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2012Aerodynamic characteristics of vehicle-bridge system under cross wind : parameter studies based on wind tunnel testLi, Y; Hu, P; Zhang, M; Xu, Y 
2015Apparent- and Tissue-Level Yield Behaviors of L4 Vertebral Trabecular Bone and Their Associations with MicroarchitecturesGong, H; Wang, L; Fan, Y; Zhang, M; Qin, L
2008Application of dynamic phasor in power system simulationE, ZJ; Ying, DS; Chan, KW ; Zhang, M; Fang, DZ
2012Are qacG, qacH and qacJ genes transferring from food isolates to carriage isolates of staphylococci?Ye, HF; Zhang, M; O'Donoghue, M ; Boost, M
2012The BECN1 coiled coil domain An "imperfect" homodimer interface that facilitates ATG14 and UVRAG bindingLi, X; He, L; Zhang, M; Yue, Z; Zhao, Y 
2013A biomechanical model of the female upper body for bra designLin, YL; Li, Y ; Guo, YP; Zhang, M
2015Biomechanical response of the musculoskeletal system to whole body vibration using a seated driver modelLi, W; Zhang, M ; Lv, G; Han, Q; Gao, Y; Wang, Y; Tan, Q; Zhang, M; Zhang, Y; Li, Z
2015Bone regeneration strategy inspired by the study of calcification behavior in deer antlerShi, H; Yu, T; Li, Z; Lu, W; Zhang, M; Ye, J
2003Cantilever optical vibrometer using fiber Bragg gratingShi, CZ; Zeng, N; Ho, HL; Chan, CC; Zhang, M; Jin, W ; Liao, YB
Aug-2012Characterization of staphylococci contaminating automated teller machines in Hong KongZhang, M; O'Donoghue, M ; Boost, MV
2010Chemical characterization of aerosols over the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean during two cruises in 2007 and 2008Zhang, M; Chen, JM; Wang, T ; Cheng, TT; Lin, L; Bhatia, RS; Hanvey, M
2008Compact in-fiber polarizer based on the hollow-core photonic bandgap fiberXuan, H; Jin, W ; Ju, J; Wang, Yp; Zhang, M; Liao, YB; Yang, YH
2010Comparison of prevalence of antiseptic resistance genes in staphylococcus aureus and coagulase-negative staphylococci from nurses and the general population in Hong KongZhang, M; Boost, M; O'Donoghue, M ; Tong, E; Hiramatsu, K
2015Computational biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system
2015Computational Models of the Foot and Ankle for Pathomechanics and Clinical Applications: A ReviewWang, Y; Wong, DWC; Zhang, M
Apr-2009Correlation of antioxidative properties and vaso-relaxation effects of major active constituents of traditional Chinese medicinesZhang, M; Chen, S; Seto, SW; Kwan, YW; Chan, SW
23-Nov-2009CO₂ laser induced long period gratings in optical microfibersXuan, H; Jin, W ; Zhang, M
1996Decolorization and biodegradability of dyeing wastewater treated by a TiO?-sensitized photo-oxidation processLi, XZ; Zhang, M
2013Depth-averaged modeling of free surface flows in open channels with emerged and submerged vegetationZhang, M; Li, CW ; Shen, Y
2012Detection of bacteria with organic electrochemical transistorsHe, RX; Zhang, M; Tan, F; Leung, PHM ; Zhao, XZ; Chan, HLW ; Yang, M ; Yan, F 
2000Development of a GIS data model with spatial, temporal and attribute components based on object-oriented approachShi, W ; Zhang, M
2004Development of a wavelength detection system for fiber grating sensorsJin, W ; Ho, HL; Liao, YB; Zhang, M; Wang, LW; Peng, BJ
2003Diaphragm-type fiber-optic interferometric acoustic sensorZeng, N; Shi, C; Wang, D ; Zhang, M; Liao, Y
2008A digital passive phase demodulation scheme using 3×3 coupler for fiber-optic interferometric sensorsPang, M; Zhang, M; Wang, LW; Jin, W ; Liao, YB
1996Disinfection of municipal wastewater by sensitized photooxidationLi, XZ; Zhang, M; Chua, H
2008Domain-swapped dimerization of ZO-1 PDZ2 generates specific and regulatory connexin43-binding sitesChen, J; Pan, L; Wei, Z; Zhao, Y ; Zhang, M
2001A dual-wavelength fiber Bragg grating sensing system by the use of a gain switched Fabry-Perot laser diodeZhang, M; Chan, CC; Wang, DN ; Gong, JM; Jin, W ; Demokan, MS
2003Dual-wavelength optical short-pulse generation and wavelength switching using multiple-optical-pathsWang, DN ; Zhang, M; Li, H
2009Dynamic behavior of 3D biaxial spacer weft-knitted composite T-beam under transverse impactZhang, M; Sun, B; Hu, H ; Gu, B
2009Dynamic continuum model for bi-directional pedestrian flowsHuang, L; Xia, Y; Wong, SC; Shu, CW; Zhang, M; Lam, WHK 
2004Effect of temperature and structure on the free volume and water vapor permeability in hydrophilic polyurethanesWang, ZF; Wang, B; Ding, XM; Zhang, M; Liu, LM; Qi, N; Hu, JL 
2015Effects of stretch and preferential diffusion on tip opening of laminar premixed Bunsen flames of syngas/air mixturesWang, J; Wei, Z; Yu, S; Jin, W; Xie, Y; Zhang, M; Huang, Z
2008An efficient discontinuous Galerkin method on triangular meshes for a pedestrian flow modelXia, Y ; Wong, SC; Zhang, M; Shu, CW; Lam, WHK 
2011Efficient information collection protocols for sensor-augmented RFID networksChen, S; Zhang, M; Xiao, B 
2003Electrically wavelength-tunable optical short-pulse generation in a self-seeding scheme with intensity controllable feedbackWang, DN ; Zhang, M
2002Enhancement of wavelength detection accuracy in fiber Bragg grating sensors by using a spectrum correlation techniqueGong, JM; Chan, CC; Jin, W ; MacAlpine, JMK; Zhang, M; Liao, YB
2002Enhancement of wavelength detection accuracy in fiber Bragg grating sensors by using a spectrum correlation techniqueGong, JM; Chan, CC; Jin, W ; Macalpine, JMK; Zhang, M; Liao, YB
2015Erratum: Peak Vertical Ground Reaction Force during Two-Leg Landing: A Systematic Review and Mathematical Modeling (BioMed Research International)Niu, W; Feng, T; Jiang, C; Zhang, M
2012Fabrication of organic electrochemical transistor arrays for biosensingZhang, M; Lin, P; Yang, M ; Yan, F 
2002Fiber Bragg grating current sensor using linear magnetic actuatorGong, J; Chan, CC; Zhang, M; Jin, W ; MacAlpine, JMK; Liao, YB
2002Fiber ring laser intra-cavity absorption spectroscopy for gas sensingZhang, M; Zhang, Y; Wang, DN ; Jin, W ; Demokan, MS
2015Flexible organic electrochemical transistors for highly selective enzyme biosensors and used for saliva testingLiao, C; Mak, C; Zhang, M; Chan, HLW ; Yan, F 
2007The follow-the-crowd effect in a pedestrian flow modelXia, Y; Huang, L; Wong, SC; Zhang, M; Shu, CW; Lam, WHK 
2015Formation and mechanism of superhydrophobic/hydrophobic surfaces made from amphiphiles through droplet-mediated evaporation-induced self-assemblyDong, F; Zhang, M; Tang, WW; Wang, Y 
2015Functional restoration and risk of non-union of the first metatarsocuneiform arthrodesis for hallux valgus: A finite element approachWong, DWC; Wang, Y; Zhang, M; Leung, AKL
2014High-performance dopamine sensors based on whole-graphene solution-gated transistorsZhang, M; Liao, C; Yao, Y; Liu, Z; Gong, F; Yan, F 
2013Highly selective and sensitive glucose sensors based on organic electrochemical transistors with graphene-modified gate electrodesLiao, C; Zhang, M; Niu, L; Zheng, Z ; Yan, F 
2015Highly-sensitive epinephrine sensors based on organic electrochemical transistors with carbon nanomaterial modified gate electrodesMak, CH; Liao, C; Fu, Y; Zhang, M; Tang, CY; Tsang, YH ; Chan, HLW ; Yan, F 
15-Apr-2008Hollow-core photonic bandgap fiber polarizerXuan, H; Jin, W ; Ju, J; Wang, Y; Zhang, M; Liao, YB; Chen, MH
2012Imperfect interface of Beclin1 coiled-coil domain regulates homodimer and heterodimer formation with Atg14L and UVRAGLi, X; He, L; Che, KH; Funderburk, SF; Pan, L; Pan, N; Zhang, M; Yue, Z; Zhao, Y 
2011Improved grid synchronization control of doubly fed induction generator under unbalanced grid voltageChen, SZ; Cheung, NC ; Zhang, Y; Zhang, M; Tang, XM
2003Improving measurement accuracy of fiber Bragg grating sensor using digital matched filterChan, CC; Gong, JM; Shi, CZ; Jin, W ; Zhang, M; Zhou, LM ; Demokan, MS
2002Improving measurement accuracy of fiber Bragg grating sensor using digital matched filterChan, CC; Gong, JM; Jin, W ; Zhang, M; Zhou, LM ; Demokan, MS
20-Jul-2009In-fiber polarimeters based on hollow-core photonic bandgap fibersXuan, H; Jin, W ; Zhang, M; Ju, J; Liao, YB
2011Interaction design and the construction of user experience in portable learning utility solutionsLau, N ; Zhang, M
2001Intracavity absorption measurements based on a wavelength-tunable fiber laserZhang, M; Wang, DN ; Jin, W ; Demokan, MS
2004Investigation of erbium-doped fiber laser intra-cavity absorption sensor for gas detectionZhang, Y; Zhang, M; Jin, W ; Ho, HL; Demokan, MS; Culshaw, B; Stewart, G
14-Mar-2005Investigation of Ge nanocrytals in a metal-insulator-semiconductor structure with a HfO₂/SiO₂stack as the tunnel dielectricWang, S; Liu, WL; Wan, Q; Dai, J ; Lee, PF; Luo, S; Shen, Q; Zhang, M; Song, ZT; Lin, C
2001Large area average temperature sensing by the use of optical coherence domain reflectometryZhang, M; Gong, JM; Chan, CC; Wang, DN ; Jin, W ; Demokan, MS
2015Lifelong bound feet in China : a quantitative ultrasound and lifestyle questionnaire study in postmenopausal womenQin, L; Pan, Y; Zhang, M; Xu, M; Lao, H; O'Laughlin, MC; Tong, S; Zhao, Y; Hung, VWY; Cheng, JCY; Guo, X 
2002Magneto-mechanical tuning of fiber Bragg grating filterChan, CC; Gong, JM; Shi, CZ; Hoo, YL; Zhang, M; Jin, W 
2014Mechanical behaviors of carbon fiber composite sandwich columns with three dimensional honeycomb cores under in-plane compressionXiong, J; Zhang, M; Stocchi, A; Hu, H ; Ma, L; Wu, L; Zhang, Z
2006Modeling and simulation of 3-phase distribution parameter line using dynamic phasorYing, DS; Chan, KW ; Zhang, M
2007Modeling and simulation of 3-phase distribution parameter line using dynamic phasorYing, DS; Zhang, M; Chan, KW 
2003Multi-point, fiber-optic gas detection with intra-cavity spectroscopyZhang, Y; Zhang, M; Jin, W 
2002Multiwavelength optical short pulse generation by the use of a multiple-optical-path self-seeding schemeWang, DN ; Zhang, M
2006Negative photoconductivity and memory effects of germanium nanocrystals embedded in HfO 2 dielectricWang, S; Liu, W; Zhang, M; Song, Z; Lin, C; Dai, JY ; Lee, PF; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL 
2011Non-shift edge based ratio (NSER) : an image quality assessment metric based on early vision featuresZhang, M; Mou, X; Zhang, L 
Sep-2002Novel intracavity sensing network based on mode-locked fiber laserZhang, Y; Jin, W ; Yu, HB; Zhang, M; Liao, YB; Ho, HL; Demokan, S; Stewart, G; Culshaw, B; Li, YH
1997A novel respirometer for biological toxicity testsZhang, M; Chen, H; Wong, KY 
2002A novel wavelength detection technique for fiber Bragg grating sensorsGong, JM; MacAlpine, JMK; Chan, CC; Jin, W ; Zhang, M; Liao, YB
2005Numerical simulation and prediction of skin pressure distribution applied by graduated compression stockings (GCS)Dai, XQ; Liu, R; Li, Y ; Zhang, M; Kwok, YL
2012An optimized design of compression sportswear fabric using numerical simulation and the response surface methodLin, Y; Choi, KF; Zhang, M; Li, Y ; Luximon, A ; Yao, L; Hu, J
2009Organic carbon and elemental carbon associated with PM10 in Beijing during spring timeZhang, R; Ho, KF; Cao, J; Han, Z; Zhang, M; Cheng, Y; Lee, SC 
2014Organic electrochemical transistors with graphene-modified gate electrodes for highly sensitive and selective dopamine sensorsLiao, C; Zhang, M; Niu, L; Zheng, Z ; Yan, F 
2002Output characteristics of erbium-doped fiber intracavity gas sensorZhang, Y; Zhang, M; Jin, W 
2011Output noise analysis of optical fiber interferometric sensors using a 3 × 3 couplerZhang, H; Zhang, M; Wang, L; Liao, Y; Wang, DN 
2008Parametric design of pressure-relieving foot orthosis using statistics-based finite element methodCheung, JTM; Zhang, M
2014Peak Vertical Ground Reaction Force during Two-Leg Landing: A Systematic Review and Mathematical ModelingNiu, W; Feng, T; Jiang, C; Zhang, M
1999The performance of oxygen sensing films with ruthenium-adsorbed fumed silica dispersed in silicone rubberChan, CM; Chan, MY; Zhang, M; Lo, W ; Wong, KY