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2015A 2k-vertex kernel for maximum internal spanning treeLi, W; Wang, J; Chen, J; Cao, Y 
2010A 3D aerosol and visibility information system for urban areas using remote sensing and GISNichol, JE ; Wong, MS ; Wang, J
2015Accurate range-free localization for anisotropic wireless sensor networksZhang, S; Liu, X; Wang, J; Cao, J ; Min, G
2006Achieving bounded delay on message delivery in publish/subscribe systemsWang, J; Cao, J ; Li, J; Wu, J
2005Acoustic analysis of a computer cooling fanHuang, L; Wang, J
2006Active control of drag noise from a small axial flow fanWang, J; Huang, L
2010Active pipe-embedded structures in buildings for utilizing low-grade energy sources: A reviewXu, X; Wang, S ; Wang, J; Xiao, F 
2005Active tonal noise control for a computer cooling fanWang, J; Huang, L
2014An active vibration control system with decoupling scheme for linear periodically time-varying systemsWang, J; Mak, CM 
2012Adaptive backstepping sliding mode control for chaos synchronization of two coupled neurons in the external electrical stimulationYu, H; Wang, J; Deng, B; Wei, X; Che, Y; Wong, YK; Chan, WL ; Tsang, KM 
2014Adaptive-passive vibration isolation between nonrigid machines and nonrigid foundations using a dual-beam periodic structure with shape memory alloy transverse connectionWang, J; Mak, CM 
2010An advanced double-layer combined windings transverse flux system for thin strip induction heatingWang, Y; Wang, J; Pang, L; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN 
1-Apr-2011An advanced double-layer combined windings transverse flux system for thin strip induction heatingWang, Y; Wang, J; Pang, L; Ho, SL ; Fu, W 
2006All-trans-retinol dehydrogenase (RDH8) is not associated with high myopiaYip, SP ; Han, W; Shen, Y; Wang, J; Yap, MKH 
2012Analysis of airborne particulate matter (pm₂.₅) over Hong Kong using remote sensing and GISShi, W ; Wong, MS ; Wang, J; Zhao, Y
2003Analysis of Hopf bifurcation caused by leakage conductance g1 in the H-H model in musclesWang, J; Deng, B; Zeng, Q ; Zhang, H
2014Analysis of low-speed magnetic flux modulated doubly-fed brushless generator with different types of fractional-slot windingsLiu, HJ; Hao, Y; Wang, J; Fu, W 
19-Jan-2013Analysis of prevalence of PTSD and its influencing factors among college students after the Wenchuan earthquakeFu, Y; Chen, Y; Wang, J; Tang, X; Ho, KW ; Jiao, M; Yu, C; You, G; Li, J
2005Analysis of risks perceived in reformed electricity supply industryNgan, HW ; Wang, J; Engriwan, W
2014Analysis of the size effect on springback behavior in micro-scaled U-bending process of sheet metalsWang, J; Fu, M ; Ran, J
2014Analysis of worst-case backlog bounds for Networks-on-ChipWang, J; Qian, Y; Wang, Y; Shao, Z ; Dou, W; Dou, Q
1-Aug-1999Analytic reconstruction of Compton scattering tomographyWang, J; Chi, ZG ; Wang, Y
1-Apr-2012Analytical analysis and implementation of a low-speed high-torque permanent magnet vernier in-wheel motor for electric vehicleLi, J; Wang, J; Zhao, Z; Yan, W
2011Analytical design study of a novel witricity charger with lateral and angular misalignments for efficient wireless energy transmissionWang, J; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN ; Sun, M
15-Apr-2012Analytical study and corresponding experiments for a new resonant magnetic charger with circular spiral coilsWang, J; Li, J; Ho, SL ; Fu, W ; Zhao, Z; Yan, W; Sun, M
2010Analyzing international travelers' profile with self-organizing mapsLi, G; Law, R ; Wang, J
2011Anchor supervised distance estimation in anisotropic wireless sensor networksLiu, X; Zhang, S; Wang, J; Cao, J ; Xiao, B 
2007Antibacterial phenolic compounds from the spines of Gleditsia sinensis LamZhou, L; Li, D; Wang, J; Liu, Y; Wu, J 
2007Antiferroelectric to relaxor ferroelectric phase transition of (Pb1-xSrx)(ZrxTi1-x)O3 ceramicsTang, XG; Wang, J; Chan, HLW 
2010Application of geographic image cognition approach in land type classification using Hyperion image : a case study in ChinaWang, J; Chen, Y ; He, T; Lv, C; Liu, A
2015Application of R/S method for dynamic analysis of additional strain and fracture warning in shaft liningZhao, G; Zhou, G; Wang, J
2014An approach for hesitant node classification in overlapping community detectionWang, J; Peng, J; Liu, O 
2014ArPat : Accurate RFID reader positioning with mere boundary tagsLiu, G; Zhang, S; Wang, J; Liu, X
Aug-1997Assessing the stability of the new marine DGPS station of Hong Kong and its connection to the WGS84 datumIz, HB ; Chen, YQ ; Wang, J
2010Assessment of catastrophic risk using bayesian network constructed from domain knowledge and spatial dataLi, L; Wang, J; Leung, H ; Jiang, C
2009Asymmetric hydrogenation of quinoxalines with diphosphinite ligands : a practical synthesis of enantioenriched, substituted tetrahydroquinoxalinesTang, W; Xu, L; Fan, QH; Wang, J; Fan, B; Zhou, Z; Lam, KH; Chan, ASC
2010Automated Detection of the Occurrence and Changes of Hot-Spots in Intro-subject FDG-PET Images from Combined PET-CT ScannersXia, Y; Wang, J; Feng, D
2001Automatic commissioning and re-commissioning of BMS measurement instruments of chilling systemsWang, S ; Burnett, J; Wang, J
2015Automatic Freeway Incident Detection for Free Flow Conditions: A Vehicle Reidentification Based Approach Using Image Data from Sparsely Distributed Video CamerasWang, J; Sumalee, A 
2003A back-stepping neural network control scheme for PM synchronous motorsWang, J; Tsang, KM ; Cheung, NC 
2003Backstepping control of the synchronous generator based on the neural networksWang, J; Li, T; Zeng, QM 
2015A Bayesian approach for rail condition assessment and crack detectionWang, J; Liu, XZ; Ni, YQ 
2014Bifunctional Au@Pt core-shell nanostructures for in situ monitoring of catalytic reactions by surface-enhanced Raman scattering spectroscopyBao, ZY; Lei, DY ; Jiang, R; Liu, X; Dai, J ; Wang, J; Chan, HLW ; Tsang, YH 
2014Bifunctional Au@Pt core-shell nanostructures for in-situ monitoring of catalytic reactions by surface-enhanced Raman scattering spectroscopyBao, ZY; Jiang, R; Liu, X; Dai, JY ; Ren, B; Wang, J; Tsang, YH ; Chan, HLW ; Lei, DY 
2015Biophysical insights into how spike threshold depends on the rate of membrane potential depolarization in Type I and Type II neuronsYi, GS; Wang, J; Tsang, KM ; Wei, XL; Deng, B
2014Blowout limits of cavity-stabilized flame of supercritical kerosene in supersonic combustorsZhang, T; Wang, J; Qi, L; Fan, X; Zhang, P 
2009BR-Tree : a scalable prototype for supporting multiple queries of multidimensional dataHua, Y; Xiao, B ; Wang, J
2011Brain tissue segmentation in PET-CT images using probabilistic atlas and variational Bayes inferenceXia, Y; Wang, J; Eberl, S; Fulham, M; Feng, D
2010A branch-and-bound algorithm for solving a two-machine flow shop problem with deteriorating jobsNg, CT ; Wang, J; Cheng, TCE ; Liu, LL
2002Carbon nanotube-polyaniline hybrid materialsDeng, J; Ding, X; Zhang, W; Peng, Y; Wang, J; Long, X; Li, P ; Chan, ASC
2003Cascade observer-based fault diagnosis for non-linear systemsWang, J; Tsang, KM ; Li, G; Zhang, L
2012Catalyst-free aza-Michael addition of azole to beta,gamma-unsaturated-alpha-keto ester : an efficient access to C-N bond formationWang, J; Li, PF; Chan, SH; Chan, ASC; Kwong, FY 
2012Catalyst-free efficient aza-Michael addition of azoles to nitroalkenesWu, Y; Wang, J; Li, P; Kwong, FY 
2010Chaos synchronization of coupled neurons under electrical stimulation via robust adaptive fuzzy controlChe, YQ; Wang, J; Chan, WL ; Tsang, KM 
2013Chaotic characteristics extraction of acupuncture neural electrical signalsHan, CX; Wang, J; Wong, YK; Tsang, KM 
Mar-2011Chaotic phase synchronization in small-world networks of bursting neuronsYu, H; Wang, J; Deng, B; Wei, X; Wong, YK; Chan, WL ; Tsang, KM ; Yu, Z
2004Chaotic synchronization of neurons coupled with gap junction under external electrical stimulationWang, J; Deng, B; Tsang, KM 
Feb-2002Characterization of (0.4)Pb₂(In,Nb)O[sub 6]:(0.6)Pb(Mg[sub ⅓]Nb[sub ⅔])O₃ relaxor ceramicsBaba-Kishi, KZ; Tai, CW; Wang, J; Choy, CL; Chan, HLW ; Bhalla, AS
2005Characterization of 90° domain structure and polarization switching in Pb(Zr0.4Ti0.6)O3 film by piezoresponse force microscopeZhao, X; Dai, JY ; Tang, XG; Wang, J; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL 
2001Characterization of ferroelectric (1-X) Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3-X PbTiO3 films prepared by pulsed laser depositionWang, J; Wong, KH; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL
2010Characterizing iron deposition in Parkinson's disease using susceptibility-weighted imaging : an in vivo MR studyZhang, J; Zhang, Y; Wang, J; Cai, P; Luo, C; Qian, Z; Dai, Y; Feng, H
2011Chemorheological study of phosphorylated flame retardant epoxiesYung, KC ; Wang, J; Yue, TM 
2007Choroidal tuberculoma in pregnancyShen, J; Han, W; To, CH ; Wang, J
2010Clausal integration and the emergence of mitigative and adhortative sentence-final particles in ChineseYap, FH ; Wang, J; Lam, CTK
2011Cluster synchronization of nonlinearly coupled complex networks via pinning controlFeng, J; Wang, J; Xu, C; Austin, FR
2013Coating fabrics with gold nanorods for colouring, UV-protection, and antibacterial functionsZheng, Y; Xiao, M; Jiang, S ; Ding, F ; Wang, J
2015Collaborative fuzzy clustering from multiple weighted viewsJiang, Y; Chung, FL ; Wang, S; Deng, Z; Wang, J; Qian, P
2014A combined method to estimate parameters of the thalamocortical model from a heavily noise-corrupted time series of action potentialWang, R; Wang, J; Deng, B; Liu, C; Wei, X; Tsang, KM ; Chan, WL 
2014Combustion of vaporized kerosene in supersonic model combustors with dislocated dual cavitiesZhang, T; Wang, J; Fan, X; Zhang, P 
2011A comparative study between novel witricity and traditional inductive magnetic coupling in wireless chargingHo, SL ; Wang, J; Fu, WN ; Sun, M
2010A comparative study between witricity and traditional inductive coupling in wireless energy transmissionWang, J; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN ; Sun, M
2010A comparative study on the measurement scales of organizational citizenship behavior within China's hotel industryWang, J; Wong, SCK
1-May-2006Comparison of interfacial and electrical characteristics of HfO₂and HfAlO high-k dielectrics on compressively strained Si[sub 1−x]Ge[sub x]Curreem, KKS; Lee, PF; Wong, KS; Dai, J ; Zhou, MJ; Wang, J; Li, Q
2015Comparison of three protein extraction procedures from toxic and non-toxic dinoflagellates for proteomics analysisJiang, XW; Wang, J; Chan, LL; Lam, PKS; Gu, JD
2011Complex network application in fault diagnosis of analog circuitsPeng, M; Wang, J; Tse, CK ; Shen, M
2004Composition control and electrical properties of PMN-PT thin films around the morphotropic boundaryWang, J; Wong, KH; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL 
2004Composition dependence of piezoelectric constant and dielectric constant tunability in the 〈001〉-oriented Pb(Mg1/3Nb 2/3)O3-PbTiO3 single crystalsZhao, X; Wang, J; Chew, KH; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL ; Yin, Z; Luo, H
2005Computation of steady-state security regions, stability regions and bifurcations of power systemsWang, J; Teo, KL; Mei, S; Lu, Q
2007A computational study of the interaction noise from a small axial-flow fanLu, HZ; Huang, L; So, RMC; Wang, J
2010Compute orthognal discriminant vectors efficiently for dimension reductionWang, J; Li, Q; You, J