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2012Ferromagnetic anisotropy of carbon-doped ZnO nanoneedles fabricated by ion beam techniqueWei, CS; Lau, SP ; Tanemura, M; Subramanian, M; Akaike, Y
2010Ferromagnetic carbon-doped ZnO nanoneedlesLau, SP ; Herng, TS; Wei, CS; Tanemura, M
2011Ferromagnetism in C-doped ZnO films prepared by ion beam techniqueWei, CS; Lau, SP ; Tanemura, M; Akaike, Y
6-Jul-2009Magnetotransport properties of p-type carbon-doped ZnO thin filmsHerng, TS; Lau, SP ; Wang, L; Zhao, BC; Yu, SF; Tanemura, M; Akaike, A; Teng, KS
2009Room-temperature ferromagnetism of Cu-doped ZnO films deposited by helicon magnetron sputteringRan, FY; Imaoka, M; Tanemura, M; Hayashi, Y; Herng, TS; Lau, SP 
28-Sep-2009Stable ferromagnetism in p-type carbon-doped ZnO nanoneedlesHerng, TS; Lau, SP ; Wei, C; Wang, L; Zhao, BC; Tanemura, M; Akaike, Y
1-Nov-2009Ultraviolet laser action in ferromagnetic Zn₁₋ₓFeₓO nanoneedlesYang, HY; Yu, SF; Lau, SP ; Herng, TS; Tanemura, M