ferroelectric copolymers of vinylidene fluoride with trifluoroethyleneZhang, X; Peng, Z; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL
2012Developing a Web-based collaborative forecasting platform to support tourism supply chain managementZhang, X; Song, H 
Sep-2008Developing a Web-based tourism demand forecasting systemSong, H ; Witt, SF; Zhang, X
2008Development of an adaptive Smith predictor-based self-tuning PI controller for an HVAC system in a test roomBai, J; Wang, S ; Zhang, X
2011Development of an information exchange model for attaining sustainabilityShen, LY; Tan, VWY; Sun, CS; Zhang, X
2012The diffusion of solar energy use in HK : what are the barriers?Zhang, X; Shen, L; Chan, SY
2009Direct growth of ZnO nanocrystals onto the surface of porous TiO 2 nanotube arrays for highly efficient and recyclable photocatalystsYang, HY; Yu, SF; Lau, SP ; Zhang, X; Sun, DD; Jun, G
2006DPPC-RE : TCAM-Based distributed parallel packet classification with range encodingZheng, K; Che, H; Wang, Z; Liu, B; Zhang, X
2013The edges of grapheneZhang, X; Xin, J ; Ding, F 
2001Effect of parasitic galvanic current on the thermally stimulated depolarization current of polymersPeng, Z; Zhang, X; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL 
2006The effects of graduated compression stockings on cutaneous surface pressure along the path of main superficial veins of lower limbsLiu, R; Kwok, YL; Li, Y ; Lao, TT; Zhang, X
2005Effects of material properties and fabric structure characteristics of graduated compression stockings (GCS) on the skin pressure distributionsLiu, R; Kwok, YL; Li, Y ; Lao, TT; Zhang, X
2007Electrical assisted patterning of cardiac myocytes with controlled macroscopic anisotropy using a microfluidic dielectrophoresis chipYang, M ; Zhang, X
2013An embedded pressure sensor based on polarization maintaining photonic crystal fiberYang, Y; Li, J; Duan, W; Zhang, X; Jin, W ; Yang, M
2001Enantioselective addition of diethylzinc to N-diphenylphosphinoylimines employing N,N-dialkyl-1,2-diphenyl-2-aminoethanols as chiral ligandsZhang, X; Gong, L; Mi, A; Cui, X; Jiang, Y; Choi, CKM; Chan, SCA
2-Apr-2009Entrainment of slow oscillations of auditory thalamic neurons by repetitive sound stimuliGao, L; Meng, X; Ye, C; Zhang, H; Liu, C; Dan, Y; Poo, MM; He, J; Zhang, X
2010Entropy based robust estimator and its application to line-based mappingLiu, Y; Zhang, X; Rad, AB; Ren, X; Wong, YK
2002Evaluating and predicting fabric bagging with image processingYeung, KW; Li, Y ; Zhang, X; Yao, M
2011An evaluation framework for the sustainability of urban land use : a study of capital cities and municipalities in ChinaZhang, X; Wu, Y; Shen, L
2011Experimental study on the operating characteristics of a novel low-concentrating solar photovoltaic/thermal integrated heat pump water heating systemXu, G; Zhang, X; Deng, S 
2013Extension of time-domain finite element method to nonlinear frequency-sweeping problemsHo, SL ; Zhang, X; Fu, WN 
2000Fabric-bagging : stress distribution in isotropic and anisotropic fabricsZhang, X; Li, Y ; Yeung, KW; Miao, MH; Yao, M
2013A fast algorithm for frequency-domain solutions of electromagnetic field computation of electric devices using time-domain finite-element methodFu, WN ; Zhang, X; Ho, SL 
2014Fast algorithm to obtain the torque characteristics with respect to load angle of synchronous machines using finite element methodZhang, X; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN 
2012Fast and highly-sensitive hydrogen sensing of Nb2O5 nanowires at room temperatureWang, Z; Hu, Y; Wang, W; Zhang, X; Wang, B; Tian, H; Wang, Y ; Guan, J; Gu, H
2014A fast frequency-domain parameter extraction method using time-domain FEMFu, WN ; Zhang, X; Ho, SL 
2002The first use of chiral oxazoline ligands in the highly enantioselective diethylzinc addition to diphenylphosphinoyl iminesZhang, X; Lin, W; Gong, L; Mi, A; Cui, X; Jiang, Y; Choi, MCK; Chan, ASC
2013Formation and healing of vacancies in graphene chemical vapor deposition (CVD) growthWang, L; Zhang, X; Chan, HLW ; Yan, F; Ding, F 
2003Frame interpolation scheme using inertia motion predictionLiu, T; Lo, KT ; Feng, J; Zhang, X
2014Fusion of art and technology in professional cycling sportswear designLuo, J; Mao, A; Au, JS ; Li, Y ; Zhang, X
2015A fuzzy extended analytic network process-based approach for global supplier selectionZhang, X; Deng, Y; Chan, FTS ; Mahadevan, S
2010Game-theoretic approach to tourism supply chain coordination under demand uncertainty for package holidaysZhang, X; Song, H ; Huang, GQ; Chen, W
Mar-2010Game-theoretic study of the dynamics of tourism supply chains for package holidays under quantity competitionHuang, GQ; Chen, W; Song, H ; Zhang, X