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2014Accuracy analysis of digital elevation model relating to spatial resolution and terrain slope by bilinear interpolationShi, W ; Wang, B; Tian, Y
2010Adjusting learning motivation to promote cooperationZhang, H; Small, M; Yang, H; Wang, B
2016Advanced algorithms for local routing strategy on complex networksLin, B; Chen, B; Gao, Y; Tse, CK ; Dong, C; Miao, L; Wang, B
2016Age-related alterations in phase synchronization of oxyhemoglobin concentration changes in prefrontal tissues as measured by near-infrared spectroscopy signalsTan, Q; Zhang, M ; Wang, Y; Zhang, M; Wang, B; Xin, Q; Li, Z
2013Air-breathing membraneless laminar flow-based fuel cells : do they breathe enough oxygen?Xuan, J; Leung, DYC; Wang, H; Leung, MKH; Wang, B; Ni, M 
15-Sep-2003Atomic force microscopy-induced electric field in ferroelectric thin filmsWang, B; Woo, CH
2004Biomechanical animal experiemental research on osseointegrationFan, Y; Wang, B; Xiu, KH; Dong, X; Zhang, M 
2004A biomechanical animal model for osseointegration researchFan, YB; Xiu, KH; Wang, B; Dong, X; Zhang, M 
2007Characteristics of carbonyls : concentrations and source strengths for indoor and outdoor residential microenvironments in ChinaWang, B; Lee, SC ; Ho, KF
2004Characteristics of emissions of air pollutants from burning of incense in a large environmental chamberLee, SC ; Wang, B
2007Characteristics of emissions of air pollutants from burning of incense in temples, Hong KongWang, B; Lee, SC ; Ho, KF; Kang, YM
2006Characteristics of emissions of air pollutants from mosquito coils and candles burning in a large environmental chamberLee, SC ; Wang, B
2006Chemical characterization of essential oil in Rhizoma asarum from different sources using GC-MS with resolution improved by data processing techniquesGong, F; Wang, B; Chau, F
2016Chemical composition and bioreactivity of PM2.5 during 2013 haze events in ChinaHo, KF; Ho, SSH; Huang, RJ; Chuang, HC; Cao, JJ; Han, Y; Lui, KH; Ning, Z; Chuang, KJ; Cheng, TJ; Lee, SC ; Hu, D; Wang, B; Zhang, R
2006Chemical composition of fine particles from incense burning in a large environmental chamberWang, B; Lee, SC ; Ho, KF
2014Comments on a public auditing mechanism for shared cloud data serviceYu, Y; Ni, J; Au, MH ; Mu, Y; Wang, B; Li, H
2014Comparative Analysis for Robust Penalized Spline Smoothing MethodsWang, B; Shi, W ; Miao, Z
2015Confidence analysis of standard deviational ellipse and its extension into higher dimensional Euclidean spaceWang, B; Shi, W ; Miao, Z
1-Jun-2007Controlling dielectric and pyroelectric properties of compositionally graded ferroelectric rods by an applied pressureZheng, Y; Woo, CH; Wang, B
2012Critical properties of nanoscale asymmetric ferroelectric tunnel junctions or capacitorsZheng, Y; Chen, WJ; Luo, X; Wang, B; Woo, CH
21-Aug-2006Critical thickness for dislocation generation during ferroelectric transition in thin film on a compliant substrateZheng, Y; Wang, B; Woo, CH
2014Crosswind effect studies on road vehicle passing by bridge tower using computational fluid dynamicsWang, B; Xu, YL ; Zhu, LD; Li, YL
2014Crosswind effects on high-sided road vehicles with and without movementWang, B; Xu, YL ; Zhu, LD; Li, YL
15-Apr-2005Curie temperature and critical thickness of ferroelectric thin filmsWang, B; Woo, CH
15-Aug-2006Curie-Weiss law in thin-film ferroelectricsWang, B; Woo, CH
2006Debonding failures of RC beams strengthened with near surface mounted CFRP stripsTeng, JG ; De Lorenzis, L; Wang, B; Li, R; Wong, TN; Lam, L
2006Delay-bounded range queries in DHT-based peer-to-peer systemsLi, D; Cao, J ; Lu, X; Chan, KCC ; Wang, B; Su, J; Leong, HV ; Chan, ATS 
2014The design of LED fiber automotive headlampWang, B; To, S ; 王文; Cheung, KC
2012Determination of aerodynamic characteristics of a vehicle immerged in the wake of bridge tower using computational fluid dynamicsWang, B; Xu, YL ; Zhu, LD; Li, YL
2010Determination of aerodynamic characteristics of vehicle-bridge systems using LES methodWang, B; Xu, YL ; Zhu, LD; Li, YL
2013Determination of aerodynamic forces on stationary/moving vehicle-bridge deck system under crosswinds using computational fluid dynamicsWang, B; Xu, YL ; Zhu, LD; Cao, SY; Li, YL
3-Oct-2011Domain structures of ferroelectric thin film controlled by oxidizing atmosphereMa, D; Zheng, Y; Wang, B; Woo, CH
2013Dynamic analysis of wind-vehicle-bridge coupling system during the meeting of two trainsLi, YL; Xiang, HY; Wang, B; Xu, YL ; Qiang, SZ
2015Dynamic analysis of wind-vehicle-bridge systems using mutually-affected aerodynamic parametersWang, B; Xu, YL ; Li, Y
1-Sep-2003Dynamic process of domain switching in ferroelectric filmsWang, B; Xia, R; Fan, H; Woo, CH
2001Effect of fatigue on the pyroelectric and dielectric properties of PZT filmsWang, B; Chan, HLW ; Kwok, KW ; Ploss, B; Choy, CL ; Tong, KY
2010Effect of Mn substitution for Fe in multiferroic BiFeO3 : a first-principles studyWang, H; Huang, H ; Wang, B
2001Effect of RuO2 electrode on polarization fatigue resistance of PbZr0.52Ti0.48O3 thin filmsWang, B; Kwok, KW ; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL ; Tong, KY
2009The effect of sitting Tai Chi on eye-hand coordination in frail older adultsLu, X; Wang, B; Lee, Y; Chan, WN; Hui-Chan, CWY; Tsang, WWN 
2004Effect of temperature and structure on the free volume and water vapor permeability in hydrophilic polyurethanesWang, ZF; Wang, B; Ding, XM; Zhang, M; Liu, LM; Qi, N; Hu, JL 
2004Effect of UV light on multiplexing holograms in near-stoichiometric LiNbO3:Ce:FeLing, F; Wang, B; Guan, CX; Tao, G; Dong, TD; Yuan, W; Sun, N
2012Effects of aqueous extract from Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge on serum lipid level and liver in ovariectomized ratsLi, CM; Yang, RF; Gu, QL; Wang, B; Wu, JH; Fan, XD; Chan, SW; Qiu, TQ; Wong, MS 
2007Effects of interface dislocations on properties of ferroelectric thin filmsZheng, Y; Wang, B; Woo, CH
7-Aug-2006Effects of strain gradient on charge offsets and pyroelectric properties of ferroelectric thin filmsZheng, Y; Wang, B; Woo, CH
2015An empirical study of pauses in Chinese-English simultaneous interpretingWang, B; Li, T
2014Ethanolic extract of rhizome of Ligusticum chuanxiong Hort. (chuanxiong) enhances endothelium-dependent vascular reactivity in ovariectomized rats fed with high-fat dietLi, CM; Guo, YQ; Dong, XL; Li, H; Wang, B; Wu, JH; Wong, MS ; Chan, SW
2014Evaluation of fatigue damage and loosening bolts in bolted joints using nonlinearities of Lamb wavesWang, B; Su, Z ; Hong, M; Wei, J
2010Evaluation of the fracture properties of the bond interfaces between UHTCC overlays and concrete substratesWang, B; Dai, JG ; Xu, SL
Mar-2016Evaluation of whiteness indicesMa, S; Wei, M ; Liang, J; Wang, B; Pointer, MR; Luo, MR
2010Experimental study on fracture behavior of UHTCC overlay/concrete interfaces under mixed-mode loadingWang, B; Dai, J ; Xu, S
2010Experimental study on the double-k fracture parameters and brittleness of concrete with different strengths, fracture mechanics of concrete and concrete structures-assessment, durability, monitoring and retrofitting of concrete structuresWang, B; Dai, JG ; Zhang, XF; Xu, SL
2012Fast and highly-sensitive hydrogen sensing of Nb2O5 nanowires at room temperatureWang, Z; Hu, Y; Wang, W; Zhang, X; Wang, B; Tian, H; Wang, Y ; Guan, J; Gu, H
26-Feb-2007Ferroelectric rods with adjustable dielectric tunabilityZheng, Y; Woo, CH; Wang, B; Zhu, ZY
2011Ferroelectricity in ultrathin asymmetric ferroelectric tunnel junctions : vanishing critical thicknessZheng, Y; Chen, WJ; Woo, CH; Wang, B
2009First-principles study of structural, electronic, and optical properties of ZnSnO3Wang, H; Huang, H ; Wang, B
15-Jun-2007First-principles study of the cubic perovskites BiMO₃ (M=Al, Ga, In, and Sc)Wang, H; Wang, B; Li, Q; Zhu, Z; Wang, R; Woo, CH
1-Sep-2009First-principles study on energetics of intrinsic point defects in LaAlO₃Luo, X; Wang, B; Zheng, Y
2007First-principles study on the formation energies of intrinsic defects in LiNbO3Li, Q; Wang, B; Woo, CH; Wang, H; Wang, R
2004Free volume and water vapor permeability properties in polyurethane membranes studied by positronsWang, ZF; Wang, B; Qi, N; Ding, XM; Hu, JL 
2005Free volume and water vapor transport properties of temperature-sensitive polyurethanesDing, XM; Hu, JL ; Tao, XM ; Wang, ZF; Wang, B
2015Frequency-specific functional connectivity revealed by wavelet-based coherence analysis in elderly subjects with cerebral infarction using NIRS methodTan, Q; Zhang, M ; Wang, Y; Zhang, M; Wang, Y; Xin, Q; Wang, B; Li, Z
2005Growth and characteristics of near-Stoichiornetric Zn:LiNbO3 crystals grown by TSSG methodFang, SQ; Wang, B; Zhang, T; Ling, FR; Zhao, YQ
2007Growth and optical properties of (KNa) 0.1 (Sr 0.61 Ba 0.39 ) 0.9 Nb2 O6 thin films by pulsed laser depositionZhang, Y; Tao, K; Ma, Y; Yang, S; Wang, B; Mak, CL ; Wong, KH 
2010Hub nodes inhibit the outbreak of epidemic under voluntary vaccinationZhang, H; Zhang, J; Zhou, C; Small, M; Wang, B
2004Internal field and self-polarization in sol-gel-derived lead zirconate titanate filmsWang, B; Kwok, KW ; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL 
2004Investigation of the behavior of an interface crack between two half-planes of orthotropic functionally graded materials by using a new methodZhou, ZG; Wang, B; Yang, LJ
2008Large Eddy Simulation of a dilute particle-laden turbulent flow over a backward-facing stepZhang, H; Wang, B; Chan, C ; Wang, X
2013Lighting design of extended light sourceWang, B; To, S ; Cheung, CF ; Wang, WK
15-Jun-2008Magnetoelectric effects due to elastic coupling in ferroelectric/ferromagnetic multilayersWang, B; Woo, CH
2005Measurement of attraction force between AFM tip and surface of dielectric thin films with DC-biasZhu, YF; Xu, CH; Wang, B; Woo, CH
2014A method for accurate road centerline extraction from a classified imageMiao, Z; Wang, B; Shi, W ; Wu, H
2013Micro-gels for impact protectionZhou, C; Wang, B; Zhang, F; Xu, K; Han, C; Hu, H ; Liu, Y; Wang, P; Xin, JH 
1-Oct-2009Microscopic mechanism of leakage currents in silica junctionsLuo, X; Wang, B; Zheng, Y
2014Neurogenesis in neurological and psychiatric diseases and brain injury : from bench to bedsideRuan, L; Lau, BWM; Wang, J; Huang, L; ZhuGe, Q; Wang, B; Jin, K; So, KF
2008A new feedrate adaptation control NURBS interpolation based on de boor algorithm in CNC systemsWang, T; Cao, Y; Chen, Y; Wei, H; Wang, B; Shao, Z 
2009A new method to test the photometric characteristics of lamps for motor vehiclesWang, W; To, S ; Cheung, C ; Jiang, J; Wang, B
2016Nonlinear safety analysis of a running road vehicle under a sudden crosswindWang, B; Xu, YL ; Li, YL
2015Norms of target-language communication in interpreting: A descriptive study based on the corpus of CEIPPCWang, B
2011Numerical simulation of aerodynamic characteristic of vehicle-bridge systemsWang, B; Xu, YL ; Li, YL
2011Numerical simulation of aerodynamic characteristics for static and dynamic vehicle-bridge system under cross windLi, Y; Wang, B; Xu, Y ; Liao, H