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2010Active contours driven by local image fitting energyZhang, K; Song, H; Zhang, L 
2010Active contours with selective local or global segmentation : a new formulation and level set methodZhang, K; Zhang, L ; Song, H; Zhou, W
2010AN adaptive L1–L2 hybrid error model to super-resolutionSong, H; Zhang, L ; Wang, P; Zhang, K; Li, X
2015Analysis and modelling of water vapour and temperature changes in Hong Kong using a 40-year radiosonde record : 1973-2012Liu, Z ; Chen, B; Chan, ST; Cao, Y; Gao, Y; Zhang, K; Nichol, J 
2006Augmented Lagrangian method applied to American option pricingZhang, K; Yang, XQ ; Teo, KL
2006Chaos inducement and enhancement in two particular nonlinear MAPS using weak periodic/quasiperiodic perturbationsZhang, J; Small, M; Zhang, K
2008Characterizing pseudoperiodic time series through the complex network approachZhang, J; Sun, J; Luo, X; Zhang, K; Nakamura, T; Small, M
2004Checkpointing in hybrid distributed systemsCao, J ; Chen, Y; Zhang, K; He, Y
2009Condition assessment of structures under unknown support excitationZhang, K; Law, SS; Duan, Z
2001A context-sensitive graph grammar formalism for the specification of visual languagesZhang, DQ; Zhang, K; Cao, J 
2008Convergence analysis of a monotonic penalty method for American option pricingZhang, K; Yang, X ; Teo, KL
2004The design and implementation of a runtime system for graph-oriented parallel and distributed programmingCao, J ; Liu, Y; Xie, L; Mao, B; Zhang, K
Apr-2001Design, construction, and application of a generic visual language generation environmentZhang, K; Zhang, DQ; Cao, J 
2000Direct execution simulation of load balancing algorithms with real workload distributionCao, J ; Bennett, G; Zhang, K
2010A distributed TCAM coprocessor architecture for integrated policy filtering and content filteringCai, Z; Wang, Z; Zhang, K
2015Distributed topological convex hull estimation of event region in wireless sensor networks without location informationGuo, P; Cao, J ; Zhang, K
2003Dynamic configuration management in a graph-oriented distributed programming environmentCao, J ; Chan, A ; Sun, Y; Zhang, K
2013Effect of graphene doping on microstructural and mechanical properties of Sn–8Zn–3Bi solder joints together with electromigration analysisHu, X; Chan, YC; Zhang, K; Yung, KC 
2014Enhancing ZigBee throughput under WiFi interference using real-time adaptive codingGuo, P; Cao, J ; Zhang, K; Liu, X
2012Estimation of static force coefficients of bridge deck from acceleration responsesLaw, SS; Zhang, K; Duan, ZD
2015Facile general strategy toward hierarchical mesoporous transition metal oxides arrays on three-dimensional macroporous foam with superior lithium storage propertiesZhang, Q; Wang, J; Dong, J; Ding, F ; Li, X; Zhang, B; Yang, S; Zhang, K
2014Fast visual tracking via dense spatio-temporal context learningZhang, K; Zhang, L ; Liu, Q; Zhang, D ; Yang, MH
2009Generation of Janus alginate hydrogel particles with magnetic anisotropy for cell encapsulationZhao, LB; Pan, L; Zhang, K; Guo, SS; Liu, W; Wang, Y ; Chen, Y; Zhao, XZ; Chan, HLW 
2004Graph-based data clustering : criteria and a customizable approachQian, Y; Zhang, K; Cao, J 
2003A graph-oriented approach to the description and implementation of distributed and dynamic software architectureMa, X; Cao, J ; Chan, ATS ; Lu, J; Zhang, K
2016Hierarchical NiCoO2 mesoporous microspheres as anode for lithium ion batteries with superior rate capabilityHuang, ZD; Zhang, K; Zhang, TT; Yang, XS; Liu, RQ; Li, Y; Lin, XJ; Feng, XM; Ma, YW; Huang, W
2016High performance ultraviolet photodetectors based on ZnO nanoflakes/PVK heterojunctionCai, Y; Tang, L; Xiang, J; Ji, R; Lai, SK; Lau, SP ; Zhao, J; Kong, J; Zhang, K
2008Identification of bridge aerodynamic coefficients from measured displacement or accelerationLaw, SS; Zhang, K; Duan, ZD
2012Identification of multi-axial seismic loadings from several structural dynamic responsesZhang, K; Li, H; Duan, Z; Law, SS
2015Improvement on gabor texture feature based biometric analysis using image blurringHuang, D; Zhang, K; Zhang, D 
2015Insight into metalized interfaces in nano devices by surface analytical techniquesXiang, QY; Zhang, K; Wang, Y ; Lou, XJ; Yao, WQ; Bai, Y; Duan, DW; Hu, XP; Wang, J; Luo, ZD; Wang, HH; Zhang, LX; Klemradt, U; Cao, JL
2011Laser-actuated micro-valves and micro-pumpsJian, AQ; Zhang, K; Wang, Y ; Zhang, XM 
2011Laser-induced thermal bubbles for microfluidic applicationsZhang, K; Jian, A; Zhang, X ; Wang, Y; Li, Z; Tam, HY 
2016A level set approach to image segmentation with intensity inhomogeneityZhang, K; Zhang, L ; Lam, KM ; Zhang, D 
2012Microfluidic flow direction control using continuous-wave laserJian, AQ; Zhang, K; Wang, Y ; Lau, SP ; Tsang, YH ; Zhang, XM 
2010A microfluidic system with embedded acoustic wave sensor for in situ detection of dynamic fluidic propertiesZhang, K; Zhao, L; Guo, S; Shi, B; Chen, Y; Chan, HLW ; Wang, Y 
2010A microfluidic system with surface modified piezoelectric sensor for trapping and detection of cancer cellsZhang, K; Zhao, LB; Guo, SS; Shi, BX; Lam, TL; Leung, YC ; Chen, Y; Zhao, XZ; Chan, HLW ; Wang, Y 
2011Monitoring of dopamine release in single cell using ultrasensitive ITO microsensors modified with carbon nanotubesShi, BX; Wang, Y ; Zhang, K; Lam, TL; Chan, HLW 
Mar-2011Node importance for dynamical process on networks : a multiscale characterizationZhang, J; Xu, X; Li, P; Zhang, K; Small, M
2014A novel tetramethylpyrazine bis-nitrone (TN-2) protects against 6-hydroxyldopamine-induced neurotoxicity via modulation of the NF-κB and the PKCα/PI3-K/Akt pathwaysXu, DP; Zhang, K; Zhang, ZJ; Sun, YW; Guo, BJ; Wang, YQ; Hoi, PM; Han, YF ; Lee, SMY
2010Numerical performance of penalty method for American option pricingZhang, K; Yang, XQ ; Wang, S; Teo, KL
1998On heuristics for optimal configuration of hierarchical distributed monitoring systemsCao, J ; Zhang, K; De, VO
2011Optofluidic manipulation using continuous-wave laserJian, AQ; Wang, N; Zhang, K; Wang, Y ; Tsang, YH ; Zhang, XM 
30-Dec-2010Optofluidic microcavities : dye-lasers and biosensorsChen, Y; Lei, L; Zhang, K; Shi, J; Wang, L; Li, H; Zhang, X ; Wang, Y ; Chan, HLW 
2016An order/disorder/water junction system for highly efficient co-catalyst-free photocatalytic hydrogen generationZhang, K; Wang, L; Kim, JK; Ma, M; Veerappan, G; Lee, CL; Kong, KJ; Lee, H; Park, JH
2013Organotin compounds in surface sediments from selected fishing ports along the Chinese coastZhang, K; Shi, J; He, B; Xu, W; Li, X ; Jiang, G
2010PMN-PT single crystal transducers for microfluidic applicationsChan, HLW ; Lau, ST; Zhang, K; Wang, Y ; Luo, HS
2000Portable runtime support for graph-oriented parallel and distributed programmingCao, J ; Liu, Y; Xie, L; Mao, B; Zhang, K
2008A power penalty approach to American option pricing with jump diffusion processesZhang, K; Yang, X ; Teo, KL
2009A power penalty approach to numerical solutions of two-asset American optionsZhang, K; Wang, S; Yang, XQ ; Teo, KL
2015PriWe : recommendation for privacy settings of mobile apps based on crowdsourced users' expectationsLiu, R; Cao, J ; Yang, L; Zhang, K
2011A probabilistic damage identification approach for structures with uncertainties under unknown inputZhang, K; Li, H; Duan, Z; Law, SS
2012Real-time compressive trackingZhang, K; Zhang, L ; Yang, MH
2013Real-time object tracking via online discriminative feature selectionZhang, K; Zhang, L ; Yang, MH
2011Realization of planar mixing by chaotic velocity in microfluidicsZhang, K; Guo, S; Zhao, L; Zhao, X; Chan, HLW ; Wang, Y 
2008Realization of planar mixing by chaotic velocity in microfluidicsZhang, K; Zhao, LB; Guo, SS; Chan, HLW ; Wang, Y 
3-Apr-2013Reexamination of explosive synchronization in scale-free networks : the effect of disassortativityLi, P; Zhang, K; Xu, X; Zhang, J; Small, M
2013Reinitialization-free level set evolution via reaction diffusionZhang, K; Zhang, L ; Song, H; Zhang, D 
30-Dec-2010Release monitoring of single cells on a microfluidic device coupled with fluorescence microscopy and electrochemistryShi, BX; Wang, Y ; Lam, TL; Huang, WH; Zhang, K; Leung, TYC ; Chan, HLW 
2008Reliability analysis for a bridge structure based on condition assessment resultsLaw, SS; Zhang, K; Duan, ZD
16-Dec-2010Rhythmic dynamics and synchronization via dimensionality reduction : application to human gaitZhang, J; Zhang, K; Feng, J; Small, M
2013Robust object tracking via active feature selectionZhang, K; Zhang, L ; Yang, MH; Hu, Q
2009Seeding the kernels in graphs : toward multi-resolution community analysisZhang, J; Zhang, K; Xu, XK; Tse, CK ; Small, M
2016Selenium-doped black phosphorus for high-responsivity 2D photodetectorsXu, Y; Yuan, J; Fei, L; Wang, X; Bao, Q; Wang, Y; Zhang, K; Zhang, Y
2004Self-assembly and molecular recognition of a luminescent gold rectangleLin, R; Yip, JHK; Zhang, K; Koh, LL; Wong, KY ; Ho, KP
2011Shear-mode PMN-PT piezoelectric single crystal resonator for microfluidic applicationsZhang, K; Choy, SH; Zhao, L; Luo, H; Chan, HLW ; Wang, Y 
2008A smart microfluidic system with embedded QCMZhang, K; Zhao, LB; Guo, SS; Shi, BX; Chan, HLW ; Wang, Y 
2016Solution processable organic/inorganic hybrid ultraviolet photovoltaic detectorGuo, X; Tang, L; Xiang, J; Ji, R; Zhang, K; Lai, SK; Zhao, J; Kong, J; Lau, SP 
2008Structural damage detection from coupling forces between substructuresLaw, SS; Zhang, K; Duan, ZD
2010Structural damage detection from coupling forces between substructures under support excitationLaw, SS; Zhang, K; Duan, ZD
2014Study of microstructure evolution in novel Sn-Zn/Cu bi-layer and Cu/Sn-Zn/Cu sandwich structures with nanoscale thickness for 3D packaging interconnectionLi, Q; Chan, YC; Zhang, K; Yung, KC 
2008Substructural analysis for the condition assessment of a structureLaw, SS; Zhang, K; Duan, ZD
2007Synthesis, structures, and electronic spectroscopy of luminescent acetylene- and (buta-1,3-diyne)platinum complexesZhang, K; Hu, J; Chan, KC; Wong, KY ; Yip, JH
2001Toward a human web interfaceZhang, K; Cao, J 
2005Towards access control for visual Web model managementSong, G; Zhang, K; Thuraisingham, B; Cao, J 
2016Tunable bandgap energy and promotion of H2O2 oxidation for overall water splitting from carbon nitride nanowire bundlesZhang, K; Wang, L; Sheng, X; Ma, M; Jung, MS; Kim, W; Lee, H; Park, JH
28-May-2008Ultrasonic particle trapping in microfluidic devices using soft lithographyGuo, S; Zhao, L; Zhang, K; Lam, KH; Lau, ST; Zhao, X; Wang, Y ; Chan, HLW ; Chen, Y; Baigl, D
2010A variational multiphase level set approach to simultaneous segmentation and bias correctionZhang, K; Zhang, L ; Zhang, SU
2005Visual programming support for graph-oriented parallel/distributed processingChan, F; Cao, J ; Chan, ATS ; Zhang, K
18-Feb-2013Why does the second peak of pair correlation functions split in quasi-two-dimensional disordered films?Zhang, K; Li, H; Li, L ; Bian, XF