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20105-(Dimethylamino)-N-(4-ethynylphenyl)-1-naphthalenesulfonamide as a novel bifunctional antitumor agent and two-photon induced bio-imaging probeChui, CH; Wang, Q; Chow, WC; Yuen, MCW; Wong, KL; Kwok, WM ; Cheng, GYM; Wong, RSM; Tong, SW; Chan, KW; Lau, FY; Lai, PBS; Lam, KH; Fabbri, E; Tao, XM ; Gambari, R; Wong, WY
2014Acousto-ultrasonics-based fatigue damage characterization : linear versus nonlinear signal featuresSu, Z ; Zhou, C; Hong, M; Cheng, L ; Wang, Q; Qing, X
2013The alexithymia traits and personality characteristics in patients with irritable bowel syndromeLiu, XY; Li, PK; Wang, M; Wang, Q; Su, P; Hou, Y; Yuan, J; Yang, F; Sung-Chan, P ; Yang, JZ
2014Allocating classes for soft-then-hard subpixel mapping algorithms in units of ClassWang, Q; Shi, W ; Wang, L
21-May-2008Altered osmotic swelling behavior of proteoglycan-depleted bovine articular cartilage using high frequency ultrasoundWang, Q; Zheng, YP ; Leung, G; Lam, WL; Guo, X ; Lu, HB; Qin, L; Mak, AFT
1-Apr-2012Analysis of dielectric loaded surface plasmon waveguide structures : transfer matrix method for plasmonic devicesHe, XY; Wang, Q; Yu, SF 
2001The application of chiral aminonaphthols in the enantioselective addition of diethylzinc to aryl aldehydesLiu, DX; Zhang, LC; Wang, Q; Da, CC; Xin, ZQ; Wang, R; Choi, MCK; Chan, ASC
2010Assessment of depth and degeneration dependences of articular cartilage refractive index using optical coherence tomography in vitroWang, SZ; Huang, YP; Wang, Q; Zheng, YP ; He, YH
27-May-2011Atomic-scale structural evolution and stability of supercooled liquid of a Zr-based bulk metallic glassWang, Q; Liu, CT; Yang, Y; Dong, YD; Lu, J
2010Atomistic free-volume zones and inelastic deformation of metallic glassesYe, JC; Lu, J; Liu, CT; Wang, Q; Yang, Y
2004B-spline over-complete wavelet based fractal signature analysis for texture image retrievalWang, Q; Feng, D; Chi, Z 
2014A biologically inspired optimization algorithm for solving fuzzy shortest path problems with mixed fuzzy Arc lengthsZhang, XG; Wang, Q; Adamatzky, A; Chan, FTS ; Mahadevan, S; Deng, Y
2011A case study for advanced planning and scheduling (APS)Chen, K; Ji, P ; Wang, Q
2014Class allocation for soft-then-hard subpixel mapping algorithms with adaptive visiting order of classesWang, Q; Shi, W ; Zhang, H
2006Corrosion behavior of the nitrided of NiTi shape memory alloy in simulated body fluid solutionZhang, S; Wang, Q; Zhang, C; Man, H 
2015Data-driven scene understanding by adaptive exemplar retrievalLiu, X; Yang, W; Wang, Q; Lin, L; Lai, JH
2006Deformation and crystallization of a Zr41.2Ti13.8Cu12.5Ni10Be22.5 bulk metallic glass in the supercooled liquid regionWang, Q; Gravier, S; Blandin, JJ; Pelletier, JM; Lu, J
2012Detection of fatigue cracks in train structures using nonlinear lamb wavesWang, Q; Su, Z ; Cheng, L ; Zhou, C
2007Development and iron-dependent expression of hephaestin in different brain regions of ratsQian, ZM; Chang, YZ; Zhu, L; Yang, L; Du, JR; Ho, KP; Wang, Q; Li, LZ; Wang, CY; Ge, X; Jing, NL; Li, L; Ke, Y
2012Development, validation and application of a structural health diagnosis technique using an active sensing networkWang, Q; Su, Z ; Cheng, L 
2005Document image binarization with feedback for improving character segmentationChi, Z ; Wang, Q
2015Downscaling MODIS images with area-to-point regression krigingWang, Q; Shi, W ; Atkinson, PM; Zhao, Y
2013Editorial : Energy and environment : challenges and achievements in rapid urbanizationWang, L; Yang, H ; Wang, Q; Niranjan, S
2012Effect of laser acupuncture on disuse osteoarthritis : an ultrasound biomicroscopic study of patellar articular cartilage in ratsWang, Q; Guo, X ; Liu, M; Wang, X; Zheng, YP 
2010Effect of laser acupuncture therapy on bone and articular cartilage under simulated microgravityWang, Q; Guo, X ; Wang, XY; Liu, MQ; Zhang, M ; Zheng, YP ; Man, HC 
2007Effect of laser gas nitriding for biological activities on NiTi alloyZhang, S; Zhang, CH; Wang, Q; Man, HC ; Liu, CS
2007An effective trust establishment scheme for authentication in mobile ad-hoc networksWang, G; Wang, Q; Cao, J ; Guo, M
2005Effects of development and iron status on ceruloplasmin expression in rat brainChang, YZ; Qian, ZM; Wang, K; Zhu, L; Yang, XD; Du, JR; Jiang, L; Ho, KP; Wang, Q; Ke, Y
6-Feb-2012Electronic and magnetic properties of La₂NiMnO₆ and La₂CoMnO₆ with cationic orderingZhu, M; Lin, Y; Lo, E ; Wang, Q; Zhao, Z; Xie, W
11-Oct-2012Epidemiological impact of a genital herpes type 2 vaccine for young femalesLou, Y ; Qesmi, R; Wang, Q; Steben, M; Wu, J; Heffernan, JM
2013Evaluation of fatigue cracks using nonlinearities of acousto-ultrasonic waves acquired by an active sensor networkZhou, C; Hong, M; Su, Z ; Wang, Q; Cheng, L 
2007Expression of ferroportin1, hephaestin and ceruloplasmin in rat heartQian, ZM; Chang, YZ; Leung, G; Du, JR; Zhu, L; Wang, Q; Niu, L; Xu, YJ; Yang, L; Ho, KP; Ke, Y
2015Extracting man-made objects from high spatial resolution remote sensing images via fast level set evolutionsLi, Z; Shi, W ; Wang, Q; Miao, Z
2007Extraction of mechanical properties of articular cartilage from osmotic swelling behavior monitored using high frequency ultrasoundWang, Q; Zheng, YP ; Niu, HJ; Mak, AFT
2004Extraction of modulus from the osmotic swelling of articular cartilage measured using ultrasoundNiu, HJ; Wang, Q; Zheng, YP 
2012Fabrication and properties of cobalt ferrite/lead lanthanum zirconate titanate 0-3 composites via modifying phase boundaryShi, DL; Li, K; Li, H; Wang, Q; Wang, Y ; Chan, HLW 
2002A fast 2D entropic thresholding method by wavelet decompositionWang, Q; Wang, Q; Feng, D; Zhao, R; Chi, Z 
2014Fast subpixel mapping algorithms for subpixel resolution change detectionWang, Q; Atkinson, PM; Shi, W 
2002Fiber laser based wavelength division multiplexed fiber Bragg grating sensor systemYu, Y; Tam, H ; Wang, Q
2005General multifractional Fourier transform method based on the generalized permutation matrix groupRan, Q; Yeung, DS; Tsang, ECC; Wang, Q
2015A guided wave approach for real-time health monitoring of high-speed train bogie framesHong, M; Wang, Q; Su, Z 
1-Sep-2012Hardness, yield strength, and plastic flow in thin film metallic-glassYe, JC; Chu, JP; Chen, YC; Wang, Q; Yang, Y
2012Hazard function estimation with cause-of-death data missing at randomWang, Q; Dinse, GE; Liu, C 
2003Hierarchical content classification and script determination for automatic document image processingChi, Z ; Wang, Q; Siu, WC 
2004A hierarchical multi-view modeling for Networked Joint Manufacturing SystemWang, Q; Yung, KL ; Ip, WH 
2010Human cytomegalovirus induces caspase-dependent apoptosis of megakaryocytic CHRF-288-11 cells by activating the JNK pathwayDou, J; Li, X; Cai, Y; Chen, H; Zhu, S; Wang, Q; Zou, X; Mei, Y; Yang, Q; Li, W; Han, Y 
2002Image thresholding by maximizing the index of nonfuzziness of the 2-D grayscale histogramWang, Q; Chi, Z ; Zhao, R
2014An improved Physarum polycephalum algorithm for the shortest path problemZhang, X; Wang, Q; Adamatzky, A; Chan, FTS ; Mahadevan, S; Deng, Y
2014In situ health monitoring for bogie systems of CRH380 train on Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railwayHong, M; Wang, Q; Su, Z ; Cheng, L 
2015An In-Situ Structural Health Diagnosis Technique and Its Realization via a Modularized SystemWang, Q; Hong, M; Su, Z
2006Increased divalent metal transporter 1 expression might be associated with the neurotoxicity of L-DOPAChang, YZ; Ke, Y; Du, JR; Halpern, GM ; Ho, KP; Zhu, L; Gu, XS; Xu, YJ; Wang, Q; Li, LZ; Wang, CY; Qian, ZM
2014Indicator cokriging-based subpixel land cover mapping with shifted imagesWang, Q; Shi, W ; Wang, L
2015Indicator cokriging-based subpixel mapping without prior spatial structure informationWang, Q; Atkinson, PM; Shi, W 
2011The influence of strain rate on the microstructure transition of 304 stainless steelChen, AY; Ruan, HH; Wang, J; Chan, HL; Wang, Q; Li, Q; Lu, J
2005Iron loading inhibits ferroportin1 expression in PC12 cellsChen, Y; Qian, ZM; Du, J; Duan, X; Chang, Y; Wang, Q; Wang, C; Ma, YM; Xu, Y; Li, L; Ke, Y
2012Iron loading inhibits ferroportin1 expression in PC12 cells (vol 47, pg 507, 2005)Chen, Y; Qian, ZM; Du, J; Duan, X; Chang, Y; Wang, Q; Wang, C; Ma, YM; Xu, Y; Li, L; Ke, Y
2009The iron regulatory hormone hepcidin reduces ferroportin 1 content and iron release in H9C2 cardiomyocytesGe, XH; Wang, Q; Qian, ZM; Zhu, L; Du, F; Yung, WH; Yang, L; Ke, Y
2006Isothermal internal friction behaviour of a Zr based bulk metallic glass with large supercooled liquid regionWang, Q; Lu, J; Gu, FJ; Xu, H; Dong, YD
2013Lamb wave based structural health monitoring technique and its system validation for high speed trainWang, Q; Su, Z ; Hong, M
2015Land cover change detection at subpixel resolution with a Hopfield neural networkWang, Q; Shi, W ; Atkinson, PM; Li, Z 
2006Laser gas nitriding modified on NiTi shape memory alloyZhang, S; Zhang, CH; Wang, Q; Man, HC ; Liu, CS
2007Laser micromachining of surface pores on Ti for biomedical applicationMan, HC ; Wang, Q; Guo, X 
2010Laser surface microdrilling of Ti and laser gas nitrided Ti for enhancing fixation of dental implantsMan, HC ; Wang, Q; Guo, X 
2007Laser surface modification of titanium alloy used as biomaterialZhang, CH; Zhang, S; Wang, Q; Man, HC ; Liu, CS
2008Leveraging the supply chain flexibility of third party logistics - hybrid knowledge-based system approachChoy, KL ; Chow, HKH; Tan, KH; Chan, CK ; Mok, ECM ; Wang, Q
2008Lipopolysaccharide induces a significant increase in expression of iron regulatory hormone hepcidin in the cortex and substantia nigra in rat brainWang, Q; Du, F; Qian, ZM; Ge, XH; Zhu, L; Yung, WH; Yang, L; Ke, Y
2012Locating malicious nodes for data aggregation in wireless networksXu, X; Wang, Q; Cao, J ; Wan, PJ; Ren, K; Chen, Y
2013Log-Euclidean kernels for sparse representation and dictionary learningLi, P; Wang, Q; Zuo, W; Zhang, L 
29-Oct-2013Mapping plasmonic near-field profiles and interferences by surface-enhanced Raman scatteringDu, L; Lei, DY ; Yuan, G; Fang, H; Zhang, X; Wang, Q; Tang, D; Min, C; Maier, SA; Yuan, X
2005Microstructure and were performance of the laser gas nitrided NiTi shape memory alloyZhang, S; Zhang, C; Wang, Q; Man, H ; Zhu, S; Cai, Q
2014Modeling nonlinearities of ultrasonic waves for fatigue damage characterization : theory, simulation, and experimental validationHong, M; Su, Z ; Wang, Q; Cheng, L ; Qing, X
2015Multi-color luminescence of uniform CdWO4 nanorods through Eu3+ ion dopingYue, D; Li, Q; Lu, W; Wang, Q; Wang, M; Li, C; Jin, L; Shi, Y; Wang, Z; Hao, J 
2015A multiple-mapping kernel for hyperspectral image classificationWang, L; Hao, S; Wang, Q; Atkinson, PM
2010A new method for computing the uniaxial modulus of articular cartilages using modified inhomogeneous triphasic modelNiu, H; Wang, Q; Zheng, Y ; Fan, Y
Jan-2009Noncontact evaluation of articular cartilage degeneration using a novel ultrasound water jet indentation systemLu, MH; Zheng, YP ; Huang, QH; Ling, C; Wang, Q; Bridal, L; Qin, L; Mak, AFT
2009Novel Anti-Alzheimer's Dimer Bis(7)-Cognitin : cellular and molecular mechanisms of neuroprotection through multiple targetsLi, W; Mak, M; Jiang, H; Wang, Q; Pang, Y; Chen, K; Han, Y 
2013A novel earth mover's distance methodology for image matching with gaussian mixture modelsLi, P; Wang, Q; Zhang, L 
2015A novel magnetic-geared tubular linear machine with halbach permanent-magnet arrays for tidal energy conversionHo, SL ; Wang, Q; Niu, S ; Fu, WN 
2007Numerical analysis for stochastic age-dependent population equations with Poisson jumpsLi, R; Pang, WK; Wang, Q
2012On quantitative evaluation of fatigue cracks : an active way using nonlinear acousto-ultrasonic wavesZhou, C; Hong, M; Su, Z ; Wang, Q; Cheng, L