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2005Age-dependent and iron-independent expression of two mRNA isoforms of divalent metal transporter 1 in rat brainKe, Y; Chang, YZ; Duan, XL; Du, JR; Zhu, L; Wang, K; Yang, XD; Ho, KP; Qian, ZM
2015All-optical quantization scheme by slicing the supercontinuum in a chalcogenide horizontal slot waveguideKang, S; Yuan, J; Kang, Z; Zhang, X; Kang, X; Guo, Z; Li, F; Yan, B; Wang, K; Sang, X; Yu, C
2013Analysis and comparison of the instability regimes in the processing maps generated using different instability criteria for Ti–6.5Al–3.5Mo–1.5Zr–0.3Si alloyLi, X; Lu, S; Wang, K; Fu, MW ; Cao, C
2004Apotransferrin is internalized and distributed in the same way as holotransferrin in K562 cellsDu, XL; Wang, K; Ke, Y; Yuan, L; Li, RC; Chang, CZ; Ho, KP; Qian, ZM
2003Approximate entropy based pulse variability analysisWang, K; Xu, L; Li, Z; Zhang, DD ; Li, N; Wang, S
2006Arrhythmic pulses detection using Lempel-Ziv complexity analysisXu, L; Zhang, D ; Wang, K; Wang, L
2005Assembled matrix distance metric for 2DPCA-based face and palmprint recognitionZuo, W; Wang, K; Zhang, DD 
2006An assembled matrix distance metric for 2DPCA-based image recognitionZuo, W; Zhang, D ; Wang, K
2012Asymptotic analysis of the equations of motion for viscoelastic oldroyd fluidWang, K; Lin, Y ; He, Y
2009Attitude toward counterfeits and ethnic groups : comparing Chinese and Western consumers purchasing counterfeitsKwong, KK; Yu, WYP; Leung, JWK; Wang, K
2007Automated personal authentication using both palmprintsWu, X; Wang, K; Zhang, D 
2007Baseline wander correction in pulse waveforms using wavelet-based cascaded adaptive filterXu, L; Zhang, D ; Wang, K; Li, N; Wang, X
Aug-2006BDPCA plus LDA : a novel fast feature extraction technique for face recognitionZuo, W; Zhang, DD ; Yang, J; Wang, K
2005Bi-dierectional PCA with assembled matrix distance metricZuo, W; Wang, K; Zhang, D 
2005Bi-directional PCA with assembled matrix distance metricZuo, W; Wang, K; Zhang, DD 
Aug-2005The bi-elliptical deformable contour and its application to automated tongue segmentation in Chinese medicinePang, B; Zhang, DD ; Wang, K
Aug-2006Bidirectional PCA with assembled matrix distance metric for image recognitionZuo, W; Zhang, DD ; Wang, K
2005Coarse iris classification based on box-counting methodYu, L; Wang, K; Zhang, DD 
2005Coarse iris classification using box-counting to estimate fractal dimensionsYu, L; Zhang, D ; Wang, K; Yang, W
2004Combination of polar edge detection and active contour model for automated tongue segmentationZuo, W; Wang, K; Zhang, DD ; Zhang, H
2007Combination of two novel LDA-based methods for face recognitionZuo, W; Wang, K; Zhang, D ; Zhang, H
2007Combining left and right irises for personal authenticationWu, X; Wang, K; Zhang, D ; Qi, N
2009Competitive code–based fast palmprint identification using a set of cover treesYue, F; Zuo, W; Zhang, D ; Wang, K
2002Complexation of ytterbium to human transferrin and its uptake by K562 cellsDu, XL; Zhang, TL; Yuan, L; Zhao, YY; Li, RC; Wang, K; Yan, SC; Zhang, L; Sun, H; Qian, ZM
2005Computerized diagnosis from tongue appearance using quantitative feature classificationZhang, D ; Pang, B; Li, N; Wang, K; Zhang, H
Oct-2004Computerized tongue diagnosis based on Bayesian networksPang, B; Zhang, DD ; Li, N; Wang, K
2012Cooperation or competition? Factors and conditions affecting regional port governance in South ChinaWang, K; Ng, AKY; Lam, JSL; Fu, X
2008A cryptosystem based on palmprint featureWu, X; Wang, K; Zhang, D 
2011Cultural interpretation of translator’s notes : the reception of western fiction at the early republican period in China as revealed from Zhou Shoujuan’s translation notesLi, D ; Wang, K
2011Design of acid-activated cell penetrating peptide for delivery of active molecules into cancer cellsZhang, W; Song, J; Zhang, B; Liu, L; Wang, K; Wang, R
2010Development and application of bilingual corpora of tourism texts : a new approachLi, D ; Wang, K
2009Differential feature analysis for palmprint authenticationWu, X; Wang, K; Xu, Y; Zhang, D 
2006Differential operation based palmprint authentication for multimedia securityWu, X; Wang, K; Zhang, D 
2005Effects of development and iron status on ceruloplasmin expression in rat brainChang, YZ; Qian, ZM; Wang, K; Zhu, L; Yang, XD; Du, JR; Jiang, L; Ho, KP; Wang, Q; Ke, Y
2014The effects of the indoor environment of residential care homes on dementia suffers in Hong Kong : a critical incident technique approachWong, JKW ; Skitmore, M; Buys, L; Wang, K
2008Emotion recognition in Chinese people with schizophreniaChan, CCH ; Wong, R; Wang, K; Lee, TMC
2007Extracting the autonomic nerve wreath of iris based on an improved snake approachYu, L; Wang, K; Zhang, D 
2010Faux pas deficits in people with medial frontal lesions as related to impaired understanding of a speaker's mental stateLee, TMC; Ip, AKY; Wang, K; Xi, CH; Hu, PP; Mak, HKF; Han, SH; Chan, CCH 
2008FCM-based orientation selection for competitive coding-based palmprint recognitionYue, F; Zuo, W; Wang, K; Zhang, D 
2003Fisherpalms based palmprint recognitionWu, X; Zhang, D ; Wang, K
2006Fusion of multiple features for palmprint authenticationWu, X; Wang, K; Zhang, DD 
2007Fusion of palmprint and iris for personal authenticationWu, X; Zhang, D ; Wang, K; Qi, N
2006Fusion of phase and orientation information for palmprint authenticationWu, X; Zhang, D ; Wang, K
2005Fusion of phase and orientation information for palmprint authenticationWu, X; Wang, K; Zhang, F; Zhang, D 
2002Fuzzy directional element energy feature (FDEEF) based palmprint identificationWu, X; Wang, K; Zhang, DD 
2002Gene expression profiling of human promyelocytic leukemia HL-60 cell treated by ajoeneFang, ZJ; Huang, WX ; Huang, MH; Liang, RS ; Cui, JR; Wang, K; Yang, MS
2006Graph based cross-shape recognition for palm diagnosisWu, X; Wang, K; Jing, L; Zhang, DD 
2004HMMs based palmprint identificationWu, X; Wang, K; Zhang, D 
2010How to avoid copyright infringement of materials used in interpretation teaching : a survey of the practices in Hong KongLi, D ; Wang, K
2001Hybrid neural method for locating eyes in facial imagesZhang, D ; Peng, H; Wang, K
2009Improvement of convergence property in the PSS parameter optimization under multiple system operating conditionsJi, P; Wang, K; Tse, C
2006Improvement on null space LDA for face recognition : a symmetry considerationZuo, W; Wang, K; Zhang, D 
2011Improving anticancer activity and selectivity of camptothecin through conjugation with releasable substance PZhang, W; Song, J; Mu, L; Zhang, B; Liu, L; Xing, Y; Wang, K; Li, Z; Wang, R
2006Information fusion for palmprint authenticationWu, X; Wang, K; Zhang, D 
2015Integratable all-optical spectral quantization scheme based on chalcogenide-silicon slot waveguideKang, X; Yuan, J; Kang, Z; Zhang, X; Kang, S; Guo, Z; Li, F; Wang, K; Sang, X; Yu, C
2008An iris cryptosystem for information securityWu, X; Qi, N; Wang, K; Zhang, DD 
2002Iris verification based on fractional Fourier transformYu, L; Wang, K; Wang, C; Zhang, DD 
2013Iris-based medical analysis by geometric deformation featuresMa, L; Zhang, D ; Li, N; Cai, Y; Zuo, W; Wang, K
2007Iteratively reweighted fitting for reduced multivariate polynomial modelZuo, W; Wang, K; Zhang, D ; Yue, F
2007Kernel difference-weighted k-nearest neighbors classificationZuo, W; Wang, K; Zhang, H; Zhang, D 
2005La3+-promoted proliferation is interconnected with apoptosis in NIH 3T3 cellsYu, S; Yuan, L; Yang, X; Wang, K; Ke, Y; Qian, ZM
2006Lanthanum induces extracellular signal-regulated kinase phosphorylation through different mechanisms in HeLa cells and NIH 3T3 cellsHu, J; Yu, S; Yang, X; Wang, K; Qian, Z
2012Long time numerical stability and asymptotic analysis for the viscoelastic oldroyd flowsWang, K; He, Y; Lin, Y 
2011Low temperature processing of a large grain polycrystalline silicon thin film on soda-lime glassWang, K; Wong, KH
2014Magnetoresistance of Manganite-Cobalt Ferrite spacerless junctionsWong, HF; Wang, K; Leung, CW ; Wong, KH
2007Minimizing spatial deformation method for online signature matchingLi, B; Wang, K; Zhang, D 
2009A model for comparing parallel texts and its application in the English translation of Chinese tourist brochuresLi, D ; Wang, K
1-Jun-2008The model of electric field dependent dielectric properties for porous ceramicsZhang, Y; Wang, G; Wang, K; Wang, Y ; Dong, X
2015Modeling the impacts of alternative emission trading schemes on international shippingWang, K; Fu, X; Luo, M 
2013Multichannel opportunistic access by overhearing primary ARQ messagesWang, K; Liu, Q; Lau, FCM 
2008Multiscale competitive code for efficient palmprint recognitionZuo, W; Yue, F; Wang, K; Zhang, D 
2002A new equation of saturation in RGB-to-HSI conversion for more rapidity of computingLi, J; Wang, K; Zhang, DD 
Jun-2011Ni induced few-layer graphene growth at low temperature by pulsed laser depositionWang, K; Tai, G; Wong, KH; Lau, SP ; Guo, W
2012Nonlithographic fabrication of crystalline silicon nanodots on grapheneTai, G; Wang, K; Sun, Z; Yin, J; Ng, SM; Zhou, J; Yan, F ; Leung, CW ; Wong, KH; Guo, W; Lau, SP 
2004A novel approach of palm-line extractionWu, X; Wang, K; Zhang, DD 
2008A novel cryptosystem based on iris key generationWu, X; Qi, N; Wang, K; Zhang, DD 
2011Novel cytotoxity exhibition mode of polybia-CP, a novel antimicrobial peptide from the venom of the social wasp Polybia paulistaWang, K; Yan, J; Liu, X; Zhang, J; Chen, R; Zhang, B; Dang, W; Zhang, W; Kai, M; Song, J; Wang, R
2006A novel method for coarse iris classificationYu, L; Wang, K; Zhang, D 
2008On kernel difference-weighted k-nearest neighbor classificationZuo, W; Zhang, D ; Wang, K
2002On the on-line number of snacks problemMa, W; You, J ; Xu, Y; Liu, J; Wang, K