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2004Analysis of photosensitivity of copolymer optical fibre preformMa, H; Li, ZC; Ming, H; Zhang, QJ; Tam, HY ; Zhang, YS; Zhang, T; Wang, P; Xie, JP
2016The application of air layers in building envelopes : a reviewZhang, T; Tan, Y; Yang, H ; Zhang, X
2015AutoPPG : towards automatic generation of privacy policy for android applicationsYu, L; Zhang, T; Luo, X ; Xue, L
2014Blowout limits of cavity-stabilized flame of supercritical kerosene in supersonic combustorsZhang, T; Wang, J; Qi, L; Fan, X; Zhang, P 
2014Combustion of vaporized kerosene in supersonic model combustors with dislocated dual cavitiesZhang, T; Wang, J; Fan, X; Zhang, P 
2010Contribution of fungal spores to particulate matter in a tropical rainforestZhang, T; Engling, G; Chan, CY; Zhang, YN; Zhang, ZS; Lin, M; Sang, XF; Li, YD; Li, YS 
2009Control strategy for input-series-output-parallel converterRuan, X; Chen, W; Cheng, L; Tse, CK ; Yan, H; Zhang, T
2005Conversion of conventional NiO powders into nanostructures by a simple chemical methodQi, JQ; Zhang, T; Lu, M; Wang, Y ; Chen, WP; Li, LT; Chan, HLW 
2002Correction of DR error with map matchingCen, M; Li, Z ; Zhang, T; Ding, X ; Chen, W 
2012A deformable cosegmentation algorithm for brain MR imagesZhang, T; Xia, Y; Feng, D
2013Differentiating anthropogenic impacts on ARGs in the Pearl River Estuary by using suitable gene indicatorsChen, B; Liang, X; Huang, X; Zhang, T; Li, X 
2011The effect of nitrate concentration on sulfide-driven autotrophic denitrification in marine sedimentShao, MF; Zhang, T; Fang, HHP; Li, X 
2005The effect of temperature on the crystallization of Zr55CU30Al10Ni5 bulk metallic glass in the glass transition regionLiu, L; Chan, KC ; Zhang, T
2012Elevator-assisted sensor data collection for structural health monitoringZhang, T; Wang, D ; Cao, J ; Ni, YQ ; Chen, LJ; Chen, D
2011Equilibrium price dispersion with heterogeneous searchersChen, Y; Zhang, T
2010Equilibrium price dispersion with heterogeneous searchersZhang, T; Chen, Y
Jan-2006Evaluation of the effectiveness of representative methods for determining Young’s modulus and hardness from instrumented indentation dataMa, D; Zhang, T; Ong, CW 
2005Fabrication and characterization of ZnO-based film bulk acoustic resonator with a high working frequencyZhang, T; Wang, Y ; Liu, WL; Cheng, JG; Song, ZT; Feng, SL; Chan-Wong, LWH ; Choy, CL 
2013Fast uptake, water-soluble, mitochondria-specific erbium complex for a dual function molecular probe - Imaging and photodynamic therapyZhang, T; Chan, CF; Hao, J ; Law, GL ; Wong, WK; Wong, KL
2011The impact of collaborative transportation management on supply chain performance : a simulation approachChan, FTS ; Zhang, T
2012Impact of user satisfaction with mandated CRM use on employee service qualityHsieh, JJPA; Rai, A; Petter, S; Zhang, T
Aug-2008An improved energy method for determining Young’s modulus by instrumented indentation using a Berkovich tipMa, D; Ong, CW ; Zhang, T
2014In vivo selective cancer-tracking gadolinium eradicator as new-generation photodynamic therapy agentZhang, T; Lan, R; Chan, CF; Law, GL ; Wong, WK; Wong, KL
2009An instrumented indentation method for young's modulus measurement with accuracy estimationMa, D; Ong, CW ; Zhang, T
2014Investigating consumer reactions toward publicized product downsizingJiang, Y ; Zhang, T; Zhan, L 
2015Lazy-RTGC: A real-time lazy garbage collection mechanism with jointly optimizing average and worst performance for NAND flash memory storage systemsZhang, Q; Li, X; Wang, L; Zhang, T; Wang, Y; Shao, Z 
2008Local Coordinates Alignment (LCA) : a novel manifold learning approachZhang, T; Li, X; Tao, D; Yang, J
2014Locating gas pipeline leakage based on stimulus-response methodZhang, T; Tan, Y; Yang, H ; Zhao, J; Zhang, X
2013Longitudinal study on the correlations of thyroid antibody and thyroid hormone levels after radiotherapy in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma with radiation-induced hypothyroidismLin, Z; Chen, L; Fang, Y; Cai, A; Zhang, T; Wu, VWC 
2010Mechanically robust tri-wing graphene nanoribbons with tunable electronic and magnetic propertiesZhu, L; Wang, J; Zhang, T; Ma, L; Lim, CW; Ding, F ; Zeng, XC
2015Medical image fusion based on nuclear norm minimizationLiu, S; Zhang, T; Li, H; Zhao, J; Li, H
2014Metagenomic analysis reveals potential biodegradation pathways of persistent pesticides in freshwater and marine sedimentsFang, H; Cai, L; Yang, Y; Ju, F; Li, X ; Yu, Y; Zhang, T
2013Metagenomic exploration reveals high levels of microbial arsenic metabolism genes in activated sludge and coastal sedimentsCai, L; Yu, K; Yang, Y; Chen, BW; Li, XD ; Zhang, T
2013Metagenomic profiles of antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) between human impacted estuary and deep ocean sedimentsChen, B; Yang, Y; Liang, X; Yu, K; Zhang, T; Li, X 
2008Multimodal biometrics using geometry preserving projectionsZhang, T; Li, X; Tao, D; Yang, J
2014Novel C-rich carbon nitride for room temperature NO2 gas sensorsWang, D; Gu, W; Zhang, Y; Hu, Y; Zhang, T; Tao, X ; Chen, W
2004Optical damage resistance of In:Fe:LiNbO3 crystals related to the defect structureZhang, T; Wang, B; Fang, SQ; Ma, DC; Zhao, YQ; Xu, YH
2015Optimizing deterministic garbage collection in NAND flash storage systemsZhang, Q; Li, X; Wang, L; Zhang, T; Wang, Y; Shao, Z 
2013Optimizing translation information management in NAND flash memory storage systemsZhang, QI; Li, X; Wang, L; Zhang, T; Wang, YI; Shao, Z 
2006Orthogonal projection (OP) technique applied to pattern recognition of fingerprints of the herbal medicine houttuynia cordata Thunb. and its final injection productsZeng, ZD; Liang, YZ; Zhang, T; Chau, FT; Wang, YL
2012Patenting in the shadow of independent discoveries by rivalsZhang, T
2015Predicting severity of bug report by mining bug repository with concept profileZhang, T; Yang, G; Lee, B; Chan, ATS 
2013Prodrug of green tea epigallocatechin-3-gallate (Pro-EGCG) as a potent anti-angiogenesis agent for endometriosis in miceWang, CC; Xu, H; Man, GCW; Zhang, T; Chu, KO; Chu, CY; Cheng, JTY; Li, G; He, YX; Qin, L; Lau, TS; Kwong, J; Chan, TH
Apr-2006Revelation of a functional dependence of the sum of two uniaxial strengths/hardness on elastic work/total work of indentationMa, D; Zhang, T; Ong, CW 
2016Study on energy and economic benefits of converting a combined heating and power system to a tri-generation system for sewage treatment plants in subtropical areaChen, Y; Zhang, T; Yang, H ; Peng, J
2013A survey on the spectral theory of nonnegative tensorsChang, K; Qi, L ; Zhang, T
2011Toward online hybrid systems model checking of cyber-physical systems' time-bounded short-run behaviorBu, L; Wang, Q ; Chen, X; Wang, L; Zhang, T; Zhao, J; Li, X
2008A unifying framework for spectral analysis based dimensionality reductionZhang, T; Tao, D; Li, X; Yang, J
2011Water-soluble mitochondria-specific ytterbium complex with impressive NIR emissionZhang, T; Zhu, X; Cheng, CCW; Kwok, WM ; Tam, HL; Hao, J ; Kwong, DWJ; Wong, WK; Wong, KL
2-Apr-2007ZnO-based film bulk acoustic resonator for high sensitivity biosensor applicationsYan, Z; Zhou, XY; Pang, GKH; Zhang, T; Liu, WL; Cheng, JG; Song, ZT; Feng, SL; Lai, LH; Chen, JZ; Wang, Y