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2015A 3-D quasi-zero-stiffness-based sensor system for absolute motion measurement and application in active vibration controlSun, X; Jing, X ; Cheng, L ; Xu, J
Sep-2012Aggregating skip bigrams into key phrase-based vector space model for web person disambiguationXu, J; Lu, Q ; Liu, Z
2002Analyses of three dimensional eddy current field and thermal problem in an isolated phase busLi, Y; Xu, J; Ho, SL ; Lo, EWC ; Lin, X
Sep-2012An analytic criterion for generalized synchronization in unidirectionally coupled systems based on the auxiliary system approachWong, WKC ; Zhen, B; Xu, J; Wang, Z
2013Application of nakamura's model to describe the delayed increase in lateral vibration of footbridgesZhen, B; Wong, WK ; Xu, J; Xie, W
2009Battery management system and control strategy for hybrid and electric vehicleDivakar, BP; Cheng, KWE ; Wu, HJ; Xu, J; Ma, HB; Ting, W; Ding, K; Choi, WF; Huang, BF; Leung, CH
2014Beneficial performance of a quasi-zero-stiffness vibration isolator with time-delayed active controlSun, X; Xu, J; Jing, X ; Cheng, L 
2012Bio-inspired interfacial strengthening strategy through geometrically interlocking designsZhang, Y; Yao, H ; Ortiz, C; Xu, J; Dao, M
2014Characterization of drought development through remote sensing : a case study in Central Yunnan, ChinaAbbas, S; Nichol, J ; Qamer, FM; Xu, J
2010China's policies on foreign-invested travel agencies upon its entry to the WTOXu, J; Zhang, H ; Wu, J
2002A class of convex fuzzy mappingsYan, H ; Xu, J
2012Coarse-to-fine sentence-level emotion classification based on the intra-sentence features and sentential contextXu, J; Xu, R; Lu, Q ; Wang, X
2012Combining classification with clustering for web person disambiguationXu, J; Lu, Q ; Liu, Z
2013A comparison of GNSS-based ionospheric scintillation observations in north and south Hong KongLiu, Z ; Xu, RUI; Morton, J; Xu, J; Pelgrum, W; Taylor, S; Chen, W ; Ding, X 
2015Comparison of interfacial and electrical properties between Al2O3 and ZnO as interface passivation layer of GaAs MOS device with HfTiO gate dielectricZhu, S; Xu, J; Wang, L; Huang, Y; Tang, WM
2010A conceptual framework of hotel experience and customer-based brand equity : some research questions and implicationsXu, J; Chan, A 
2004Controlling cost-overrun risks im implementing public sector projects : a Hong Kong studyShen, LY; Xu, J; Chan, EH ; Tam, VWY
2016Correlation-assisted nearest shrunken centroid classifier with applications for high dimensional spectral dataXu, J; Xu, Q; Yi, L; Chan, CO; Mok, DKW 
2015The crash risks of style investing : can they be internationally diversified?Chue, KHT ; Wang, Y; Xu, J
2015Cross lingual opinion holder extraction based on multi-kernel SVMs and transfer learningXu, RF; Gui, L; Xu, J; Lu, Q ; Wong, KF
2010Data sweeper : a proactive filtering framework for error-bounded sensor data collectionWang, D ; Liu, J; Xu, J
2015Differences in Career Decision-Making Profiles Between American and Chinese University Students: The Relative Strength of Mediating Mechanisms Across CulturesGuan, Y; Chen, SX ; Levin, N; Bond, MH; Luo, N; Xu, J; Zhou, X; Chen, P; Li, C; Fu, R; Zhang, J; Ji, Y; Mo, Z; Li, Y; Fang, Z; Jiang, D; Han, X
2012Dual-wavelength ultrafast yb:LYSO laser using a graphene oxide absorberYang, Q; Tsang, YH ; Wang, YG; Liu, J; Zheng, LH; Su, LB; Xu, J
2013Dynamic electromagnetic characteristic analysis of seawater impacted by the strong rotational magnetic field of submersible motorChen, J; Zhen, C; Xu, J; Li, X; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN 
2014Effect of Coulomb friction on nonlinear vibration isolation systemSun, X; Jing, X ; Cheng, L ; Xu, J
2002Electron impact mass spectral fragmentation of chiral bisbenzoxazole, bisbenzothiazole and biscarbamide derivatives of 2,2-dimethyl-1,3-dioxolaneXu, J; Jiao, P; Deng, D; Zhang, Q; Tsang, CW; Chan, ASC
2015Energy-efficient big data storage and retrieval for wireless sensor networks with nonuniform node distributionXu, J; Guo, S; Xiao, B ; He, J
2000Estimation of AADT from short period counts in Hong Kong - a comparison between neural network method and regression analysisLam, WHK ; Xu, J
Nov-2004An evaluation of TRACE-P emission inventories from China using a regional model and chemical measurementsTan, Q; Chameides, WL; Streets, D; Wang, T ; Xu, J; Bergin, M; Woo, J
2012Explore Chinese encyclopedic knowledge to disambiguate person namesLiu, J; Xu, R; Lu, Q ; Xu, J
2013The fama-french three factors in the Chinese stock marketZhang, S ; Xu, J
2012Fashion sketch design by interactive genetic algorithmsMok, TPY ; Wang, XX; Xu, J; Kwok, YL
2014Generating fashion design sketches from imagesXu, J; Mok, PY ; Yee, WY 
2013A guided wave based online health monitoring technique for high-speed train bogie structuresWang, Q; Hong, M; Su, Z ; Xu, J
2011High performance clustering for web person name disambiguation using topic capturingLiu, Z; Lu, Q ; Xu, J
2007Highly enantioselective synthesis of gamma-hydroxy-alpha,beta-acetylenic esters catalyzed by a beta-sulfonamide alcoholLin, L; Jiang, X; Liu, W; Qiu, L; Xu, Z; Xu, J; Chan, ASC; Wang, R
2011Highly sensitive glucose biosensors based on organic electrochemical transistors using platinum gate electrodes modified with enzyme and nanomaterialsTang, H; Yan, F ; Lin, P; Xu, J; Chan, HLW 
2015Hong Kong’s destination image in the eyes of residentsXu, J; Hui, CKT; Chan, EAH
2015Identifying bioactive components in natural products through chromatographic fingerprintXu, J; Xu, QS; Chan, CO; Mok, DKW ; Yi, LZ; Chau, FT
2013An IGA-based design support system for realistic and practical fashion designsMok, PY ; Xu, J; Wang, XX; Fan, JT; Kwok, YL; Xin, JH 
2014An improved memetic algorithm based on a dynamic neighbourhood for the permutation flowshop scheduling problemXu, J; Yin, Y; Cheng, TCE ; Wu, CC; Gu, S
2013In vivo OCT imaging based on La-codoped bismuth-based erbium-doped fiberXu, J; Ou, H; Wang, X; Chui, PC; Tam, HY ; Wong, KKY
16-Jan-2012The influence of gate dielectrics on a high-mobility n-type conjugated polymer in organic thin-film transistorsLi, J; Du, J; Xu, J; Chan, HLW ; Yan, F 
2014Interactive sketch design recognition system using evolutionary techniquesMok, PY ; Wang, X; Xu, J; Fan, J; Kwok, YL; Xin, JH 
2004Investigation of mechanical properties of ε-zirconium hydride using micro- and nano-indentation techniquesXu, J; Shi, SQ 
2015An iterative emotion classification approach for microblogsXu, RF; Wang, ZY; Xu, J; Chen, JW; Lu, Q ; Wong, KF
2014A memetic algorithm for the re-entrant permutation flowshop scheduling problem to minimize the makespanXu, J; Yin, Y; Cheng, TCE ; Wu, CC; Gu, S
2010Mobile filter : exploring filter migration for error-bounded continuous sensor data collectionWang, D ; Xu, J; Wang, F; Liu, J
2008Mobile filter : exploring migration of filters for error-Bounded data collection in sensor networksWang, D ; Xu, J; Liu, J; Wang, F
2008Mobile filtering for error-bounded data collection in sensor networksWang, D ; Xu, J; Liu, J; Wang, F
2016A new nature-based tourism motivation model : testing the moderating effects of the push motivationXu, J; Chan, S
2012A novel tolerant skyline operator for decision supportChai, J; Liu, JNK; Gao, D; Xu, J
2015Pd-Catalyzed Allylic Alkynylation of Allylic Acetates with Terminal AlkynesYang, Q; Zhou, Y; Chen, J; He, X; Xu, J; Kwong, FY ; Fan, B
7-Jun-2012PolyUCOMP : combining semantic vectors with skip bigrams for semantic textual similarityXu, J; Lu, Q ; Liu, Z
14-Nov-2011PolyUCOMP in TAC 2011 entity linking and slot fillingXu, J; Liu, Z; Lu, Q ; Liu, YL; Wang, C
2015PoS tagging for classical Chinese textChiu, TS; Lu, Q ; Xu, J; Xiong, D; Lo, F
2003Preparation of epitaxial compositionally graded (Ba1-xSrx)TiO3 thin films with enhanced dielectric propertiesZhu, X; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL ; Wong, KH; Xu, J; Shi, S 
2007Proceedings of 2007 International Conference on Management Science and Engineering Management : Chengdu, China, July 14-21, 2007Xu, J; Jiang, Y; Yan, H 
2014A quasi-zero-stiffness-based sensor system in vibration measurementSun, X; Jing, X ; Xu, J; Cheng, L 
2008Random move tabu search for freight proportion allocation problemLim, A; Qin, HU; Xu, J; Xu, Z 
2001Reactions of 2,3-dihydro-1 H-1,5-benzodiazepines and chloroacetyl chlorides: Synthesis of 2a,3,4,5-tetrahydro-azeto [1,2-a][1,5] benzodiazepin-1 (2H)-onesXu, J; Zuo, G; Chan, WL
2014Recognition and extraction of honorifics in chinese diachronic corporaXiong, D; Xu, J; Lu, Q ; Lo, F
2015Reweighted sparse subspace clusteringXu, J; Xu, K; Chen, K; Ruan, J
2001Sea level monitoring of China sea area covering Hong Kong and Taiwan regionsWang, J; Mok, E ; Chang, RG; Xu, J; Zhou Li, GT; Lu, Y
2010Service experience and package toursXu, J; Chan, A 
2013Single-machine scheduling with past-sequence-dependent delivery times and a linear deteriorationYin, Y; Cheng, TCE ; Xu, J; Cheng, SR; Wu, CC
2002Stereospecific synthesis of 2-phthalimido-2a,3,4,5-tetrahydro-1H-azeto[2,1-d][1,5] benzothiazepin-1-onesXu, J; Zuo, G; Zhang, Q; Chan, WL
2003A study of fracture mechanism and shear strength of rock bridges through analytical and model-testing methodsZhu, W; Li, S; Wong, RHC; Chau, KT ; Xu, J
2004A study of fracture mechanism and shear strength of rock bridges through analytical and model-testing methodsZhu, WS; Li, SC; Wong, RHC; Chau, KT ; Xu, J
2013Study on the performance and mechanism of an isolation platform with linear frictionSun, X; Jing, X ; Xu, J; Cheng, L 
2013Superoxide constitutes a major signal of mitochondrial superoxide flashZhang, X; Huang, Z; Hou, T; Xu, J; Wang, Y; Shang, W; Ye, T ; Cheng, H; Gao, F; Wang, X
2013Synergistic triggering of superoxide flashes by mitochondrial Ca2+ uniport and basal reactive oxygen species elevationHou, T; Zhang, X; Xu, J; Jian, C; Huang, Z; Ye, T ; Hu, K; Zheng, M; Gao, F; Wang, X; Cheng, H
2015Synthesis and analysis of double-input single-output DC/DC convertersYang, P; Tse, CK ; Xu, J; Zhou, G
2001Synthesis of copolyesters consisting of medium-chain-length β-hydroxyalkanoates by Pseudomonas stutzeri 1317Chen, GQ; Xu, J; Wu, Q; Zhang, Z; Ho, KP
20-May-2013Terahertz plasmonics in ferroelectric-gated grapheneJin, D; Kumar, A; Fung, KH ; Xu, J; Fang, NX
2014Vibration isolation via a scissor-like structured platformSun, X; Jing, X ; Xu, J; Cheng, L 
2015Web person disambiguation using hierarchical co-reference modelXu, J; Lu, Q ; Li, ML; Li, WJ 
2014Web-based fashion sketch design system for skirtsXu, J; Zhou, Y; Mok, PY ; Yee, WY ; Yuen, CWM
2004中国大陆和香港高程基准面重力位差的测定Mok, E ; Wang, J; Luo, Z; Guo, Z; Xu, J; Zhuoli, G
May-2007交易型领导、变革型领导与家长式领导行为的比较研究Wu, M; Huang, X ; Xu, J; Yan, H ; Shi, K