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20103D finite element study of transient electromagnetic forces acting on the stator end-windings of a large turbo-generatorZhang, J; Yang, S; Ho, SL ; Yao, Y
20043D urban building modeling based on high resolution satellite imagesShi, W ; Cao, H; Zhang, J
2011An adaptive multi-parameter based dispatching strategy for single-loop interbay material handling systemsWu, LH; Mok, PY ; Zhang, J
2003An adaptive reservation protocol with a pre-emptive priority mechanism for wireless ATM LANsChan, HCB ; Chen, H; Zhang, J
2016Amphiphilic core–shell nanoparticles containing dense polyethyleneimine shells for efficient delivery of microRNA to kupffer cellsLiu, Z; Niu, D; Zhang, J; Zhang, W; Yao, Y; Li, P ; Gong, J
2012Analysis and countermeasure for wormhole attacks in wireless mesh networks on a real testbedZhou, J; Cao, J ; Zhang, J; Zhang, C; Yu, Y
2012An ant colony optimization approach for maximizing the lifetime of heterogeneous wireless sensor networksLin, Y; Zhang, J; Chung, HSH; Ip, WH ; Li, Y; Shi, YH
2014Antitumor effect between anti-tumor drug and antimicrobial peptides loaded in the nanofibrous membraneZhang, J; Li, Y ; Li, JS; Liu, X; Li, Z
2014Antitumor effect between anti-tumor drug and antimicrobial peptides loaded in the nanofibrous membraneZhang, J; Li, Y ; Li, JS; Liu, X; Li, Z
2005Application of 4D for dynamic site layout and management of construction projectsMa, Z; Shen, Q ; Zhang, J
Mar-2003Application of data warehouse and Decision Support System in construction managementChau, KW ; Cao, Y; Anson, M; Zhang, J
2011Assessment of genetic toxicity of neutral wool hydrolyzed polypeptideZhou, DX; Zhang, J; Wang, HX; Gao, XL; Han, YX; Li, Y 
2012Asymmetric cyanation of nitroalkenes catalyzed by a salen-titanium catalystLin, L; Yin, W; Fu, X; Zhang, J; Ma, X; Wang, R
2011Automatic generation of random distribution of fibers in long-fiber-reinforced composites and mesomechanical simulationWang, Z; Wang, X; Zhang, J; Liang, W; Zhou, L 
2003Backward induction strategy (BIDS) for bidding in multiple auctionsZhang, J; Lee, RST; Chan, HCB 
2008A band-weighted method to detect phase synchronization in EEGSun, J; Zhang, J; Small, M
2016Beyond the 'East-West' dichotomy : global variation in cultural models of selfhoodVignoles, VL; Owe, E; Becker, M; Smith, PB; Easterbrook, MJ; Brown, R; González, R; Didier, N; Carrasco, D; Cadena, MP; Lay, S; Schwartz, SJ; Des, Rosiers, SE; Villamar, JA; Gavreliuc, A; Zinkeng, M; Kreuzbauer, R; Baguma, P; Martin, M; Tatarko, A; Herman, G; de, Sauvage, I; Courtois, M; Gardarsdóttir, RB; Harb, C; Gallo, IS; Gil, PP; Clemares, RL; Campara, G; Nizharadze, G; Macapagal, MEJ; Jalal, B; Bourguignon, D; Zhang, J; Lv, S; Chybicka, A; Yuki, M; Zhang, X; Espinosa, A; Valk, A; Abuhamdeh, S; Amponsah, B; Özgen, E; Guner, EÜ; Yamakoglu, N; Chobthamkit, P; Pyszczynski, T; Kesebir, P; Trujillo, EV; Balanta, P; Ayala, BC; Koller, SH; Jaafar, JL; Gausel, N; Fischer, R; Milfont, TL; Kusdil, E; Çağlar, S; Aldhafri, S; Ferreira, MC; Mekonnen, KH; Wang, Q; Fülöp, M; Torres, A; Camino, L; Lemos, FCS; Fritsche, I; Möller, B; Regalia, C; Manzi, C; Brambilla, M; Bond, MH 
2011Bifunctional 3,3 '-Ph-2-BINOL-Mg catalyzed direct asymmetric vinylogous michael addition of alpha,beta-unsaturated gamma-butyrolactamLin, L; Zhang, J; Ma, X; Fu, X; Wang, R
2012The biocompatibility of electrospun wool polypeptide/PLLA composite nanofibers on saos-2 osteoblastsLiu, X; Li, Y ; Zhang, Y; Li, JS; Zhang, J; Han, YX; Hu, JY
2014Biodegradable weft-knitted intestinal stents : fabrication and physical changes investigation in vitro degradationLi, G; Li, Y ; Lan, P; Li, J; Zhao, Z; He, X; Zhang, J; Hu, H 
2013Biomedical functions of keratin peptide and its applicationsLi, JS; Li, Y ; Liu, X; Zhang, J; Zhao, Z; Li, G
2010BP-maxwell decoding algorithm for LDPC codes over AWGN channelsFang, Y; Zhang, J; Wang, L; Lau, FCM 
2014Building a scalable system for stealthy P2P-botnet detectionZhang, J; Perdisci, R; Lee, W; Luo, X ; Sarfraz, U
2009The change and convergence of mental models in negotiation : taking social conditions into considerationLiu, W ; Liu, L; Zhang, J
2011Changing motif distributions in complex networks by manipulating rich-club connectionsXu, XK; Zhang, J; Li, P; Small, M
2006Chaos inducement and enhancement in two particular nonlinear MAPS using weak periodic/quasiperiodic perturbationsZhang, J; Small, M; Zhang, K
2006Chaotic correlations among cycles in human electrocardiogramZhang, J; Luo, X; Small, M
2010Characterising time series dynamics with complex networksSmall, M; Xiang, R; Zhang, J; Xu, X
2012Characterization of aerosol acidity at a high mountain site in central eastern ChinaZhou, Y; Xue, L; Wang, T ; Gao, X; Wang, Z ; Wang, X; Zhang, J; Zhang, Q; Wang, W
2010Characterizing iron deposition in Parkinson's disease using susceptibility-weighted imaging : an in vivo MR studyZhang, J; Zhang, Y; Wang, J; Cai, P; Luo, C; Qian, Z; Dai, Y; Feng, H
2008Characterizing pseudoperiodic time series through the complex network approachZhang, J; Sun, J; Luo, X; Zhang, K; Nakamura, T; Small, M
2005Chiral osmium complexes with sterically bulky schiff-base ligands. Crystal structures of Os(IV) derivatives and the reactivity and catalytic cyclopropanation of alkenes with EDAZhang, J; Liang, JL; Sun, XR; Zhou, HB; Zhu, NY; Zhou, ZY; Chan, PWH; Che, CM
2001Chiral squaric prolinols : a new type of ligand for the asymmetric reduction of prochiral ketones by boraneZhang, J; Zhou, HB; Lu, SM; Luo, MM; Xie, RG; Choi, MCK; Zhou, ZY; Chan, ASC; Yang, TK
2005Classification of moving humans using eigen-features and support vector machinesLu, S; Zhang, J; Feng, D
2015Community clinic : economizing mobile cloud service cost via cloudlet groupZhang, J; Xiong, T; Lou, W 
2014Comparative study of novel dual-stator flux modulation permanent magnet machinesNiu, S ; Zhang, J; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN 
2016Comparison between smartphone pedometer applications and traditional pedometers for improving physical activity and body mass index in community-dwelling older adultsFong, SSM; Ng, SSM ; Cheng, YTY; Zhang, J; Chung, LMY; Chow, GCC; Chak, YTC; Chan, IKY; Macfarlane, DJ
2006A comparison of the water vapor transport through fabrics under conventional and subzero climateZhou, X; Zhang, J; Gao, Y; Wang, S; Fan, J
14-Jun-2006Complex network from pseudoperiodic time series : topology versus dynamicsZhang, J; Small, M
2009Complex networks as a tool to study chaotic dynamical systemsSmall, M; Xu, X; Zhang, J
2008The compositional range of amorphous phase formation and thermal stability of Al90-xFe5Ni5CexChen, H; Cheng, X; Zhang, J; Ouyang, Y; Du, Y; Zhong, X; Tao, X 
2004Concrete plant operations optimization using combined simulation and genetic algorithmsCao, M; Lu, M; Zhang, J
2007Connecting nonlinear time series and complex networksSmall, M; Zhang, J
2015Construction of vicinal tetrasubstituted stereocenters with a C-F bond through a catalytic enantioselective detrifluoroacetylative mannich reactionLiu, X; Zhang, J; Zhao, L; Ma, S; Yang, D; Yan, W; Wang, R
2011Context-aware mechanism for IEEE 802.21 media independent handoverXiong, M; Cao, J ; Zhang, J
2012Coordination of multi-link spectrum handoff in multi-radio multi-hop cognitive networksFeng, W; Cao, J ; Zhang, C; Zhang, J; Xin, Q
2011Cost-constrained incremental network planning in multi-hop wireless networksZhang, C; Cao, J ; Zhang, J; Zhou, J
2013Coupled mechanical and hydraulic modeling of a geosynthetic-reinforced and pile-supported embankmentZhang, J; Zheng, JJ; Chen, BG; Yin, JH 
2010A creative try : composing weaving patterns by playing on a multi-input deviceZhang, J; Baciu, G ; Liang, S; Liang, C
2010Cross-layer enhanced uplink packet scheduling for multimedia traffic over MC-CDMA networksChen, H; Chan, HCB ; Leung, VCM; Zhang, J
2007A CSCW-based value management system for construction projectsGuo, J; Zhang, J; Shen, Q 
2012Culture, emotion, and shared cognition : a dynamic analysis of shared mental models in emotion-laden dispute resolutionLiu, M; Liu, W ; Zhang, J; Liu, L
2004Culture-level dimensions of social axioms and their correlates across 41 culturesBond, MH; Leung, K; Au, A; Tong, KK; De Carrasquel, SR; Murakami, F; Yamaguchi, S; Bierbrauer G; Singelis, TM; Broer, M; Boen, F; Lambert, SM; Ferreira, MC; Noels, KA; Van Bavel, J; Safdar, S; Zhang, J; Chen, L; Solcova, I; Stetovska, I; Niit, T; Niit, KK; Hurme, H; B?ling, M; Franchi, V; Magradze, N; Javakhishvili, N; Boehnke, K; Klinger, E; Huang, X ; Fulop, M; Berkics, M; Panagiotopoulou, P; Sriram, S; Chaudhary, N; Ghosh, A; Vohra, N; Iqbal, DF; Kurman, J; Thein, RD; Comunian, AL; Kyung Ae, S; Austers, I; Harb, C; Odusanya, JOT; Ahmed, ZA; Ismail, R; Van deVijver, F; Ward, C; Mogaji, A; Sam, DL; Khan, MJZ; Cabanikkas, WE; Sycip, L; Neto, F; Cabecinhas, R; Xavier, P; Dinca, M; Lebedeva, N; Viskochil, A; Ponomareva, O; Burgess, SM; Oceja, L; Campo, S; Hwang, KK; D'souza, JB; Ataca, B; Furnham, A; Lewis, JR
2013Cytotoxicity and cellular uptake of silk fibroin nanoparticles prepared in supercritical CO2Zhao, Z; Zhang, Y; Li, Y ; Chen, AZ; Xie, MB; Zhang, J
2011Damage detection and reliability assessment of building structures using stochastic approachesXu, YL ; Zhang, J; Xia, Y ; Li, J; Lin J-H
2003The data model of a pACS-based dICOM radiation therapy serverLaw, MYY; Huang, HK; Zhang, X; Zhang, J
2016Data-driven facial animation via semi-supervised local patch alignmentZhang, J; Yu, J; You, J ; Tao, D; Li, N; Cheng, J
2013Degradation evaluation of a novel composite nanofibrous electrospun biopolymer membraneZhang, J; Li, Y ; Li, JS; Zhao, Z; Hu, JY; Li, G
2015Design of a wireless sensor network monitoring system for biological and pharmaceutical productsWu, CH; Ng, CK; Wang, L; Ho, GTS; Ip, WH ; Zhang, J
2001Design, synthesis and structure of new chiral squaric acid monoaminoalcohols and diaminoalcohols and their use as catalysts in asymmetric reduction of ketones and diketonesZhou, HB; Zhang, J; Lu, SM; Xie, RG; Zhou, ZY; Choi, MCK; Chan, ASC; Yang, TK
24-Jan-2006Detecting chaos in pseudoperiodic time series without embeddingZhang, J; Luo, X; Small, M
2009Detecting ghost and left objects in surveillance videoLu, S; Zhang, J; Feng, DD
17-Apr-2008Detecting phase synchronization in noisy data from coupled chaotic oscillatorsSun, J; Zhang, J; Zhou, J; Xu, X; Small, M
26-Jan-2007Detecting temporal and spatial correlations in pseudoperiodic time seriesZhang, J; Luo, X; Nakamura, T; Sun, J; Small, M
2007Detecting unattended packages through human activity recognition and object associationLu, S; Zhang, J; Feng, D
2011Developing and evaluating the social axioms durvey in eleven countries : its relationship with the five-factor model of personalityLeung, K; Lam, BCP; Bond, MH ; Conway, LG; Gornick, LJ; Amponsah, B; Boehnke, K; Dragolov, G; Burgess, SM; Golestaneh, M; Busch, H; Hofer, J; Dominguez Espinosa, A, DC; Fardis, M; Ismail, R; Kurman, J; Levedeva, N; Tatarko, AN; Sam, DL; Mendes Teixeira, ML; Yamaguchi, S; Fukuzawa, A; Zhang, J; Zhou, F
2004Development of morphological awareness in Mandarin and Cantonese speaking childrenLai-Cheng, A; Zhang, J; Shu, H
2014Development of silk fibroin modified poly(L-lactide)-poly(ethylene glycol)-poly(L-lactide) nanoparticles in supercritical CO2Zhao, Z; Li, Y ; Zhang, Y; Chen, AZ; Li, G; Zhang, J; Xie, MB
2003DFT-based hybrid antenna selection schemes for spatially correlated MIMO channelsMolisch, AF; Zhang, X; Kung, SY; Zhang, J
2006A diagnostic tool for online sensor health monitoring in air-conditioning systemsXiao, F ; Wang, S ; Zhang, J
2002DICOM and imaging informatics-based radiation therapy (RT) serverLaw, MYY; Huang, HK; Zhang, X; Zhang, J
2007Dielectric properties of AlN/polymer composites for electronic substrate applicationZhang, J; Fan, H; Ke, S; Shi, Y; Zeng, X; Bi, M; Huang, H 
2015Differences in Career Decision-Making Profiles Between American and Chinese University Students: The Relative Strength of Mediating Mechanisms Across CulturesGuan, Y; Chen, SX ; Levin, N; Bond, MH; Luo, N; Xu, J; Zhou, X; Chen, P; Li, C; Fu, R; Zhang, J; Ji, Y; Mo, Z; Li, Y; Fang, Z; Jiang, D; Han, X
2011The digital rights management game in peer-to-peer streaming systemsZhang, J; Lou, W 
2005Dinuclear macrocyclic polyamine zinc(II) complexes : syntheses, characterization and their interaction with plasmid DNAXiang, QX; Zhang, J; Liu, PY; Xia, CQ; Zhou, ZY; Xie, RG; Yu, XQ
2016Distinct expression of interferon-induced protein with Tetratricopeptide repeats (IFIT) 1/2/3 and other antiviral genes between subsets of dendritic cells induced by Dengue Virus 2 infectionZhang, J; Sze, DMY; Yung, BYM ; Tang, P; Chen, WJ; Chan, KH; Leung, PHM 
2014Distributed mutual exclusion algorithms for intersection traffic controlWu, W; Zhang, J; Luo, A; Cao, J 
2002Distribution of constitutive nitric oxide synthase in the jejunum of adult ratChen, YM; Qian, ZM; Zhang, J; Chang, YZ; Duan, XL
2012Does trust reduce deception in negotiation? the culturally divergent effects of cognition- and affect-based trustZhang, J; Liu, L; Liu, W 
2015Dosimetric verification of stereotactic body radiation therapy for lung cancer treatment plans using flattening filter-free beamsZhang, J; Wu, VW ; Lu, J; Hong, D; Lin, Z