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20072,4-Dichlorophenol degradation by an integrated process : photoelectrocatalytic oxidation and E-Fenton oxidationZhao, BX; Li, XZ; Wang, P
2010AN adaptive L1–L2 hybrid error model to super-resolutionSong, H; Zhang, L ; Wang, P; Zhang, K; Li, X
2007AlGaN/GaN heterostructures for non-invasive cell electrophysiological measurementsYu, J; Jha, SK; Xiao, L; Liu, Q; Wang, P; Surya, C ; Yang, M 
2004Analysis of photosensitivity of copolymer optical fibre preformMa, H; Li, ZC; Ming, H; Zhang, QJ; Tam, HY ; Zhang, YS; Zhang, T; Wang, P; Xie, JP
2004Apparel products simulation using texture mapping with color fidelityXin, JH ; Shen, HL; Wang, P
2013Broadband all-optical modulation using a graphene-covered-microfiberLiu, ZB; Feng, M; Jiang, WS; Xin, W; Wang, P; Sheng, QW; Liu, YG; Wang, DN ; Zhou, WY; Tian, JG
2016Catalytic asymmetric ring-opening reactions of aziridines with 3-aryl-oxindolesWang, L; Li, D; Yang, D; Wang, K; Wang, J; Wang, P; Su, W; Wang, R
2015Characteristics and functional status of victims with fractured injury in Lushan earthquakeWang, Q; Liu, C; Wang, P; Wei, XF; Zhou, YJ; Tao, YX; He, CQ
2016Comparison of three different types of wrist pulse signals by their physical meanings and diagnosis performanceZuo, W; Wang, P; Zhang, D 
2014A compound pressure signal acquisition system for multichannel wrist pulse signal analysisWang, P; Zuo, W; Zhang, D 
17-Aug-2007Degradation of 2,4-dichlorophenol in aqueous solution by a hybrid oxidation processLi, XZ; Zhao, BX; Wang, P
2007Degradation of 2,4-dichlorophenol with a novel TiO2/Ti-Fe-graphite felt photoelectrocatalytic oxidation processZhao, BX; Li, XZ; Wang, P
2012Design and implementation of a multi-channel pulse signal acquisition systemWang, P; Zuo, W; Zhang, H; Zhang, D 
2007Detection of heavy metal toxicity using cardiac cell-based biosensorLiu, Q; Cai, H; Xu, Y; Xiao, L; Yang, M ; Wang, P
2009Development of planar patch clamp technology and its application in the analysis of cellular electrophysiologyChen, P; Zhang, W; Zhou, J; Wang, P; Xiao, L; Yang, M 
2012Effect of minor co substitution for ni on the glass forming ability and magnetic properties of Gd55Al20Ni25 bulk metallic glassWang, P; Chan, KC ; Lu, S; Tang, MB; Xia, L
2015Effect of oral administration of nicotinic acid on ocular growth of lens-induced myopic chicksXiao, H; Lam, TC ; Wang, P; Li, KK; Chun, RK; Zuo, B; Chen, B; Shan, SW; Do, CW ; To, CH 
2015The effect of whole body vibration on balance, gait performance and mobility in people with stroke: A systematic review and meta-analysisYang, X; Wang, P; Liu, C; He, C; Reinhardt, JD
2015Effects of whole body vibration on pain, stiffness and physical functions in patients with knee osteoarthritis : a systematic review and meta-analysisWang, P; Yang, X; Yang, Y; Yang, L; Zhou, Y; Liu, C; Reinhardt, JD; He, C
2015Effects of whole-body vibration training with quadriceps strengthening exercise on functioning and gait parameters in patients with medial compartment knee osteoarthritis: A randomised controlled preliminary studyWang, P; Yang, L; Li, H; Lei, Z; Yang, X; Liu, C; Jiang, H; Zhang, L; Zhou, Z; Reinhardt, JD; He, C
2007Embryonic stem cells biosensor and its application in drug analysis and toxin detectionLiu, Q; Cai, H; Xiao, L; Li, R; Yang, M ; Wang, P
2015Evolutionary diamond turning of optics for error correction covering a wide spatial spectrumTo, S ; Zhu, Z; Wang, P
2016Exploring customer experience with budget hotels : dimensionality and satisfactionRen, L; Qiu, H ; Wang, P; Lin, PMC 
2002Genetic algorithm optimized resource activity critical path methodWang, P; Lu, M
2016Graphical features of functional genes in human protein interaction networkWang, P; Chen, Y; Lü, J; Wang, Q; Yu, X
2005An illumination distribution preserved colour substitution algorithm based on dichromatic reflection modelPan, ZG; Wang, P; Xin, JH ; Zhang, MM; Shen, HL
2003An image-based texture mapping technique for apparel products exhibition and interior designWang, P; Zhang, MM; Xin, JH ; Pan, ZG; Shen, HL
2008Impedance monitoring of behaviour and chemosensitivity of cancer cells by micro-electrode arraysLiu, Q; Yu, J; Liu, Z; Zhang, W; Wang, P; Yang, M 
2009Impedance studies of bio-behavior and chemosensitivity of cancer cells by micro-electrode arraysLiu, Q; Yu, J; Xiao, L; Tang, COJ ; Zhang, Y; Wang, P; Yang, M 
2015Improvement of the diamond turned surface texture by bonnet polishing processWang, P; To, S ; Hui, C
2011Investigations of puncture behaviors of woven fabrics from finite element analyses and experimental testsSun, B; Wang, Y; Wang, P; Hu, H ; Gu, B
2013Micro-gels for impact protectionZhou, C; Wang, B; Zhang, F; Xu, K; Han, C; Hu, H ; Liu, Y; Wang, P; Xin, JH 
1996Microcracking and grain size effect in Yuen Long marblesWong, RHC; Chau, KT ; Wang, P
2009A novel electrochemical biosensor based on dynamic polymerase-extending hybridization for E. coli O157:H7 DNA detectionWang, L; Liu, Q; Hu, Z; Zhang, Y; Wu, C; Yang, M ; Wang, P
2015A novel impact hardening polymer with negative poisson's ratio for impact protectionXu, K; Tan, Y; Xin, JH ; Liu, Y; Lu, C; Deng, Y; Han, C; Hu, H ; Wang, P
2001A novel process for preparing PZT thick filmsDing, AL; He, XY; Qui, PS; Wang, SJ; Luo, WG; Chan, HLW ; Wang, P; Choy, CL
2008A novel taste sensor based on ion channels incorporated in nano-lipid bilayer membranesLiu, Q; Yu, J; Yu, H; Xiao, L; Wang, P; Yang, M 
2010Olfactory mucosa tissue-based biosensor : a bioelectronic nose with receptor cells in intact olfactory epitheliumLiu, Q; Ye, W; Yu, H; Hu, N; Du, L; Wang, P; Yang, M 
2005Oscillation properties for even order neutral equations with distributed deviating argumentsWang, P; Teo, KL; Liu, Y
2010Perspectives on cognitive computing and applications : summary of plenary Panel I of IEEE ICCI'10Wang, Y; Pedrycz, W; Baciu, G ; Chen, P; De Garis, H; Shi, Z; Wang, G; Wang, P; Yao, Y
2012Reversal of scopolamine-induced spatial and recognition memory deficits in mice by novel multifunctional dimers bis-cognitinsHan, RW; Zhang, RS; Chang, M; Peng, YL; Wang, P; Hu, SQ; Choi, CL; Yin, M; Wang, R; Han, YF 
2015Spatial and seasonal variations of PM2.5 mass and species during 2010 in Xi'an, ChinaWang, P; Cao, JJ; Shen, ZX; Han, YM; Lee, SC ; Huang, Y; Zhu, CS; Wang, QY; Xu, HM; Huang, RJ
2014Support vector guided dictionary learningCai, SJ; Zuo, WM; Zhang, L ; Feng, XC; Wang, P
2015Therapeutic effects of Fenofibrate on lens-induced myopia chicken modelWang, P; Lam, TC ; To, CH 
2014Thickness-dependent fracture of amorphous carbon coating on SnO2 nanowire electrodesLi, Q; Li, W; Feng, Q; Wang, P; Mao, M; Liu, J; Zhou, L ; Wang, H; Yao, H 
2003Towards better project management by applying resource activity critical path methodLu, M; Chan, EWH; Wang, P
2003细胞膜钾离子通道感抗特性研究Wang, P; Song, Q; Tsang, KM ; Wang, J; Zhang, L