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2013Coordination of supply chains with bidirectional option contractsZhao, Y; Ma, L; Xie, G; Cheng, TCE 
2014The correlate of disordered eating with body image dissatisfaction and psychological health of Chinese university students in Hong Kong and Mainland ChinaLeung, SF ; Ma, L
2014The correlate of disordered eating with body image dissatisfaction and psychological health of Chinese university students in Hong Kong and Mainland ChinaLeung, SF ; Ma, L
2006Curcumin analogs as potent aldose reductase inhibitorsDu, ZY; Bao, YD; Liu, Z; Qiao, W; Ma, L; Huang, ZS; Gu, LQ; Chan, ASC
1-Jul-2013Enhancement of acoustic sensitivity of hollowcore photonic bandgap fibersYang, F; Jin, W ; Ho, HL; Wang, F; Liu, W; Ma, L; Hu, Y
2015Enhancing healthy eating, positive body image and psychological health of university students with an online self-help programme : a pilot studyLeung, SF ; Ma, L
2006Generating seams and wrinkles for virtual clothingMa, L; Hu, J ; Baciu, G 
2005An intriguing reaction of 4-hydroxycoumarins with 2,3-dichloro-5,6- dicyanobenzoquinoneZhang, SL; An, LK; Huang, ZS; Ma, L; Li, YM; Chan, ASC; Gu, LQ
2013Investigation of acoustic sensitivity of hollow-core photonic bandgap fibersYang, F; Jin, W ; Ho, HL; Wang, F; Liu, W; Ma, L; Hu, Y
2009Investigation on transmission properties of a single mode fiber with a cross-sectional micro-channel using time-domain finite difference (FDTD) methodHong, W; Wang, DN ; Gao, D; Li, Y; Liao, C; Wang, Y; Liu, S; Fang, X; Ma, L
2013Iris-based medical analysis by geometric deformation featuresMa, L; Zhang, D ; Li, N; Cai, Y; Zuo, W; Wang, K
2015Logistics systems optimization under competitionChoi, TM ; Govindan, K; Ma, L
2012Loss-averse newsvendor model with two ordering opportunities and market information updatingMa, L; Zhao, Y; Xue, W; Cheng, TCE ; Yan, H
2014Mechanical behaviors of carbon fiber composite sandwich columns with three dimensional honeycomb cores under in-plane compressionXiong, J; Zhang, M; Stocchi, A; Hu, H ; Ma, L; Wu, L; Zhang, Z
2010Mechanically robust tri-wing graphene nanoribbons with tunable electronic and magnetic propertiesZhu, L; Wang, J; Zhang, T; Ma, L; Lim, CW; Ding, F ; Zeng, XC
2014Mechanism of transition-metal nanoparticle catalytic graphene cuttingMa, L; Wang, J; Yip, J ; Ding, F 
2006The mechanism on cyclization, debenzylation and oxidation of 1-[1-(benzyloxy)-3-methylnaphthalen-4-yloxy]propan-2-oneHuang, SL; Luo, Y; Huang, ZS; Bu, XZ; Liu, PQ; Ma, L; Li, YM; Chan, ASC; Gu, LQ
2006Modelling multi-layer seam puckeringHu, JL ; Ma, L; Baciu, G ; Wong, SK; Zhang, W
2013Molecular dynamics simulation of fracture strength and morphology of defective grapheneWang, M; Yan, C; Galpaya, D; Lai, ZB; Ma, L; Hu, N; Yuan, Q; Bai, R; Zhou, L 
19-Jun-2006Ni–Al diffusion barrier layer for integrating ferroelectric capacitors on SiLiu, BT; Cheng, CS; Li, F; Ma, L; Zhao, QX; Yan, Z; Wu, DQ; Li, CR; Wang, Y ; Li, XH; Zhang, XY
2006Novel core-shell nanoparticles and their application in high-capacity immobilization of enzymesMao, X; Huang, J; Leung, MF; Du, Z; Ma, L; Huang, Z; Li, P ; Gu, L
2006A novel method to prepare chitosan powder and its application in cellulase immobilizationMao, X; Guo, G; Huang, J; Du, Z; Huang, Z; Ma, L; Li, P ; Gu, L
2011A novel weave pattern encoding method using neighbor information and its applicationsMa, L; Baciu, G ; Hu, JL ; Zhang, J
15-Jun-2009Photonic bandgap fiber tapers and in-fiber interferometric sensorsJu, J; Ma, L; Jin, W ; Hu, Y
2009Photonic bandgap fiber tapers and interferometeric sensorsJu, J; Ma, L; Jin, W 
2013Recent progress and challenges in graphene nanoribbon synthesisMa, L; Wang, J; Ding, F 
2014Smart clothing with built-in soft sensors for in-situ pressure distribution measurement of seatbelt in vehicle collisionWang, F; Zhu, B; Shu, L; Li, Y; Lai, X; Ma, L; Ji, P; Zhou, Q; Tao, X 
2005Synthesis and biological evaluation of functionalized coumarins as acetylcholinesterase inhibitorsShen, Q; Peng, Q; Shao, J; Liu, X; Huang, Z; Pu, X; Ma, L; Li, YM; Chan, ASC; Gu, L
2006Synthesis and cytotoxicity of 9-substituted benzo[de]chromene-7,8-dione and 5-benzyl-9-substituted benzo[de]chromene-7,8-dioneHuang, SL; Luo, Y; Huang, ZS; Wang, XY; Bu, XZ; Liu, PQ; Ma, L; Xie, BF; Liu, ZC; Li, YM; Chan, ASC; Gu, LQ
2005Synthesis and evaluation of quindoline derivatives as G-quadruplex inducing and stabilizing ligands and potential inhibitors of telomeraseZhou, JL; Lu, YJ; Ou, TM; Zhou, JM; Huang, ZS; Zhu, XF; Du, CJ; Bu, XZ; Ma, L; Gu, LQ; Li, YM; Chan, ASC
2005Synthesis of new benzoimidazole derivativesAn, LK; Bu, XZ; Huang, ZS; Ma, L; Gu, LQ; Chan, ASC; Li, YM
2004Synthesis of zwitterionic 4-hydroxycoumarin derivatives through a unique reaction of 4-hydroxycoumarins with p-benzoquinone and pyridineZhang, SL; Huang, ZS; An, LK; Bu, XZ; Ma, L; Li, YM; Chan, ASC; Gu, LQ
2015To disclose or not to disclose : the story of Linda MaMa, L; Lu, AJB; Tsang, HWH 
2011Transition-metal-catalyzed unzipping of single-walled carbon nanotubes into narrow graphene nanoribbons at low temperatureWang, J; Ma, L; Yuan, Q; Zhu, L; Ding, F 
2009A universal texture segmentation and representation scheme based on ant colony optimization for iris image processingMa, L; Wang, K; Zhang, D 
2013A value-based approach to option pricing: The case of supply chain optionsZhao, Y; Yang, L; Cheng, TCE ; Ma, L; Shao, X
2004Virtual garment sewingMa, L; Hu, JL ; Baciu, G ; Ng, FSF ; Ng, JYM 
2006α-Glucosidase inhibition of natural curcuminoids and curcumin analogsDu, ZY; Liu, RR; Shao, WY; Mao, XP; Ma, L; Gu, LQ; Huang, ZS; Chan, ASC