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201540 Gb/s CAP32 short reach transmission over 80 km single mode fiberGao, YL; Zhuge, QB; Wang, W; Xu, X; Buset, JM; Qiu, M; Morsy-Osman, M; Chagnon, M; Li, F; Wang, L; Lu, C ; Lau, APT ; Plant, DV
2013Acoustic band gaps of three-dimensional periodic polymer cellular solids with cubic symmetryChen, Y; Yao, H ; Wang, L
2014Allocating classes for soft-then-hard subpixel mapping algorithms in units of ClassWang, Q; Shi, W ; Wang, L
2007Analysis of interruptible electric power in deregulated power systemsYu, CW; Zhang, SH; Wang, L; Chung, TS
2013An analysis of the highly cited conference publications in eTourismLeung, R; Leung, D; Wang, L; Guo, S; Law, R 
2015Apparent- and Tissue-Level Yield Behaviors of L4 Vertebral Trabecular Bone and Their Associations with MicroarchitecturesGong, H; Wang, L; Fan, Y; Zhang, M; Qin, L
2012Application of microscopy in authentication of valuable Chinese medicine iuCordyceps sinensis, its counterfeits, and related productsAu, D; Wang, L; Yang, D; Mok, DKW ; Chan, ASC; Xu, H
2006Arrhythmic pulses detection using Lempel-Ziv complexity analysisXu, L; Zhang, D ; Wang, K; Wang, L
2003Asymmetric hydroesterification of styrene using catalysts with planar-chiral ferrocene oxazoline ligandsWang, L; Kwok, WH; Chan, ASC; Tu, T; Hou, X; Dai, L
2010Asymmetric organocatalytic n-alkylation of indole-2-carbaldehydes with alpha,beta-unsaturated aldehydes : one-pot synthesis of chiral pyrrolo[1,2-a]indole-2-carbaldehydesHong, L; Sun, W; Liu, C; Wang, L; Wang, R
2013Automatic tracking of aponeuroses and estimation of muscle thickness in ultrasonography : a feasibility studyLing, S; Zhou, Y; Chen, Y; Zhao, YQ; Wang, L; Zheng, YP 
2011Band gap tuning of hydrogenated graphene : H coverage and configuration dependenceGao, H; Wang, L; Zhao, J; Ding, F ; Lu, J
2003The biodegradation of 1,3-dichlorobenzene by an adapted strain Bacillus cereus PF-11 derived from town-gas industrial effluentWang, L; Zhou, Q; Zhang, BS; Li, ZL; Chua, H; Ren, DM
2004A combined bioprocess for integrated removal of copper and organic pollutant from copper-containing municipal wastewaterWang, L; Chua, H; Sin, SN; Zhou, Q; Ren, DM; Li, ZL
2015Comparison of interfacial and electrical properties between Al2O3 and ZnO as interface passivation layer of GaAs MOS device with HfTiO gate dielectricZhu, S; Xu, J; Wang, L; Huang, Y; Tang, WM
2014Comparison of RPN induced impairments in various fibers using distributed Raman amplified coherent optical communication systemCheng, J; Tang, M; Fu, S; Shum, PP; Xu, Z; Wang, L; Liu, D
2015Competition between work-hardening effect and dynamic-softening behavior for processing as-cast GH4720Li superalloys with original dendrite microstructure during moderate-speed hot compressionNing, YQ; Wang, T; Fu, MW ; Li, MZ; Wang, L; Zhao, CD
2014Consumer trust in tourism and hospitality : a review of the literatureWang, L; Law, R ; Hung, K ; Guillet, BD 
2004Contribution of cell outer membrane and inner membrane to Cu2+ adsorption by cell envelope of Pseudomonas putida 5-xWang, L; Zhou, Q; Chua, H
2005Controlled strain path forming process with space variant blank holder force using RSM methodWang, L; Lee, TC
2014Cooperative routing with relay assignment in multi-radio multi-hop wireless networksXie, K; Wang, L; Liu, X; Wen, J; Cao, J 
2015Correction on the distortion of Scheimpflug imaging for dynamic central corneal thicknessLi, T; Tian, L; Wang, L; Hon, Y; Lam, AKC ; Huang, Y; Wang, Y; Zheng, Y
2012A cyanine based fluorophore emitting both single photon near-infrared fluorescence and two-photon deep red fluorescence in aqueous solutionWang, L; Jin, J; Chen, X; Fan, HH; Li, BKF; Cheah, KW; Ding, N; Ju, S; Wong, WT ; Li, C
Dec-2011Damage detection for structures under ambient vibration via consistent regularizationLi, X; Wang, L; Law, SS
2013Decoding generalized joint channel coding and physical network coding in the LLR domainChen, P; Fang, Y; Wang, L; Lau, FCM 
2012Demiclosed principle and Δ-convergence theorems for total asymptotically nonexpansive mappings in CAT(0) spacesChang, SS; Wang, L; Lee, HWJ ; Chan, CK ; Yang, L
2015Design of a wireless sensor network monitoring system for biological and pharmaceutical productsWu, CH; Ng, CK; Wang, L; Ho, GTS; Ip, WH ; Zhang, J
2012Design of an improved quantum-inspired evolutionary algorithm for a transportation problem in logistics systemsWang, L; Kwok, SK; Ip, WH 
2012Design of protograph LDPC codes for partial response channelsFang, Y; Chen, P; Wang, L; Lau, FCM 
2013Design of Supply-chain Pedigree Interactive Dynamic Explore (SPIDER) for food safety and implementation of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCPs)Wang, L; Ting, JSL; Ip, WH 
2005Determination of the optimal and economical biofilter depth in an anaerobic hybrid reactor for treating livestock industrial wastewaterWang, L; Zhou, Q; Chua, H
2010Eco-impact of shopping bags : consumer attitude and governmental policiesLi, Y ; Muthu, SS; Hu, J; Mok, PY ; Ding, X; Wang, L; Chen, W
2007Economic theory and the application of incentive contracts to procure operating reservesWang, L; Yu, CW; Wen, FS
2013Editorial : Energy and environment : challenges and achievements in rapid urbanizationWang, L; Yang, H ; Wang, Q; Niranjan, S
2013Effect of microstructure of spongy bone in different parts of woodpecker's skull on resistance to impact injuryWang, L; Niu, X; Ni, Y; Xu, P; Liu, X; Lu, S; Zhang, M ; Fan, Y
2013Efficient construction of highly functionalized spiro[gamma-butyrolactone-pyrrolidin-3,3 '-oxindole] tricyclic skeletons via an organocatalytic 1,3-dipolar cycloadditionWang, L; Shi, XM; Dong, WP; Zhu, LP; Wang, R
2009Efficient electrophosphorescence from a platinum metallopolyyne featuring a 2,7-carbazole chromophoreHo, CL; Chui, CH; Wong, WY; Aly, SM; Fortin, D; Harvey, PD; Yao, B; Xie, Z; Wang, L
2013An efficient framework for estimation of muscle fiber orientation using ultrasonographyLing, S; Chen, B; Zhou, Y; Yang, WZ; Zhao, YQ; Wang, L; Zheng, YP 
2003Enantioselective bis-alkoxycarbonylation of styrene catalyzed by novel chiral dipyridylphosphine cationic palladium(II) complexesWang, L; Kwok, W; Wu, J; Guo, R; Au Yeung, TTL; Zhou, Z; Chan, ASC; Chan, KS
2009Enantioselective Friedel-Crafts alkylation of 4, 7-dihydroindoles with enones catalyzed by primary-secondary diaminesHong, L; Sun, W; Liu, C; Wang, L; Wong, K ; Wang, R
2008Enhanced biologically inspired modelHuang, Y; Huang, K; Wang, L; Tao, D; Tan, T; Li, X
2005Evaluation of a novel integrated bioreactor - AOS system for treating oil-containing restaurant wastewater on site in Hong KongWang, L; Zhou, Q; Chua, H
2008Formability analysis of magnesium alloy sheets at elevated temperatures with experimental and numerical methodWang, L; Chan, LC ; Lee, TC
2013Formation and healing of vacancies in graphene chemical vapor deposition (CVD) growthWang, L; Zhang, X; Chan, HLW ; Yan, F; Ding, F 
2012Formulation of a novel production line monitoring techniqueWang, L; Chan, CY 
2004Friction condition effect on the deep drawing process using Taauchi methodWang, L; Lee, TC
2013Generation of integration-free neural progenitor cells from cells in human urineWang, L; Wang, L; Huang, W; Su, H; Xue, Y; Su, Z; Liao, B; Wang, H; Bao, X; Qin, D; He, J; Wu, W; So, KF; Pan, G; Pei, D
2004Generation rescheduling methods to improve power transfer capability constrained by small-signal stabilityChung, CY; Wang, L; Howell, F; Kundur, P
2015Global spatio-temporal patterns of influenza in the post-pandemic eraHe, D ; Lui, R; Wang, L; Tse, CK ; Yang, L ; Stone, L
2015Green remediation and recycling of contaminated sediment by waste-incorporated stabilization/solidificationWang, L; Tsang, DCW ; Poon, CS 
2009A highly efficient chiral-bridged diphosphine ligand modified cationic palladium(II) catalyst system for asymmetric alternating copolymerization of propene and carbon monoxideCui, Y; Wang, L; Kwong, FY ; Tse, MK; Chan, ASC
2014Hybrid reliability analysis of structures with multi-source uncertaintiesWang, L; Wang, X; Xia, Y 
2012Hydrogenated TiO2 nanotube arrays as high-rate anodes for lithium-ion microbatteriesLu, Z; Yip, CT; Wang, L; Huang, H ; Zhou, L 
2015Impact of hotel website quality on online booking intentions : ETrust as a mediatorWang, L; Law, R ; Guillet, BD; Hung, K ; Fong, DKC
2008The impacts of different bidding segment numbers on bidding strategies of generation companiesWang, L; Yu, CW; Wen, FS
Jul-2013Impacts of subsidy policies on vaccination decisions in contact networksZhang, H; Wu, ZX; Xu, XK; Small, M; Wang, L; Wang, BH
Oct-2011Improved lossless coding algorithm in H.264/AVC based on hierarchical intraprediction and coding-mode selectionWang, L; Siu, WC 
2013In vivo and real-time monitoring of secondary metabolites of living organisms by mass spectrometryHu, B; Wang, L; Ye, WC; Yao, ZP 
2015Increased prevalence of carbapenem resistant Enterobacteriaceae in hospital setting due to cross-species transmission of the blaNDM-1 element and clonal spread of progenitor resistant strainsWang, X; Chen, G; Wu, X; Wang, L; Cai, J; Chan, EW; Chen, S ; Zhang, R
2014Indicator cokriging-based subpixel land cover mapping with shifted imagesWang, Q; Shi, W ; Wang, L
2015The influence of online reviews to online hotel booking intentionsZhao, X; Wang, L; Guo, X; Law, R 
2007Integrating interruptible IPP contracts in the probabilistic production simulation of power market systemsYu, CW; Zhang, SH; Wang, L; Chung, TS
2015Intermolecular enantioselective dearomatization reaction of £]-naphthol using meso-aziridine : a bifunctional in situ generated magnesium catalystYang, D; Wang, L; Han, F; Li, D; Zhao, D; Wang, R
2001An investigation of the influence of stitch density to stitches properties on knitted productsWang, L; Hu, X; Chan, LK
2013Large-time behavior of a parabolic-parabolic chemotaxis model with logarithmic sensitivity in one dimensionTao, Y; Wang, L; Wang, ZA 
2015Lazy-RTGC: A real-time lazy garbage collection mechanism with jointly optimizing average and worst performance for NAND flash memory storage systemsZhang, Q; Li, X; Wang, L; Zhang, T; Wang, Y; Shao, Z 
2011Lunar topography and regional gravity field modeling using multiple platform laser altimetry and crossoversGongyou, W; Shum, CK; Yi, Y; Fok, HS; Goossens, S; Matsumoto, K; Araki, H; Dai, C; Hu, X; Iz, HB ; Ping, J; Sasaki, S; Shang, K; Wang, J; Wang, L
6-Jul-2009Magnetotransport properties of p-type carbon-doped ZnO thin filmsHerng, TS; Lau, SP ; Wang, L; Zhao, BC; Yu, SF; Tanemura, M; Akaike, A; Teng, KS
2013Manageable N-doped graphene for high performance oxygen reduction reactionZhang, Y; Ge, J; Wang, L; Wang, D; Ding, F ; Tao, X ; Chen, W
2015Mesoporous Mn3O4 nanobeads/graphene hybrids : facile gel-like film synthesis, rational structure design, and excellent performance for lithium storageSu, L; Wu, X; Hei, J; Wang, L; Wang, Y
2015Mixture design and treatment methods for recycling contaminated sedimentWang, L; Kwok, JSH; Tsang, DCW ; Poon, CS 
2015MnO QD/Graphene Dot Fabrics: A Versatile Nanohybrid MaterialSu, L; Jiang, J; Wang, L; Wang, Y; Ren, M
2014Multiple synchronization transitions in scale-free neuronal networks with electrical and chemical hybrid synapsesLiu, C; Wang, J; Wang, L; Yu, H; Deng, B; Wei, X; Tsang, K ; Chan, W 
2015A multiple-mapping kernel for hyperspectral image classificationWang, L; Hao, S; Wang, Q; Atkinson, PM
2014Near consensus complex linear and nonlinear social networksLing, BWK; Ho, CYF; Wang, L; Teo, KL; Tse, CK ; Dai, Q
2010A new algebraic structure for formal concept analysisWang, L; Liu, X; Cao, J 
2011New chiral monophosphite ligands containing BINOL and/or H8-BINOL bearing adamantyl substituents: effect of ligand scaffold on the enantioselective 1,4-conjugate addition of diethylzinc to cyclic enonesWan, B; Kwong, FY ; Wang, L; Xu, L; Zhao, Q; Xing, A
2004New techniques for enhancing accuracy of EMTP/TSP hybrid simulation algorithmWang, L; Fang, DZ; Chung, TS
2003Ni2+ removal and recovery from electroplating effluent by Pseudomonas putida 5-x cell biomassWang, L; Chua, H; Wong, PK; Lo, WH ; Yu, PHF
2009A novel electrochemical biosensor based on dynamic polymerase-extending hybridization for E. coli O157:H7 DNA detectionWang, L; Liu, Q; Hu, Z; Zhang, Y; Wu, C; Yang, M ; Wang, P