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2009An accurate Vehicle Gasohol delivery systemWang, H; Che, Y; Cheng, KWE ; Yang, Z
2009Adaptive primal-dual genetic algorithms in dynamic environmentsWang, H; Yang, S; Ip, WH ; Wang, D
2013Air-breathing membraneless laminar flow-based fuel cells : do they breathe enough oxygen?Xuan, J; Leung, DYC; Wang, H; Leung, MKH; Wang, B; Ni, M 
2010An analysis on the winning factors of contractors in bidding competition : a case study in Hong KongWang, H; Shen, Q ; Jin, Z
2009Application and comparison of particle swarm optimization and genetic algorithm in strategy defense gameHuo, P; Shiu, SCK ; Wang, H; Niu, B
2012Applications of ultra-precision free-form machining technology to advanced opticsLee, WB ; Wang, H; To, S ; Cheung, CF 
2012Are the effects of conscientiousness on contextual and innovative performance context specific? Organizational culture as a moderatorWang, H; Begley, T; Hui, C; Lee, C
2013Automatically predicting the polarity of Chinese adjectives: Not, a bit and a search engineXu, G; Huang, C ; Wang, H
9-May-2013Biomimicry of quorum sensing using bacterial lifecycle modelNiu, B; Wang, H; Duan, Q; Li, L
2014Blue phase-mixed anatase-rutile TiO2 heterogeneous junction composites: surface defect-induced reconstruction by F ion and superior lithium-storage propertiesWang, H; Yang, HX ; Lu, L 
2013Building self-ordered tubular macro- and mesoporous nitridated titania from gas bubbles towards high-performance lithium-ion batteriesWang, H; Yang, H ; Lu, L ; Zhou, Y; Wang, Y
2016C-axis preferential orientation of hydroxyapatite accounts for the high wear resistance of the teeth of black carp (Mylopharyngodon Piceus)Fu, J; He, C; Xia, B; Li, Y; Feng, Q; Yin, Q; Shi, X; Feng, X; Wang, H; Yao, H 
2016Carbon coating may expedite the fracture of carbon-coated silicon core-shell nanoparticles during lithiationLi, W; Cao, K; Wang, H; Liu, J; Zhou, L ; Yao, H 
2009Case indexing using PSO and aNN in real time strategy gamesHuo, P; Shiu, SCK ; Wang, H; Niu, B
2009Case learning and indexing in real time strategy gamesWang, H; Ng, PHF; Niu, B; Shiu, SCK 
2011Chaotic flow-based fuel cell built on counter-flow microfluidic network : predicting the over-limiting current behaviorXuan, J; Leung, DYC; Leung, MKH; Wang, H; Ni, M 
2011Characteristics of a silk fibre reinforced biodegradable plasticHo, MP; Lau, KT ; Wang, H; Bhattacharyya, D
2003Characteristics of observed trace gaseous pollutants in the Yangtze DeltaWang, H; Tang, X; Wang, M; Yan, P; Wang, T ; Shao, K; Zeng, L; Du, H; Chen, L
2005Characterization the performance and stability issues of the AS path prepending method : taxonomy, measurement study and analysisWang, H; Chang, R ; Chiu, DM; Lui, J
Feb-2012Chemical and transport behaviors in a microfluidic reformer with catalytic-support membrane for efficient hydrogen production and purificationXuan, J; Leung, DYC; Leung, MKH; Ni, M ; Wang, H
2014Cholecystokinin from the entorhinal cortex enables neural plasticity in the auditory cortexLi, X; Yu, K; Zhang, Z; Sun, W; Yang, Z; Feng, J; Chen, X; Liu, CH; Wang, H; Guo, YP; He, J
2013Cloud offloading on customer-provided resourcesLai, K; Tang, H; Wang, H; Ding, S; Wang, D 
2012Compressive properties of chemically-treated hemp fibre reinforced compositesKabir, MM; Wang, H; Lau, KT ; Cardona, T; Aravinthan, T
2011A computational study of bifunctional oxygen electrode in air-breathing reversible microfluidic fuel cellsXuan, J; Leung, DYC; Leung, MKH; Ni, M ; Wang, H
2016Construction material safety-stock determination under nonstationary stochastic demand and random supply yieldLu, H; Wang, H; Xie, Y; Li, H 
2016Continuous injection direct rolling for optical elements with microstructuresWang, H; Lv, Y; Lou, Y; Li, J; Cheung, CF 
2015Converted Heat Pumps for Small- and Medium-Size Hospitality Enterprises: More Energy Saving and CommercializationChan, W ; Au, N ; Wang, H; Yao, Y; Jiang, Y
2015Critical issues in spatial distribution of public housing estates and their implications on urban renewal in Hong KongZheng, W; Shen, G ; Wang, H; Lombardi, P
2014A decision-making framework for sustainable land use in Hong Kong’s urban renewal projectsShen, Q ; Wang, H; Tang, BS
2011Deformable registration of planning CT and daily cone beam CT for image guided adaptive radiation therapy systemLi, D; Wang, H; Wang, X; Yin, Y; Feng, D
2010Deformation estimated using a multiresolution wavelet representation for adaptive radiation therapyLi, D; Wang, X; Wang, H; Yin, Y; Feng, DD
2006Design and fabrication of freeform reflector for automotive headlampJiang, J; Cheung, CFB ; To, S ; Cheng, KWE ; Wang, H; Lee, WB 
2006Determination of film-only hardness by eliminating the effects of elastic deformation of substrateWang, H; Ong, CW 
2003Dielectric properties and relaxation behavior of polymethylsiloxane-imide filmsWang, H; Tao, X ; Newton, E
2002Dielectric properties of fluorine-containing polymethylsiloxane-imide filmsWang, H; Tao, X ; Newton, E
2016Direct adaptive neural control of nonlinear strict-feedback systems with unmodeled dynamics using small-gain approachWang, H; Yang, H; Liu, X; Liu, L; Li, S 
2014Direct analysis of herbal powders by pipette-tip electrospray ionization mass spectrometryWang, H; So, PK; Yao, ZP 
2013Driving force of urban growth and regional planning : a case study of China's Guangdong ProvinceLu, C; Wu, Y; Shen, Q ; Wang, H
2014Dual-modal upconversion fluorescent/X-ray imaging using ligand-free hexagonal phase NaLuF4: Gd/Yb/Er nanorods for blood vessel visualizationZeng, S; Wang, H; Lu, W; Yi, Z; Rao, L; Liu, H; Hao, J 
2012Dynamic electropulsing induced phase transformations and their effects on single point diamond turning of AZ91 alloyZhang, D; To, S ; Zhu, YH; Wang, H; Tang, GY
2016Dynamic equivalent-based reliability evaluation of distribution systems with DGsWang, H; Lin, H; Yu, T; Xu, Z ; Mishra, Y
2010A dynamic mathematical test of international property securities bubbles and crashesHui, ECM ; Zheng, X; Wang, H
2011Dynamic modelling of shear band formation and tool-tip vibration in ultra-precision diamond turningWang, H; To, S ; Chan, CY; Cheung, CF ; Lee, WB 
2012Effect of degumming time on silkworm silk fibre for biodegradable polymer compositesHo, MP; Wang, H; Lau, KT 
2010Effect of Mn substitution for Fe in multiferroic BiFeO3 : a first-principles studyWang, H; Huang, H ; Wang, B
2013Effect of silk fiber to the mechanical and thermal properties of its biodegradable compositesHo, MP; Wang, H; Lau, KT ; Leng, J
2013Effects of chemical treatments on hemp fibre structureLau, KT ; Kabir, MM; Wang, H; Cardona, F
2015Efficient real-time residential energy management through MILP based rolling horizon optimizationWang, H; Meng, K; Dong, ZY; Xu, Z ; Luo, F; Wong, KP
2010Elastic strain induced shear bands in the microcutting processWang, H; To, S ; Chan, CY; Cheung, CF ; Lee, WB 
12-Oct-2011Electric field instrument and electric field measurement methodChen, M ; Wang, H
2001Electrochemiluminescent optrode using minigrid optically transparent electrode as working electrodeXu, G; Wang, H; Wong, KY ; Dong, S
2011Electromagnetic wave absorption properties of mechanically mixed Nd 2Fe14B/C microparticlesLiu, X; Or, SW ; Ho, SL ; Geng, D; Xie, Z; Wang, H; Zhang, Z
Sep-2008Electronic structure and chemical bonding of α - and β-Ta₄AlC₃ phases : full-potential calculationLu, W; Deng, X; Wang, H; Huang, H ; He, L
2012Electronic, magnetic and dielectric properties of multiferroic MnTiO3Deng, XH; Lu, W; Wang, H; Huang, HT ; Dai, JY 
14-Jun-2012Electronic, magnetic and dielectric properties of multiferroic MnTiO₃Deng, X; Lu, W; Wang, H; Huang, H ; Dai, J 
2012Electropulsing-induced phase transformations and their effects on the single point diamond turning of a tempered alloy AZ91Zhang, D; To, S ; Zhu, YH; Wang, H; Tang, GY
2010Electrospun poly(lactide) nanofibers containing porphyrin additiveXu, T; Lee, PPS; Xue, Z; Chen, Y; Wang, Y; Wang, H; Huang, C; Xin, JH ; Cheuk, KKL 
2015Enabling Customer-Provided Resources for Cloud Computing: Potentials, Challenges, and ImplementationWang, H; Wang, F; Liu, J; Wang, D ; Groen, J
2013Encoding and retrieval of artificial visuoauditory memory traces in the auditory cortex requires the entorhinal cortexChen, X; Guo, Y; Feng, J; Liao, Z; Li, X; Wang, H; Li, X; He, J
2007Energy-efficient dual prediction-based data gathering for environmental monitoring applicationsWang, G; Wang, H; Cao, J ; Guo, M
2011Enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity of novel Pt/C-doped TiO 2/PtCl 4 three-component nanojunction system for degradation of toluene in airDong, F; Wang, H; Sen, G; Wu, Z; Lee, SC 
2013Enhancement of surface finish using water-miscible nano-cutting fluid in ultra-precision turningChan, CY; Lee, WB ; Wang, H
2013Enhancement of the machinability of silicon by hydrogen ion implantation for ultra-precision micro-cuttingTo, S ; Wang, H; Jelenkovic, EV
2010Error bounds for approximation in Chebyshev pointsXiang, S; Chen, X ; Wang, H
1-Oct-2010Exchange interaction function for spin-lattice coupling in bcc ironWang, H; Ma, PW; Woo, CH
2012Experimental studies on multi-functional modes of heat pumpChan, W ; Wang, H; Yang, Y; Jiang, Y
2016Experimental study on virtual value management workshop in Hong KongYuan, Z; Shen, QP ; Chung, KH; Mohamad Ramly, ZB; Yu, ATW ; Wang, H
2013Extracting Chinese product features : representing a sequence by a set of skip-bigramsXu, G; Huang, CR ; Wang, H
2012Extracting Chinese product features : representing a sequence by a set of skip-bigramsXu, GE; Huang, C ; Wang, H
2013Extraction and processing of real time strain of embedded FBG sensors using a fixed filter FBG circuit and an artificial neural networkKahandawa, GC; Epaarachchi, J; Wang, H; Canning, J; Lau, KT 
13-Feb-2013Face recognition with multi-resolution spectral feature imagesSun, ZL; Lam, KMK ; Dong, ZY; Wang, H; Gao, QW; Zheng, CH
2012Fast online training with frequency-adaptive learning rates for Chinese word segmentation and new word detectionSun, XU; Wang, H; Li, W 
2015Feasibility and optimization of Aerogel Glazing System for building energy efficiency in different climatesWang, H; Wu, H; Ding, Y; Feng, J; Wang, S 
2010Finite element modeling of tool wear in single point diamond turningWang, H; To, S 
2008Finite element modelling of micro-cutting processes from crystal plasticityChen, YP; Lee, WB ; To, S ; Wang, H
2013Finite element modelling of shear angle and cutting force variation induced by material anisotropy in ultra-precision diamond turningLee, WB ; Wang, H; Chan, CY; To, S 
2011Finite element modelling of squeezing effect in ultra precision diamond turningTo, S ; Wang, H
2008Finite element simulation of the cutting process in SPDTWang, H; To, S ; Cheung, CF ; Lee, WB 
2009First-principles prediction of the hardness of fluorite TiO2Lu, W; Wang, H; Hu, Y; Huang, H ; Gu, H
2009First-principles study of structural, electronic, and optical properties of ZnSnO3Wang, H; Huang, H ; Wang, B