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20152D facial landmark model design by combining key points and inserted pointsChen, F; Xu, Y; Zhang, D ; Chen, K
2013A 3-d self-organized leader propagation model and its engineering approximation for lightning protection analysisXu, Y; Chen, M 
2011Accelerating the kernel-method-based feature extraction procedure from the viewpoint of numerical approximationXu, Y; Zhang, D 
2012Adhesive dynamics model for cancel cells adhesion in curved post-capillary venulesYan, W; Liu, Y ; Fu, B; Xu, Y; Su, Z
2009Advanced pattern recognition technologies with applications to biometricsZhang, D ; Song, F; Xu, Y; Liang, Z
2015An alternative model to determine the financing structure of PPP-based young graduate apartments in China: A case study of HangzhouXu, Y; Peng, Y; Qian, QK; Chan, APC 
2014An alternative steepest direction method for the optimization in evaluating geometric discordWang, YJ; Qi, LQ ; Luo, SL; Xu, Y
2013Analysis and prediction of elastic constants of co-woven-knitted fabric (CWKF) compositeYuan, X; Hu, H ; Xu, Y
2002Analytical expressions for transient melting of polymer pellet sliding against adiabatic wallYung, KL ; Xu, Y; Lau, KH
2011Application of benefit-cost analysis (BCA) to evaluate environmental regulationsXu, Y; Chan, EHW ; Qian, QK
2008An approach for directly extracting features from matrix data and its application in face recognitionXu, Y; Zhang, D ; Yang, J; Yang, JY
2014Assessing and mitigating the effects of the ionospheric variability on DGPSWeng, D; Ji, S; Chen, W ; Li, Z; Xu, Y; Ye, L
2015Assessing the social impact of revitalising historic buildings on urban renewal: The case of a local participatory mechanismYung, EHK ; Chan, EHW ; Xu, Y
2010An assessment framework for sustainable building energy retrofit (BEER) project under energy performance contracting (EPC) mechanism based on balanced cardXu, PP; Chan, EHW ; Xu, Y
2013Atmospheric deposition of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) to a coastal site of Hong Kong, South ChinaLiu, F; Xu, Y; Liu, J; Liu, D; Li, J; Zhang, G; Li, X ; Zou, S; Lai, S
2011Atmospheric polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and Pb isotopes at a remote site in Southwestern China : implications for monsoon-associated transportXu, Y; Zhang, G; Li, J; Liu, X; Li, X 
2011Atomic packing symmetry in the metallic liquid and glass statesLiu, XJ; Xu, Y; Lu, ZP; Hui, X; Chen, GL; Zheng, GP ; Liu, CT
2012Beyond sparsity : the role of L 1-optimizer in pattern classificationYang, J; Zhang, L ; Xu, Y; Yang, JY
2011Bimodal biometrics based on a representation and recognition approachXu, Y; Zhong, A; Yang, J; Zhang, D 
2008Built environment research for rural-urban fringe of Chinese cities - an overviewXu, Y; Chan, HW ; Tang, BS
2010Carbon emissions and well-being performance in ChinaChen, W; Zhu, DJ; Chan, EHW ; Xu, Y
2010Carbonaceous matter and PBDEs on indoor/outdoor glass window surfaces in Guangzhou and Hong Kong, South ChinaLi, J; Lin, T; Pan, SH; Xu, Y; Liu, X; Zhang, C; Li, XD 
2010Chaos synchronization and parameter estimation of single-degree-of-freedom oscillators via adaptive controlLei, Y; Yung, KL ; Xu, Y
2011Combine crossing matching scores with conventional matching scores for bimodal biometrics and face and palmprint recognition experimentsXu, Y; Zhu, Q; Zhang, D 
2015Combining left and right palmprint images for more accurate personal identificationXu, Y; Fei, L; Zhang, D 
2012Community question in transitional china, a case study of state-led urbanization in shanghaiXu, Y; Chan, EHW 
2010The "Community question" in urban resettlement housing districts, a case study in Shanghai, ChinaXu, Y; Chan, EHW 
2014Community-initiated adaptive reuse of historic buildings and sustainable development in the inner city of ShanghaiYung, EHK ; Chan, EHW ; Xu, Y
2003Comparative study on the expression of 5-HTR message RNA in the hypothalamus of osteoporotic ratZhao, YF; Wang, X; Zhan, HS; Shi, YY; Guo, X ; Kwong, KSC; Shen, PZ; Xu, Y
2014Comparison of standalone performance between COMPASS and GPSJi, S; Xu, Y; Chen, W ; Wang, Z; Weng, D; Huang, B; Fan, S; Sun, G
2013The comparison on the positioning performance between BeiDou and gPSXu, Y; Ji, S; Chen, W ; Weng, D
2000Computer simulation on reconstruction of 3-D flame temperature distributionXu, Y; Yung, KL ; Wu, Z; Li, T
2012A computerized risk evaluation model for public-private partnership (PPP) projects and its applicationXu, Y; Lu, Y; Chan, APC ; Skibniewski, MJ; Yeung, JFY
2013A Cone Constrained Convex Program : structure and AlgorithmsQi, L ; Xu, Y; Yuan, YX; Zhang, X
2010The conflicts on farmland conversion at the rural-urban fringe of Chinese cities, evidence from ShanghaiXu, Y; Chan, EHW ; Li, J
7-May-2012Controllable transport of water through nanochannel by rachet-like mechanismLu, H; Nie, X; Wu, F; Zhou, X; Kou, J; Xu, Y; Liu, Y 
2015A couple-based complex intervention for Chinese spousal caregivers and their partners with advanced cancer : an intervention studyLi, Q; Xu, Y; Zhou, H; Loke, AY 
2013Covering of nanofibers on polystyrene and PS/C60 nanofiber films and the effects on light absorption and surface wettabilitiesXu, Y; Tian, W; Chen, W; Yung, KL ; Huang, LB; Kang, CL
2015Critical risk factors affecting the implementation of PPP waste-to-energy projects in ChinaXu, Y; Chan, APC ; Xia, B; Qian, QK; Liu, Y; Peng, Y
2010Crystallization behavior of poly(trimethylene terephthalate)-poly(ethylene glycol) segmented copolyesters/multi-walled carbon nanotube nanocompositesXu, Y; Shang, S ; Huang, J
2000Damage to PFA concrete subject to high temperaturesXu, Y; Wong, YL; Poon, CS ; Anson, M
2015Data quality assessment and the positioning performance analysis of beidou in Hong KongXu, Y; Ji, S
2007Detection of heavy metal toxicity using cardiac cell-based biosensorLiu, Q; Cai, H; Xu, Y; Xiao, L; Yang, M ; Wang, P
2012Developing a concession pricing model for PPP highway projectsXu, Y; Skibniewski, MJ; Zhang, Y; Chan, APC ; Yeung, JFY
2010Developing a fuzzy risk allocation model for PPP projects in ChinaXu, Y; Chan, APC ; Yeung, JFY
2010Developing a risk assessment model for ppp projects in China - a fuzzy synthetic evaluation approachXu, Y; Yeung, JFY; Chan, APC ; Chan, DWM ; Wang, SQ; Ke, Y
2015The development of a complex intervention in China : the 'caring for couples coping with cancer "4Cs" programme' to support couples coping with cancer cancer palliative careLi, Q; Xu, Y; Zhou, H; Loke, AY 
2014Differential expression analysis on RNA-seq count data based on penalized matrix decompositionLiu, JX; Gao, YL; Xu, Y; Zheng, CH; You, J 
2009Differential feature analysis for palmprint authenticationWu, X; Wang, K; Xu, Y; Zhang, D 
2013The dominant eigenvalue of an essentially nonnegative tensorZhang, LP; Qi, LQ ; Luo, ZY; Xu, Y
2016Double-orientation code and nonlinear matching scheme for palmprint recognitionFei, L; Xu, Y; Tang, W; Zhang, D 
2010Dry and wet particle deposition of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in Guangzhou and Hong Kong, South ChinaLi, J; Zhang, G; Xu, Y; Liu, X; Li, XD 
2000Dynamic analysis of melting in injection extruderYung, KL ; Xu, Y; Lau, F
2003The effect of inertial normal force on the rolling friction of a soft sphere on a hard planeXu, Y; Yung, KL 
2008Effectiveness of postural and instrumental reduction in the treatment of thoracolumbar vertebra fractureXu, Y; Zhou, X; Yu, C; Cheng, M; Dong, Q; Qian, Z
2006Effects of spinal cord injury on c-fos expression in hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus and supraoptic nucleus in ratsXu, Y; Zheng, Z; Ho, KP; Qian, Z
2005The effects of static frictions on the drilling process of hammer-drill systemXu, Y; Yung, KL ; Ko, SM
2010An efficient method for computing orthogonal discriminant vectorsWang, J; Xu, Y; Zhang, D ; You, J 
2013Electroless deposition of biocompatible Ag/W on quartz for the purpose of variotherm micro moldingYung, KL ; Xu, Y; Kang, CL; Jiang, BQ
2011Enhanced nanoflow behaviors of polymer melts using dispersed nanoparticles and ultrasonic vibrationTian, W; Yung, KL ; Xu, Y; Huang, L; Kong, J; Xie, Y
2009Enhanced polymer melts flow though nanoscale channels under vibrationKong, J; Xu, Y; Yung, KL ; Xie, Y; He, L
2011Evaluate dissimilarity of samples in feature space for improving KPCAXu, Y; Zhang, D ; Yang, J; Zhong, J; Yang, J
2011Event aggregation with different latency constraints and aggregation functions in wireless sensor networksZhu, W; Cao, J ; Xu, Y; Raychoudhury, V
2015The experiences of Chinese couples living with cancer : a focus group studyLi, Q; Chiang, VCL ; Xu, X; Xu, Y; Loke, AY 
2012Experimental study of thermal conductivity of polyethylene nanowire arrays fabricated by the nanoporous template wetting techniqueCao, BY; Dong, RY; Kong, J; Chen, H; Xu, Y; Yung, KL ; Cai, A
2013Experimental study on the performance of Chinese BeiDou systemXu, Y; Chen, W ; Weng, D; Ji, S; Ye, L; Liu, Z 
2012Extract minimum positive and maximum negative features for imbalanced binary classificationWang, J; You, J ; Li, Q; Xu, Y
2006A fast kernel-based nonlinear discriminant analysis for multi-class problemsXu, Y; Zhang, D ; Jin, Z; Li, M; Yang, JY
2012Fault-tolerant RFID reader localization based on passive RFID tagsZhu, W; Cao, J ; Xu, Y; Yang, L; Kong, J
2014Fault-tolerant RFID reader localization based on passive RFID tagsZhu, W; Cao, J ; Xu, Y; Yang, L; Kong, J
2011A feasible direction method for the semidefinite program with box constraintsXu, Y; Sun, W; Qi, L 
2010A feature extraction method for use with bimodal biometricsXu, Y; Zhang, D ; Yang, JY
2014First preliminary fast static ambiguity resolution results of medium-baseline with triple-frequency Beidou wavebandsJi, SY; Wang, XL; Xu, Y; Wang, ZJ; Chen, W ; Liu, H
2007Five new feature selection metrics in text categorizationSong, F; Zhang, D ; Xu, Y; Wang, J
2005Forms of static friction, sliding friction and rolling frictionXu, Y; Yung, KL 
1-Sep-2009Fractal analysis of effective thermal conductivity for three-phase (unsaturated) porous mediaKou, J; Liu, Y ; Wu, F; Fan, J; Lu, H; Xu, Y
2013GBAS enhancement by using the ionospheric gradient correctionWeng, D; Chen, W ; Ji, S; Xu, Y
2015A geometry-based ambiguity validation (GBAV) methodXu, Y; Chen, W 
2016Half-orientation extraction of palmprint featuresFei, L; Xu, Y; Zhang, D 
2011High thermal conductivity of polyethylene nanowire arrays fabricated by an improved nanoporous template wetting techniqueCao, BY; Li, YW; Kong, J; Chen, H; Xu, Y; Yung, KL ; Cai, A