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2008Calculations of electromagnetic field and thermal problem in an isolated phase bus by using FE modelLi, Y; Ho, SL ; Wang, N; Guo, J
2011Chinese nurses' attitudes and beliefs toward sexuality care in cancer patientsZeng, YC; Li, Q; Wang, N; Ching, SSY ; Loke, AY 
2002Company name identification in Chinese financial domainWang, N; Ge, RF; Yuan, CF; Wong, KF; Li, WJ 
2011A comparative study of preparation methods of nanoporous TiO2 films for microfluidic photocatalysisWang, N; Lei, L; Zhang, XM ; Tsang, YH ; Chen, Y; Chan, HLW 
13-Oct-2011Comparative study on saponin fractions from Panax notoginseng inhibiting inflammation-induced endothelial adhesion molecule expression and monocyte adhesionWang, N; Wan, JB; Chan, SW; Deng, YH; Yu, N; Zhang, QW; Wang, YT; Lee, SMY
2002A discussion on Buhlmann's criterion for asset valuationWang, N; Pang, WK; Huang, WK
2003Effects of acupoints TENS on heat pain threshold in normal subjectsWang, N; Hui-Chan, C
2004Hydrothermal synthesis of oriented ZnO nanobelts and their temperature dependent photoluminescenceZhang, XY; Dai, JY ; Ong, HC; Wang, N; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL 
2013Lumbar disc degeneration is linked to a carbohydrate sulfotransferase 3 variantSong, YQ; Karasugi, T; Cheung, KMC; Chiba, K; Ho, DWH; Miyake, A; Kao, PYP; Sze, KL; Yee, A; Takahashi, A; Kawaguchi, Y; Mikami, Y; Matsumoto, M; Togawa, D; Kanayama, M; Shi, D; Dai, J; Jiang, Q; Wu, C; Tian,W; Wang, N; Leong, JCY; Luk, KDK; Yip, SP ; Cherny, SS; Wang, N; Mundlos, S; Kelempisioti, A; Eskola, PJ; Mannikko, M; Makela, P; Karppinen, J; Jarvelin, MR; O'Reilly, PF; Kubo, M; Kimura, T; Kubo, T; Toyama, Y; Mizuta, H; Cheah, KSE; Tsunoda, T; Sham, PC; Ikegawa, S; Chan, D
2011Micro-bubble generation using continuous-wave laserJian, A; Wang, N; Zhang, X
2011Micro-bubble generation using continuous-wave laserJian, AQ; Wang, N; Zhang, XM 
2012Microfluidic photoelectrocatalytic reactors for water purification with an integrated visible-light sourceWang, N; Zhang, X ; Chen, B; Song, W; Chan, NY; Chan, HLW 
2012Microfluidic reactor for solar photocatalysis using BiVO4/TiO2 filmWang, N; Liu, ZK; Chan, HLW ; Zhang, XM 
2014Microfluidic reactors for photocatalytic water purificationWang, N; Zhang, X; Wang, Y ; Yu, W; Chan, HLW 
Sep-2014Microfluidic reactors for visible-light photocatalytic water purification assisted with thermolysisWang, N; Tan, F; Wan, L; Wu, M; Zhang, X 
13-Jun-2011Multiple-mode excitation in spin-transfer nanocontacts with dynamic polarizerWang, N; Wang, XL; Qin, W; Yeung, SH; Kwok, DT; Wong, HF; Xue, Q; Chu, PK; Leung, CW ; Ruotolo, A
2012N- and p-Type modulation of ZnO nanomesh coated graphene field effect transistorsHui, YY; Tai, G; Sun, Z; Xu, Z; Wang, N; Yan, F ; Lau, SP 
2012Narrow-linewidth tunable lasers with retro-reflective external cavityWang, N; Feng, M; Feng, Z; Lam, MY; Gao, L; Chen, B; Liu, AQ; Tsang, YH ; Zhang, X 
2006A new eudesmane derivative and a new fatty acid ester from Sambucus williamsiiYang, X; Wong, M ; Wang, N; Chan, ASC; Yao, X
2008Numerical analysis of eddy current field in the ascending flange for the bushings and tank wall of a large transformerLi, Y; Ho, SL ; Wang, N; Tang, RY
2015Optofluidic microreactors for visible-light photocatalysisWang, N; Tan, F; Tsoi, CC; Zhang, X 
30-Dec-2010Optofluidic planar reactors for photocatalytic water treatment using solar energyLei, L; Wang, N; Zhang, X ; Tai, Q; Tsai, DP; Chan, HLW 
2013Palladium nanoparticle enhanced giant photoresponse at LaAlO 3/SrTiO3 two-dimensional electron gas heterostructuresChan, NY; Zhao, M; Wang, N; Au, K; Wang, J; Chan, HLW ; Dai, J 
2011Photocatalytic microreactor using monochromatic visible lightWang, N; Zhang, Y; Lei, L; Chan, HLW ; Zhang, XM 
2013Photocatalytic microreactors for water purification : selective control of oxidation pathwaysWang, N; Chan, NY; To, CH; Tan, F; Zhang, X 
2015Simulation of ozone formation at different elevations in mountainous area of Hong Kong using WRF-CMAQ modelWang, N; Guo, H ; Jiang, F; Ling, ZH; Wang, T 
2011Solar-powered microfluidic photocatalysisWang, N; Lei, L; Zhang, XM ; Chan, HLW ; Tsai, DP
2006Synthesis and characterization of single crystalline selenium nanowire arraysZhang, XY; Xu, LH; Dai, JY ; Cai, Y; Wang, N