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2002The administrative and ownership structure of the port of Hong KongCullinane, KPB; Song, DW; Wang, T
2014Adverse events of auricular therapy : a systematic reviewTan, JY; Molassiotis, A ; Wang, T; Suen, LKP 
2016Anthropogenic and biogenic organic compounds in summertime fine aerosols (PM2.5) in Beijing, ChinaYang, F; Kawamura, K; Chen, J; Ho, K; Lee, S ; Gao, Y; Cui, L; Wang, T; Fu, P
2002The applicability of data envelopment analysis to efficiency measurement of container portsWang, T; Song, DW; Cullinane, KPB
2011A bipartite graph based social network splicing method for person name disambiguationTang, J; Lu, Q ; Wang, T; Wang, JI; Li, W 
2012A block-level flash memory management scheme for reducing write activities in PCM-based embedded systemsLiu, DUO; Wang, T; Wang, YI; Qin, Z; Shao, Z 
2014Building high-performance smartphones via non-volatile memory : the Swap ApproachZhong, K; Wang, T; Zhu, X; Long, L; Liu, D; Liu, W; Shao, Z ; Sha, EHM
2015Collision dynamics and internal mixing of droplets of non-Newtonian liquidsSun, K; Zhang, P ; Law, CK; Wang, T
2015Competition between work-hardening effect and dynamic-softening behavior for processing as-cast GH4720Li superalloys with original dendrite microstructure during moderate-speed hot compressionNing, YQ; Wang, T; Fu, MW ; Li, MZ; Wang, L; Zhao, CD
2013Curling-PCM : application-specific wear leveling for phase change memory based embedded systemsLiu, DUO; Wang, T; Wang, YI; Shao, Z ; Zhuge, Q; Sha, E
2014Current evidence on auricular therapy for chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in cancer patients : a systematic review of randomized controlled trialsTan, JY; Molassiotis, A ; Wang, T; Suen, LKP 
2014Deformation prediction of shear critical RC beams based on a multi-angle truss modelWang, T; Dai, JG 
2010Design and synthesis of a multiprocessor system-on-chip architecture for real-time biomedical signal processing in gamma camerasSun, K; Wang, M; Shao, Z ; Liu, H; Wei, H; Wang, T
2014Deterministic crash recovery for NAND flash based storage systemsZhang, C; Wang, Y; Wang, T; Chen, R; Liu, D; Shao, Z 
2008DNA damage induced by caffeic acid phenyl ester in the presence of Cu(II) ions : potential mechanism of its anticancer propertiesWang, T; Chen, LX; Long, Y; Wu, WM; Wang, R
2012The effectiveness of DustBubbles on dust control in the process of concrete drillingFan, S; Wong, YW; Shen, L; Lu, W; Wang, T; Yu, A ; Shen, Q 
2015Electric field-induced giant strain and photoluminescence-enhancement effect in rare-earth modified lead-free piezoelectric ceramicsYao, Q; Wang, F; Xu, F; Leung, CM; Wang, T; Tang, Y; Ye, X; Xie, Y; Sun, D; Shi, W
2008An empirical study of a pure genetic algorithm to solve the capacitated vehicle routing problemWu, Y; Ji, P ; Wang, T
2008Endogenous opioid peptides, endomorphin-1 and -2 and deltorphin I, stimulate angiogenesis in the CAM assayDai, X; Cui, SG; Wang, T; Liu, Q; Song, HJ; Wang, R
2015File system-independent block device support for storage class memoryWang, Y; Wang, T; Shao, Z ; Liu, D; Xue, J
2008A formal specification and verification framework for designing and verifying reliable and dependable software for computerized numerical control (CNC) systemsCao, Y; Shao, Z ; Wang, M; Xue, C; Chen, Y; Wei, H; Wang, T
2007Free radical scavenging and antioxidative activities of caffeic acid phenethyl ester (CAPE) and its related compounds in solution and membranes : a structure-activity insightWu, WM; Lu, L; Long, Y; Wang, T; Liu, L; Chen, Q; Wang, R
2001Freight modal choice for container transportation between Hong Kong and Guangdong province, understanding the business implications of the WTO on China's logistics and distribution modelCullinane, KPB; Nielsen, D; Wang, T
2013FTL2 : a hybrid flash translation layer with logging for write reduction in flash memoryWang, T; Liu, DUO; Wang, YI; Shao, Z 
2015Hierarchic random nanosphere model for broadband solar energy absorbersCao, S; Wang, T; Zhao, J; Tan, F; Zhang, X ; Yu, W
2010Highly efficient and enantioselective hydrogenation of quinolines and pyridines with Ir-Difluorphos catalystTang, W; Sun, Y; Xu, L; Wang, T; Fan, Q; Lam, KH; Chan, ASC
2016Identifying transient patterns of in vivo muscle behaviors during isometric contraction by local polynomial regressionChen, X; Wen, H; Li, Q; Wang, T; Chen, S; Zheng, YP ; Zhang, Z
2007Image segmentation by clustering of spatial patternsXia, Y; Feng, D; Wang, T; Zhao, R; Zhang, Y
2012Impact of precursor levels and global warming on peak ozone concentration in the Pearl River Delta Region of ChinaWei, X; Liu, Q; Lam, K ; Wang, T
2008Impedance boundary condition for truncated open spacesFung, K; Jing, XD; Lu, ZB; Wang, T
2007Implementing hybrid operating systems with two-level hardware interruptsLiu, M; Shao, Z ; Wang, M; Wei, H; Wang, T
2007Interconnection synthesis of MPSoC architecture for gamma cameraWang, T; Sun, K; Wei, H; Wang, M; Shao, Z ; Liu, H
Jun-2003Interference between stationary and vibrating cylinder wakesLai, WC; Zhou, Y; So, RMC; Wang, T
2011Large strain response in acceptor- and donor-doped Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-based lead-free ceramicsLi, J; Wang, F; Leung, CM; Or, SW ; Tang, Y; Chen, X; Wang, T; Qin, X; Shi, W
30-Jan-2012Mode-division multiplexed transmission with inline few-mode fiber amplifierBai, N; Ip, E; Huang, YK; Mateo, E; Yaman, F; Li, MJ; Bickham, S; Ten, S; Liñares, J; Montero, C; Moreno, V; Prieto, X; Tse, V; Chung, KM; Lau, APT ; Tam, HY ; Lu, C ; Luo, Y; Peng, GD; Li, G; Wang, T
2008MPSOC architectural design and synthesis for real-time biomedical signal processing in gamma camerasSun, K; Wei, H; Wang, T; Wang, M; Shao, Z ; Liu, H
Mar-2009A new adaptive interpolation algorithm for 3D ultrasound imaging with speckle reduction and edge preservationHuang, QH; Zheng, YP ; Lu, MH; Wang, T; Chen, S
2008A new feedrate adaptation control NURBS interpolation based on de boor algorithm in CNC systemsWang, T; Cao, Y; Chen, Y; Wei, H; Wang, B; Shao, Z 
2015Non-Newtonian flow effects on the coalescence and mixing of initially stationary droplets of shear-thinning fluidsSun, K; Wang, T; Zhang, P ; Law, CK
2010On the relationship between ozone and its precursors in the Pearl River Delta : application of an observation-based model (OBM)Cheng, H; Guo, H ; Wang, X; Saunders, SM; Lam, SHM; Jiang, F; Wang, T; Ding, A; Lee, S ; Ho, KF
2011PCM-FTL : a write-activity-aware NAND flash memory management scheme for PCM-Based embedded systemsLiu, DUO; Wang, T; Wang, YI; Qin, Z; Shao, Z 
2015A phase-inversion casting process for preparation of tubular porous alumina ceramic membranesZhu, Z; Xiao, J; He, W; Wang, T; Wei, Z; Dong, Y
2014Quantification and integration of Kano's model into QFD for optimising product designJi, P ; Jin, J; Wang, T; Chen, YZ
2004Simulation of sea-land breezes and a discussion of their implications on the transport of air pollution during a multi-day ozone episode in the Pearl River Delta of ChinaDing, A; Wang, T ; Zhao, M; Wang, T; Li, Z
2008Staying-alive and energy-efficient path planning for mobile robotsWang, T; Wang, B; Wei, H; Cao, Y; Wang, M; Shao, Z 
2010The stimulative effects of endogenous opioids on endothelial cell proliferation, migration and angiogenesis in vitroDai, X; Song, HJ; Cui, SG; Wang, T; Liu, Q; Wang, R
2015Towards write-activity-aware page table management for non-volatile main memoriesWang, T; Liu, D; Wang, Y; Shao, Z 
2010Understanding customer needs through quantitative analysis of Kano's modelWang, T; Ji, P 
2011Using complex network features for fast clustering in the webTang, J; Wang, T; Wang, JI; Lu, Q ; Li, W 
2013Viscosity of silica optical fibres characterized using regenerated gratingsShao, LY; Canning, J; Wang, T; Cook, K; Tam, HY 
2008Water-soluble derivative of propolis mitigates scopolamine-induced learning and memory impairment in miceChen, J; Long, Y; Han, M; Wang, T; Chen, Q; Wang, R
Jul-2011A Wikipedia based semantic graph model for topic tracking in blogosphereTang, J; Wang, T; Lu, Q ; Wang, J; Li, W 
2012Write-activity-aware page table management for PCM-based embedded systemsWang, T; Liu, DUO; Shao, Z ; Yang, C