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2010Aircraft study of cloud water chemistry over Jilin Province in Northeast ChinaXue, LK; Ding, AJ; Ren, Y; Gao, J; Wang, T ; Wang, WX; Wang, XZ; Lei, HC; Jin, DZ
2007Analysis of time- and space-domain sampling for probe vehicle-based traffic information systemHong, J; Zhang, X; Chen, J; Wei, Z; Cao, J ; Ren, Y
2012Aqueous phase sulfate production in clouds in eastern ChinaShen, X; Lee, T; Guo, J; Wang, X; Li, P; Xu, P; Wang, Y; Ren, Y; Wang, W; Wang, T ; Li, Y; Carn, SA; Collett, JL
2013Cell culture using centrifugal microfluidic platform with demonstration on Pichia pastorisRen, Y; Chow, LMC ; Leung, WWF 
2010Cell culture using totating microfluidicsLeung, WWF ; Ren, Y
2013Crossflow and mixing in obstructed and width-constricted rotating radial microchannelLeung, WWF ; Ren, Y
17-Jul-2009Deformation crossover : from nano- to mesoscaleCheng, S; Stoica, AD; Wang, X; Ren, Y; Almer, J; Horton, JA; Liu, CT; Clausen, B; Brown, DW; Liaw, PK; Zuo, L
2015Distributed fault-tolerant topology control in cooperative wireless ad hoc networksGuo, JY; Liu, XF; Jiang, CX; Cao, JN ; Ren, Y
2009Distribution and source of alkyl polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in dustfall in Shanghai, China : the effect on the coastal areaLian, JJ; Ren, Y; Chen, JM; Wang, T ; Cheng, TT
2010Experimental investigation on flow and mixing in rotating microfluidicsLeung, WWF ; Ren, Y
2013Flow and mixing in rotating zigzag microchannelRen, Y; Leung, WWF 
2011Impact of topology on the maximum multicast throughput in communication networks with network codingRen, Y; Lau, FCM ; Tse, CK ; Dong, H
2000Inverse DGPS and its applicationsChao, J; Ding, XL ; Chen, W ; Dong, X; Ren, Y; Li, W; Yang, L
2013Joint video adaptation and erasure code for video broadcast in wireless networksHe, NQ; Zhang, XD; Li, YP; Cao, JN ; Li, Z; Ren, Y
2010JVEC : joint video adaptation and erasure code for wireless video streaming broadcastHe, N; Cao, J ; Li, Z; Ren, Y
2009Measurement of gas-phase total peroxides at the summit of Mount Tai in ChinaRen, Y; Ding, A; Wang, T ; Shen, X; Guo, J; Zhang, J; Wang, Y; Xu, P; Wang, X; Gao, J; Collett, JJL
2010Mixing in a rotating micro-channelLeung, WWF ; Ren, Y
2007A novel real-time traffic information system based on wireless mesh networksZhang, X; Hong, J; Fan, S; Wei, Z; Cao, J ; Ren, Y
2013Numerical and experimental investigation on flow and mixing in batch-mode centrifugal microfluidicsRen, Y; Leung, WWF 
2010A numerical model on secondary flow and mixing in rotating microfluidicsLeung, WWF ; Ren, Y
2011A parsimony fuzzy rule-based classifier using axiomatic fuzzy set theory and support vector machinesRen, Y; Liu, X; Cao, J 
2010ROME : rateless online MDS code for wireless data broadcastingHe, N; Xu, Y; Cao, J ; Li, Z; Chen, H; Ren, Y
2014Scale-up on mixing in rotating microchannel under subcritical and supercritical operating modesLeung, WWF ; Ren, Y
2014Secondary network connectivity of Ad Hoc cognitive radio networksLiu, D; Liu, E; Zhang, Z; Wang, R; Ren, Y; Liu, Y; Ho, IWH; Yin, X; Liu, F
2016Three-dimensional graphene nanosheets loaded with Si nanoparticles by in situ reduction of SiO2 for lithium ion batteriesWu, L; Yang, J; Tang, J; Ren, Y; Nie, Y; Zhou, X
Apr-2009Transport of north China air pollution by midlatitude cyclones : case study of aircraft measurements in summer 2007Ding, A; Wang, T ; Xue, L; Gao, J; Stohl, A; Lei, H; Jin, D; Ren, Y; Wang, X; Wei, XL; Qi, Y; Liu, J; Zhang, X
2013Vortical flow and mixing in rotating milli- and micro-chambersRen, Y; Leung, WWF