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20141 ¡Ñ N Fiber Optic Coupler Based on a Polyhedral Gradient-Index LensYang, Y; Li, H; Song, K; Jin, W 
2009100Gbit/s RZ-DQPSK signal monitoring using delay tap sampling and asymmetry ratio evaluationLi, Z; Zhao, J; Cheng, L; Yang, Y; Lu, C ; Lau, APT ; Tam, HY ; Wai, PKA 
2010114-Gbit/s 2SC-NRZ-D8PSK for 50-GHz WDM grid without polarization multiplexingCheng, L; Li, Z; Yang, Y; Lu, C ; Liu, L; Zeng, L; Xiong, Q; Lau, APT ; Tam, HY ; Wai, PKA 
20091500-km SSMF transmission of mixed 40-Gb/s CS-RZ duobinary and 100-Gb/s CS-RZ DQPSK signalsLi, Z; Cheng, L; Yang, Y; Lu, C ; Lau, APT ; Tam, H ; Wai, PKA ; Wang, C; Xu, X; Deng, J; Xiong, Q
2015Accuracy analysis of a dual camera system with an asymmetric photogrammetric configurationWu, B ; Ye, L; Yang, Y
17-Sep-2007Aging-induced double ferroelectric hysteresis loops in BiFeO₃multiferroic ceramicYuan, GL; Yang, Y; Or, DSW 
Mar-2009Allocation and source attribution of lead and cadmium in maize (Zea mays L.) impacted by smelting emissionsBi, X; Feng, X; Yang, Y; Li, X ; Shin, GPY; Li, F; Qiu, G; Li, G; Liu, T; Fu, Z
Mar-2010Analysis and discussion on electronic resource construction and information service of libraries in Mainland ChinaGui, J; Yang, Y; Zhou, D
2013Application of finite-element-based limit analysis with mesh adaptation in geotechnical engineeringLi, DZ; Cheng, YM ; Wang, JA; Yang, Y; Li, N
2014Approximation bounds for trilinear and biquadratic optimization problems over nonconvex constraintsYang, Y; Yang, Q; Qi, L 
2015Are slice-based cohesion metrics actually useful in effort-aware post-release fault-proneness prediction? An empirical studyYang, Y; Zhou, Y; Lu, H; Chen, L; Chen, Z; Xu, B; Leung, H ; Zhang, Z
27-May-2011Atomic-scale structural evolution and stability of supercooled liquid of a Zr-based bulk metallic glassWang, Q; Liu, CT; Yang, Y; Dong, YD; Lu, J
2010Atomistic free-volume zones and inelastic deformation of metallic glassesYe, JC; Lu, J; Liu, CT; Wang, Q; Yang, Y
Mar-2009Can Young’s modulus and hardness of wire structural materials be directly measured using nanoindentation?Shu, S; Yang, Y; Fu, T; Wen, CS; Lu, J
2010Characteristic length scales governing plasticity/brittleness of bulk metallic glasses at ambient temperatureYang, Y; Ye, JC; Lu, J; Liaw, PK; Liu, CT
2015The characteristic of gap FBG and its applicationYang, Y; Hu, J; Liu, X; Jin, W 
2004The characteristics and photocatalytic activities of silver doped ZnO nanocrystallitesWang, R; Xin, JH ; Yang, Y; Liu, H; Xu, L; Hu, J
2013Characterization of the colorectal cancer in a rabbit model using quantitative high-frequency endoscopic ultrasoundLiu, C; Yang, Y; Sun, L ; Huang, CC
2007Chinese terminology extraction using bilingual web resourcesYang, Y; Lu, Q ; Ji, L; Zhao, T
2005Cloud tracking in satellite images using a snake modelGuilbert, E; Yang, Y; Lin, H
2008A clustering based approach for domain relevant relation extractionYang, Y; Lu, Q ; Zhao, T
2011Compiler-assisted dynamic scratch-pad memory management with space overlapping for embedded systemsYang, Y; Yan, H; Shao, Z ; Guo, M
2011Cooling rate effect on Young's modulus and hardness of a Zr-based metallic glassLiu, ZY; Yang, Y; Guo, S; Liu, XJ; Lu, J; Liu, YH; Liu, CT
2015Data compression of very large-scale structural seismic and typhoon responses by low-rank representation with matrix reshapeYang, Y; Nagarajaiah, S; Ni, YQ 
2008Deformation and fracture in micro-tensile tests of freestanding electrodeposited nickel thin filmsYang, Y; Yao, N; Soboyejo, WO; Tarquinio, C
2010A delimiter-based general approach for Chinese term extractionYang, Y; Lu, Q ; Zhao, T
2014Design of a sliding window over distributed and asynchronous event streamsYang, Y; Huang, Y; Cao, J ; Ma, X; Lu, J
2009Development of a micro-beam method to investigate the fatigue crack growth mechanisms of submicron-scale cracksYang, Y; Ruan, HH; Lu, J; Yao, N; Shan, WL; Soboyejo, WO
2014Devolopment of focused IVUS transducer using PMN-PT single crystal : single-element focused IVUS transducerGuo, F; Liu, C; Yang, Y; Sun, L ; Yang, B; Chen, Y; Dai, J 
May-2012A diachronic study of epistemic kongpa in Mandarin discourseYang, Y; Wong, TS; Yap, FH 
2012Dielectric behaviors of PHBHHx-BaTiO3 multifunctional composite filmsKe, S; Yang, Y; Ren, L; Wang, Y; Li, Y; Huang, H 
2012Dielectric spectroscopy of biodegradable poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyhexanoate) filmsYang, Y; Ke, S; Ren, L; Wang, Y; Li, Y; Huang, H 
2008Differential cardiovascular effects of synthetic peptides derived from endomorphin-1 in anesthetized ratsLiu, H; Yang, Y; Xin, R; Liu, X; Cao, Y; Ni, J; Wang, R
2011Dual character of stable shear banding in bulk metallic glassesYang, Y; Ye, JC; Lu, J; Liu, CT
2003Dynamic hysteresis of ferroelectric Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 thin filmsLiu, JM; Yu, LC; Yuan, GL; Yang, Y; Chan, HLW ; Liu, ZG
2014Dynamic positioning configuration and its first-order optimizationXue, S; Yang, Y; Dang, Y; Chen, W 
2009Dynamic scratch-pad memory management with data pipelining for embedded systemsYang, Y; Wang, M; Shao, Z ; Guo, M
2009An effective state-based predictive approach for leakage energy management on embedded systemsGuo, M; Pan, L; Yang, Y; Wang, M; Shao, Z 
Nov-2009Effects of sample geometry on deformation modes of bulk metallic glasses at the nano/micrometer scaleYe, JC; Lu, J; Yang, Y; Liaw, PK
2009Effects of specimen geometry and base material on the mechanical behavior of focused-ion-beam-fabricated metallic-glass micropillarsYang, Y; Ye, JC; Lu, J; Liu, FX; Liaw, PK
2004An efficient flow control algorithm for multi-rate multicast networksXiong, N; He, Y; Cao, J ; Yang, Y; Lin, C
2012Embedded pressure sensor based on birefringent photonic crystal fiberYang, Y; Zhang, X; Jin, W ; Duan, W; Yang, M
2013An embedded pressure sensor based on polarization maintaining photonic crystal fiberYang, Y; Li, J; Duan, W; Zhang, X; Jin, W ; Yang, M
May-2012Evidentiality and the upgrading and downgrading of epistemic strengths in Mandarin conversationsYang, Y; Yap, FH 
2003An expert system for selection of retaining walls and groundwater controls in deep excavationYang, Y; Yin, JH ; Yuan, JX; Schulyer, JN
2010Extraction of bulk metallic-glass yield strengths using tapered micropillars in micro-compression experimentsYe, JC; Lu, J; Yang, Y; Liaw, PK
2013Factors affecting horticultural and cleaning workers' preference on cooling vestsChan, APC ; Yang, Y; Wong, DP; Lam, EWM; Li, Y
2015Fast polarization-state tracking based on radius-directed linear kalman filterCao, G; Yang, Y; Zhong, K; Zhou, X; Yao, Y; Lau, APT ; Lu, C 
2008Fatigue and fracture of a bulk nanocrystalline NiFe alloyYang, Y; Imasogie, B; Fan, GJ; Liaw, PK; Soboyejo, WO
2013Fiber-optic fabry-perot acoustic sensor with multilayer graphene diaphragmMa, J; Xuan, H; Ho, HL; Jin, W ; Yang, Y; Fan, S
2009Finding equilibrium for oligopolistic electricity market using a coevolutionary approachWang, YP; Yang, Y; Chen, HY; Jing, ZX; Zhang, Y; Ngan, HW 
2012A flicker-free electrolytic capacitor-less AC-DC LED driverWang, S; Ruan, X; Yao, K; Tan, SC; Yang, Y; Ye, Z
2013Forecasting the demand for hotel rooms using DMO's Web-traffic dataSong, H ; Yang, Y; Pan, B
2013Formal specification and runtime detection of dynamic properties in asynchronous pervasive computing environmentsYang, Y; Huang, Y; Cao, J ; Ma, X; Lu, J
2015A fractal model of contact force distribution and the unified coordination distribution for crushable granular materials under confined compressionYang, Y; Cheng, YM 
2015A framework of joint graph embedding and sparse regression for dimensionality reductionShi, X; Guo, Z; Lai, Z; Yang, Y; Bao, Z; Zhang, D 
2010Functionalization of carbon nanotubes with biodegradable supramolecular polypseudorotaxanes from grafted-poly(ε-caprolactone) and α-cyclodextrinsYang, Y; Tsui, CP ; Tang, CY ; Qiu, S; Zhao, Q; Cheng, X; Sun, Z; Li, RKY; Xie, X
2012Gap FBG and its application in tunable narrow linewidth fiber laserYang, Y; Zhang, X; Guo, J; Jin, W ; Yang, M
2014Gap FBG and its application in tunable narrow linewidth fibre laserYang, Y; Liu, X; Zhang, X; Jin, W ; Yang, M
1-Sep-2012Hardness, yield strength, and plastic flow in thin film metallic-glassYe, JC; Chu, JP; Chen, YC; Wang, Q; Yang, Y
15-Nov-2007Heavy metals in an impacted wetland system : a typical case from southwestern ChinaBi, X; Feng, X; Yang, Y; Li, X ; Shin, GPY; Qiu, G; Qian, X; Li, F; He, T; Li, P; Liu, T; Fu, Z
2013Hop-by-hop computing for green Internet routingYang, Y; Wang, D ; Xu, M; Li, S
2015Hotel location evaluation : a combination of machine learning tools and web GISYang, Y; Tang, J; Luo, H; Law, R 
2014How to achieve a high efficiency level of the hotel industry?Luo, H; Yang, Y; Law, R 
2015I am sure but I hedge: Fear expression k?ngp? as an interactive rhetorical strategy in Mandarin broadcast talkYang, Y; Yap, FH 
Sep-2012“I am sure but I hedge” : fear expression kongpa as a rhetorical interactive strategy in Mandarin conversationYang, Y; Yap, FH ; Wong, TS
2010I warn you because I like you : voice behavior, employee identifications, and transformational leadershipLiu, W ; Zhu, R; Yang, Y
2011Identification and allocation of risks associated with PPP water projects in ChinaXu, Y; Yang, Y; Chan, APC ; Yeung, JFY; Cheng, H
2013Improving the quality of GaN on Si(111) substrate with a medium-temperature/high-temperature bilayer AlN bufferXiang, P; Liu, M; Yang, Y; Chen, W; He, Z; Leung, KK; Surya, C ; Han, X; Wu, Z; Liu, Y; Zhang, B
2012Investigation on threshold of stimulated Raman scattering in optical fibersYang, Y; Jiang, T; Jin, W ; Yang, M
2002Lagrangian globalization methods for nonlinear complementarity problemsChen, X; Qi, L ; Yang, Y
2011Limit equilibrium method based on an approximate lower bound method with a variable factor of safety that can consider residual strengthCheng, YM ; Li, DZ; Li, L; Sun, YJ; Baker, R; Yang, Y
2004Local median estimation of variance functionYang, Y; Ip, WC; Kwan, YK; Kwan, PYK
2003Low frequency dispersion of ferroelectric hysteresis in 1–3 Pb0.95La0.05TiO3/polymer ferroelectric compositesPan, B; Yang, Y; Yu, LC; Liu, JM; Li, K; Liu, ZG; Chan, HLW 
2004A maximum-entropy Chinese parser augmented by transformation-based learningFung, P; Ngai, G ; Yang, Y; Chen, B
2012A mean-field model for anelastic deformation in metallic-glassesLiu, ZY; Yang, Y
2015Meta-analysis of the effects of microclimate cooling systems on human performance under thermal stressful environments : potential applications to occupational workersChan, APC ; Song, W; Yang, Y
2014Metagenomic analysis reveals potential biodegradation pathways of persistent pesticides in freshwater and marine sedimentsFang, H; Cai, L; Yang, Y; Ju, F; Li, X ; Yu, Y; Zhang, T
2013Metagenomic exploration reveals high levels of microbial arsenic metabolism genes in activated sludge and coastal sedimentsCai, L; Yu, K; Yang, Y; Chen, BW; Li, XD ; Zhang, T
2013Metagenomic profiles of antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) between human impacted estuary and deep ocean sedimentsChen, B; Yang, Y; Liang, X; Yu, K; Zhang, T; Li, X