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2014256 Gb/s PM-16-QAM quasi-single-mode transmission over 2600 km using few-mode fiber with multi-path interference compensationSui, Q; Zhang, H; Downie, J; Wood, W; Hurley, J; Mishra, S; Lau, APT ; Lu, C ; Tam, HY ; Wai, PKA 
2005Activity object-oriented simulation strategy for modeling construction operationsZhang, H; Tam, CM; Li, H 
2014An additive convolution model for fast restoration of nonuniform blurred imagesDeng, H; Zuo, W; Zhang, H; Zhang, D 
2010Adjusting learning motivation to promote cooperationZhang, H; Small, M; Yang, H; Wang, B
2015Advanced Markov random field model based on local uncertainty for unsupervised change detectionHe, P; Shi, W ; Miao, Z; Zhang, H; Cai, L
2012An algorithm based on augmented Lagrangian method for generalized gradient vector flow computationRen, D; Zuo, W; Zhao, X; Zhang, H; Zhang, D 
1-May-2009All wavelengths and directions hybrid-guidance photonic crystal fiber and its property of Bragg grating resonanceZhang, H; Li, S; Leung, DCW ; Chan, HLW 
2007Analysis and design of class E power amplifier with nonlinear parasitic capacitance at any duty ratioZhang, H; Ma, X; Wong, SC ; Tse, CK 
2003Analysis of Hopf bifurcation caused by leakage conductance g1 in the H-H model in musclesWang, J; Deng, B; Zeng, Q ; Zhang, H
2013Ant colony optimization-based multi-mode scheduling under renewable and nonrenewable resource constraintsLi, H ; Zhang, H
2013The anti-cancer agent SU4312 unexpectedly protects against MPP(+) -induced neurotoxicity via selective and direct inhibition of neuronal NOS.Cui, W; Zhang, Z; Li, W; Hu, S; Mak, S; Zhang, H; Han, R; Yuan, S; Li, S; Sa, F; Xu, D; Lin, Z; Zuo, Z; Rong, J; Ma, EDL; Choi, TC; Lee, SMY; Han, Y 
2014Application prospects and microstructural features in laser-induced rapidly solidified high-entropy alloysZhang, H; Pan, Y; He, YZ; Wu, JL; Yue, TM ; Guo, S
2013Automated tongue segmentation based on 2D gabor filters and fast marchingCui, Z; Zuo, W; Zhang, H; Zhang, D 
2011Bis(12)-hupyridone, a novel multifunctional dimer, promotes neuronal differentiation more potently than its monomeric natural analog huperzine A possibly through alpha7 nAChRCui, W; Cui, GZ; Li, W; Zhang, Z; Hu, S; Mak, S; Zhang, H; Carlier, PR; Choi, CL; Wong, YT; Lee, SMY; Han, Y 
2011Characterisation of Cl - transporter and channels in experimentally induced myopic chick eyesZhang, H; Wong, CL; Shan, SW; Li, KK; Cheng, AK; Lee, KL; Ge, J; To, CH ; Do, CW 
2011Characterization and thermal behavior of calcium deficient hydroxyapatite whiskers with various Ca/P ratiosZhang, H; Zhang, M 
2014Class allocation for soft-then-hard subpixel mapping algorithms with adaptive visiting order of classesWang, Q; Shi, W ; Zhang, H
2014Classification of very high spatial resolution imagery based on a new pixel shape feature setZhang, H; Shi, W ; Wang, Y; Hao, M; Miao, Z
2011Coastal wetland investigations by airborne LiDAR : a case study in the Yellow River Delta, ChinaDing, Q; Chen, W ; King, BA ; Chen, Y ; Liu, Y; Zhang, H
15-Oct-2009Coexistence of polarization-locked and polarization-rotating vector solitons in a fiber laser with SESAMZhao, LM; Tang, DY; Wu, X; Zhang, H; Tam, HY 
2010Coexistence of scalar dissipative solitons along different polarization axes in a highly birefringent fiber laser with SESAMZhao, LM; Tang, DY; Wu, X; Zhang, H; Tam, HY 
2012Coherent feedback control of linear quantum optical systems via squeezing and phase shiftZhang, G ; Lee, HWJ ; Huang, B; Zhang, H
2012Combination of heterogeneous features for wrist pulse blood flow signal diagnosis via multiple kernel learningLiu, L; Zuo, W; Zhang, D ; Li, N; Zhang, H
2004Combination of polar edge detection and active contour model for automated tongue segmentationZuo, W; Wang, K; Zhang, DD ; Zhang, H
2007Combination of two novel LDA-based methods for face recognitionZuo, W; Wang, K; Zhang, D ; Zhang, H
2013Complex impedance and magnetoelectric effect analyses of a novel three-ply-structured (Tb0.3Dy0.7)0.75Pr 0.25Fe1.55-Pb(Zr0.53Ti0.47)O 3 nanoceramic compositesZhang, H; Mak, CL ; Zhang, D; Liu, C
2015Computer-aided diagnosis for preoperative invasion depth of gastric cancer with dual-energy spectral CT imagingLi, C; Shi, C; Zhang, H; Hui, C; Lam, KM ; Zhang, S
2005Computerized diagnosis from tongue appearance using quantitative feature classificationZhang, D ; Pang, B; Li, N; Wang, K; Zhang, H
2006Conductive knitted fabric as large-strain gauge under high temperatureZhang, H; Tao, X ; Yu, T; Wang, S
2014A contrast-sensitive potts model custom-designed for change detectionHao, M; Shi, W ; Deng, K; Zhang, H
Nov-2010Control of iron nitride formation by a high magnetic fieldTong, WP; Zhang, H; Sun, J; Zuo, L; He, JC; Lu, J
2015Cortex Fraxini (Qingpi) protects Rat Pheochromocytoma cells against 6-Hydroxydopamine-induced ApoptosisLi, JJ; Zhou, SY; Zhang, H; Lam, KH; Lee, SMY; Yu, PHF; Chan, SW
2015Cost-sensitive feature selection in medical data analysis with trace ratio criterionLi, C; Shi, C; Zhang, H; Hui, C; Lam, KM ; Zhang, S
2006Coupling CFD and human body thermoregulation model for the assessment of personalized ventilationGao, N; Niu, J ; Zhang, H
2006CUL4-DDB1 ubiquitin ligase interacts with multiple WD40-repeat proteins and regulates histone methylationHiga, LA; Wu, M; Ye, T ; Kobayashi, R; Sun, H; Zhang, H
2012Design and implementation of a multi-channel pulse signal acquisition systemWang, P; Zuo, W; Zhang, H; Zhang, D 
2015Detection of contacts between three-dimensional polyhedral blocks for discontinuous deformation analysisZhang, H; Chen, G; Zheng, L; Han, Z; Zhang, Y; Wu, Y; Liu, S
2007Determination of butylidenephthalide in Ligusticum chuanxiong by HPLCWang, CY; Zhang, H; Qian, ZM
2014Direct synthesis of barium zirconate titanate (BZT) nanoparticles at room temperature and sintering of their ceramics at low temperatureQi, JQ; Wang, XH; Zhang, H; Zou, H; Wang, ZB; Qi, XW; Wang, Y ; Li, LT; Chan, HLW 
2009Dissipative vector solitons in a dispersion-managed cavity fiber laser with net positive cavity dispersionZhang, H; Tang, DY; Zhao, LM; Wu, X; Tam, HY 
2009Doubly stereocontrolled asymmetric aza-henry reaction with in situ generation of n-boc-imines catalyzed by novel rosin-derived amine thiourea catalystsJiang, X; Zhang, Y; Wu, L; Zhang, G; Liu, X; Zhang, H; Fu, D; Wang, R
2013A dynamic measurement system for evaluating dry bio-potential surface electrodesLiu, H; Tao, X ; Xu, P; Zhang, H; Bai, Z
2008Dynamics of gain-guided solitons in a dispersion-managed fiber laser with large normal cavity dispersionZhao, LM; Tang, DY; Wu, X; Zhang, H; Lu, C ; Tam, HY 
1-Jul-2007Dynamics of gain-guided solitons in an all-normal-dispersion fiber laserZhao, LM; Tang, DY; Zhang, H; Cheng, TH; Tam, HY ; Lu, C 
2014Earthquake-damaged buildings detection using active contour algorithm and MRFHao, M; Shi, W ; Zhang, H
2002Easily accessible chiral amino-phosphinite ligands for highly enantioselective palladium-mediated allylic alkylationChen, G; Li, X; Zhang, H; Gong, L; Mi, A; Cui, X; Jiang, Y; Choi, MCK; Chan, ASC
2010Effect of surface treatment of hydroxyapatite whiskers on the mechanical properties of bis-GMA-based compositesZhang, H; Zhang, M 
2005Effect of temperature shift on production of xylanase by Aspergillus NigerYuan, QP; Wang, JD; Zhang, H; Qian, ZM
2005Electro-mechanical properties of knitted fabric made from conductive multi-filament yarn under unidirectional extensionZhang, H; Tao, X ; Wang, S; Yu, T
2004Electro-mechanical properties of stainless steel knitted fabric made from multi-filament yarn under uniaxial extensionZhang, H; Tao, XM ; Wang, SY
2013Electrochemical investigations on structures of flexible textile electrodesWang, RX; Tao, XM ; Zhang, H; Xu, SJ
2011Electrochemical modification of silver coated multifilament for wearable ECG monitoring electrodesXu, P; Liu, H; Zhang, H; Tao, X ; Wang, S
2005Electromechanical properties of conductive fibres, yarns and fabricsXue, P; Tao, X ; Leung, MY; Zhang, H
2014Emodin elicits cytotoxicity in human lung adenocarcinoma A549 cells through inducing apoptosisLi, WY; Ng, YF; Zhang, H; Guo, ZD; Guo, DJ; Kwan, YW; Leung, GPH; Lee, SMH; Yu, PHF; Chan, SW
2013The enantioselective formal synthesis of rhynchophylline and isorhynchophyllineZhang, H; Ma, X; Kang, H; Hong, L; Wang, R
2015Encapsulation of a living bioelectrode by a hydrogel for bioelectrochemical systems in alkaline mediaChen, S; Yang, F; Li, C; Zheng, S; Zhang, H; Li, M; Yao, H ; Zhao, F; Hou, H
2000Enhanced performance of air-cooled chillers using evaporative coolingZhang, H; You, S; Yang, H ; Niu, J 
2-Apr-2009Entrainment of slow oscillations of auditory thalamic neurons by repetitive sound stimuliGao, L; Meng, X; Ye, C; Zhang, H; Liu, C; Dan, Y; Poo, MM; He, J; Zhang, X
12-Mar-2008Epidemic dynamics on scale-free networks with piecewise linear infectivity and immunizationFu, X; Small, M; Walker, DM; Zhang, H
2010Epidemic outbreaks on networks with effective contactsLi, K; Small, M; Zhang, H; Fu, X
2013An event-based emotion corpusLee, SYM ; Zhang, H; Huang, CR 
2009An examination of the steady-state solution of the differential equation governing indoor sound fieldsSu, J; Mak, CM ; Zhang, H; Zhao, S
2011Experimental investigation of formability of commingled woven composite preform in stamping operationZhu, B; Yu, TX; Zhang, H; Tao, XM 
2008Experimental investigation of formability of woven textile composite preform in stamping operationZhu, B; Yu, TX; Zhang, H; Tao, XM 
26-Dec-2013Fast marching over the 2D Gabor magnitude domain for tongue body segmentationCui, Z; Zhang, H; Zhang, DD ; Li, N; Zuo, W
Sep-2004Finite horizon H[sub ∞] fixed-lag smoothing for time-varying continuous systemsZhang, H; Zhang, DD 
2011Formation and characterization of three-ply structured multiferroic Sm0.88Nd0.12Fe1.93-Pb(Zr0.53Ti0.47)O3 ceramic composites via a solid solution processZhang, H; Or, SW ; Chan, HLW ; Yang, F
2012Fractality and self-similarity in the structure of road networksZhang, H; Li, Z 
2012From wearable to aware : intrinsically conductive electrotextiles for human strain/stress sensingZhang, H; Tao, X 
2015Fusion of multiple features to produce a segmentation algorithm for remote sensing imagesCai, L; Shi, W ; He, P; Miao, Z; Hao, M; Zhang, H
2015Fusion-based approach to change detection to reduce the effect of the trade-off parameter in the active contour modelHao, M; Shi, W ; Deng, K; Zhang, H
2004Fuzzy discrete-event simulation for modeling uncertain activity durationZhang, H; Li, H ; Tam, CM
2011A fuzzy topology-based maximum likelihood classificationLiu, K; Shi, W ; Zhang, H
2011Fuzzy-topology-integrated support vector machine for remotely sensed image classificationZhang, H; Shi, W ; Liu, K
2011A generalized coding artifacts and noise removal algorithm for digitally compressed video signalsShao, L; Zhang, H; Liu, Y 
1-May-2008Global behavior of epidemic transmission on heterogeneous networks via two distinct routesZhang, H; Small, M; Fu, X
2015Gold nanosweepers (AuNSs) : a novel application of PEGylated AuNPsYang, G; Li, N; Chow, HY; Xu, Q; Zhang, H; Ruiz, J; Lai, X; Astruc, D; Wong, KY ; Zhao, P
2015A grid-group analysis of tourism motivationLi, M ; Zhang, H; Xiao, H ; Chen, Y
Nov-2008GrLS : group-based location service in mobile ad hoc networksCheng, H; Cao, J ; Chen, HH; Zhang, H
2013Gui-ling-gao (turtle jelly), a traditional Chinese functional food, exerts anti-inflammatory effects by inhibiting iNOS and pro-inflammatory cytokine expressions in splenocytes isolated from BALB/c miceZhang, H; Wu, MY; Guo, DJ; Wan, CW; Lau, CC; Chan, CO; Mok, DKW ; Chan, SW