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2012Aqueous phase sulfate production in clouds in eastern ChinaShen, X; Lee, T; Guo, J; Wang, X; Li, P; Xu, P; Wang, Y; Ren, Y; Wang, W; Wang, T ; Li, Y; Carn, SA; Collett, JL
2014Atmospheric peroxides in a polluted subtropical environment : seasonal variation, sources and sinks, and importance of heterogeneous processesGuo, J; Tilgner, A; Yeung, C; Wang, Z ; Louie, PKK; Luk, CWY; Xu, Z; Yuan, C; Gao, Y; Poon, S; Herrmann, H; Lee, S ; Lam, KS ; Wang, T 
2011Bundle adjustment of Chang'E-1 imagery and laser altimeter data for Lunar Topographic MappingWu, B ; Guo, J
2007Calculations of eddy current field and thermal problems in an isolated phase busHo, SL ; Li, Y; Guo, J; Lo, EWC 
2008Calculations of electromagnetic field and thermal problem in an isolated phase bus by using FE modelLi, Y; Ho, SL ; Wang, N; Guo, J
2012Characterization of cloud water chemistry at Mount Tai, China : seasonal variation, anthropogenic impact, and cloud processingGuo, J; Wang, Y; Shen, X; Wang, Z ; Lee, T; Wang, X; Li, P; Sun, M; Collett, JL; Wang, W; Wang, T 
Nov-2010Cloud and the corresponding precipitation chemistry in south China : water-soluble components and pollution transportSun, M; Wang, Y; Wang, T ; Fan, S; Wang, W; Li, P; Guo, J; Li, Y
2013Co-registration of lunar topographic models derived from Chang’E-1, SELENE, and LRO laser altimeter data based on a novel surface matchingmethodWu, B ; Guo, J; Hu, H; Li, Z ; Chen, Y
2016Comparative characterization of botulinum neurotoxin subtypes F1 and F7 featuring differential substrate recognition and cleavage mechanismsGuo, J; Chan, EWC; Chen, S 
2007A CSCW-based value management system for construction projectsGuo, J; Zhang, J; Shen, Q 
2014DPA : a data pattern aware error prevention technique for NAND flash lifetime extensionGuo, J; Chen, Z; Wang, D; Shao, Z ; Chen, Y
2010Emulating biological strategies for uncontrolled face recognitionDeng, W; Hu, J; Guo, J; Cai, W; Feng, D
2013Engineering Clostridia Neurotoxins with elevated catalytic activityGuo, J; Pan, X; Zhao, Y ; Chen, S 
2015Enhanced sulfate formation by nitrogen dioxide : implications from in situ observations at the SORPES stationXie, Y; Ding, A; Nie, W; Mao, H; Qi, X; Huang, X; Xu, Z; Kerminen, VM; Petäjä, T; Chi, X; Virkkula, A; Boy, M; Xue, L; Guo, J; Sun, J; Yang, X; Kulmala, M; Fu, C
2006Eukaryotic protein subcellular localization based on local pairwise profile alignment SVMGuo, J; Mak, MW ; Kung, SY
2015Exploration of endogenous substrate cleavage by various forms of botulinum neurotoxinsGuo, J; Wang, J; Chan, EW; Chen, S 
2015Expression and biochemical characterization of light chains of Botulinum neurotoxin subtypes F5 and F7Guo, J; Chen, S 
2012Formation of secondary organic carbon and cloud impact on carbonaceous aerosols at Mount Tai, North ChinaWang, Z ; Wang, T ; Guo, J; Gao, R; Xue, L; Zhang, J; Zhou, Y; Zhou, X; Zhang, Q; Wang, W
2012Gap FBG and its application in tunable narrow linewidth fiber laserYang, Y; Zhang, X; Guo, J; Jin, W ; Yang, M
2015A graphene oxide based fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) biosensor for ultrasensitive detection of botulinum neurotoxin A (BoNT/A) enzymatic activityShi, J; Guo, J; Bai, G; Chan, C; Liu, X; Ye, W; Hao, J ; Chen, S ; Yang, M 
2004Graphical representation of fingerprint imagesZhou, J; Zhang, D ; Wu, N; Guo, J
2011Influence of regional pollution and sandstorms on the chemical composition of cloud/fog at the summit of Mt. Taishan in northern ChinaWang, Y; Guo, J; Wang, T ; Ding, A; Gao, J; Zhou, Y; Collett, JL; Wang, W
2008Inhibition of neuropeptide FF (NPFF)-induced hypothermia and anti-morphine analgesia by RF9, a new selective NPFF receptors antagonistFang, Q; Wang, YQ; He, F; Guo, J; Guo, J; Chen, Q; Wang, R
2011Integration of Chang'E-1 imagery and laser altimeter data for precision lunar topographic modelingWu, B ; Guo, J; Zhang, Y; King, BA ; Li, Z ; Chen, Y 
2014Integration of Chang'E-2 imagery and LRO laser altimeter data with a combined block adjustment for precision lunar topographic modelingWu, B ; Hu, H; Guo, J
2008Intelligent facilities management system based on IFC standard and building equipment integrationZhang, J; Guo, J; Wang, S ; Xu, Z
2009The lunar DEM generation process based on clementine and chang’e-1 imagesKing, B ; Guo, J; Chen, YQ ; Zhang, JX; Ning, XG
2010The lunar DTM generation based on chang'E-1 imageryGuo, J; King, B ; Chen, YQ; Chen, W ; Ding, XL ; Iz, HB 
2013Mass balance estimates of global mountain glaciers and ice capsShum, CK; Braun, A; Cogley, G; Duan, J; Guo, J; Huang, Z; Howat, I; Kuo, C; Lee, H; Tseng, SKH; Wan, J; Yi, Y; Ding, X 
2009Measurement of gas-phase total peroxides at the summit of Mount Tai in ChinaRen, Y; Ding, A; Wang, T ; Shen, X; Guo, J; Zhang, J; Wang, Y; Xu, P; Wang, X; Gao, J; Collett, JJL
2016Mechanism of substrate recognition by the novel Botulinum Neurotoxin subtype F5Guo, J; Chan, EWC; Chen, S 
2013Nanoporous membrane based impedance sensors to detect the enzymatic activity of botulinum neurotoxin AYe, W; Guo, J; Chen, S ; Yang, M 
2011Neuropeptide FF receptor antagonist, RF9, attenuates the fever induced by central injection of LPS in miceWang, YQ; Wang, SB; Ma, JL; Guo, J; Fang, Q; Sun, T; Zhuanga, Y; Wang, R
2008Neuropeptide FF receptors antagonist, RF9, attenuates opioid-evoked hypothermia in miceWang, YQ; Guo, J; wang, SB; Fang, Q; He, F; Wang, R
2008PairProSVM : protein subcellular localization based on local pairwise profile alignment and SVMMak, MW ; Guo, J; Kung, SY
2007Pharmacological effects of the dansylated neuropeptide FF analogues on body temperature and Morphine AnalgesiaFang, Q; He, F; Wang, YQ; Guo, J; Zhang, BZ; Chen, Q; Wang, R
Dec-2010Photogrammetric DEMs from Chang’E1 imageryChen, YQ ; Ding, X ; Chen, W ; Iz, HB ; King, BA ; Guo, J; Ning, XG
2009Photogrammetric DEMs from Chang’E1 imageryChen, YQ ; Ding, XL ; Chen, W ; Iz, HB ; King, B ; Guo, J; Ning, XG
2013A prospective randomized controlled study on the treatment outcome of SpineCor brace versus rigid brace for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis with follow-up according to the SRS standardized criteriaGuo, J; Lam, TP; Wong, MS ; Ng, BKW; Lee, KM; Liu, KL; Hung, LH; Lau, AHY; Sin, SW; Kwok, WK; Yu, FWP; Qiu, Y; Cheng, JCY
2010Radial consolidation with variable compressibility and permeability following pile installationZheng, JJ; Lu, YE; Yin, JH ; Guo, J
2015A reduced graphene oxide-Au based electrochemical biosensor for ultrasensitive detection of enzymatic activity of botulinum neurotoxin AChan, CY; Guo, J; Sun, C; Tsang, MK; Tian, F; Hao, J ; Chen, S ; Yang, M
2010Robust, accurate and efficient face recognition from a single training image : a uniform pursuit approachDeng, W; Hu, J; Guo, J; Cai, W; Feng, D
2003Self-synchronizing watermarking scheme for an arbitrarily shaped objectGuo, J; Zhang, D ; Shi, PF
2014A simple, rapid and sensitive FRET assay for botulinum neurotoxin serotype B detectionGuo, J; Xu, C; Li, X; Chen, S 
2011Source and variation of carbonaceous aerosols at Mount Tai, North China : results from a semi-continuous instrumentWang, Z; Wang, T ; Gao, R; Xue, L; Guo, J; Zhou, Y; Nie, W; Wang, X; Xu, P; Gao, J; Zhou, X; Wang, W; Zhang, Q
2015Substrate-based inhibitors exhibiting excellent protective and therapeutic effects against botulinum neurotoxin a intoxicationGuo, J; Wang, J; Gao, S; Ji, B; Chan, WCE; Chen, S 
1-Feb-2013Temperature-insensitive refractive index sensing by use of micro Fabry–Pérot cavity based on simplified hollow-core photonic crystal fiberWang, Y; Wang, D ; Liao, C; Hu, T; Guo, J; Wei, H
2004Template synthesis, crystal structure and luminescent properties of neutral N4O3 tripodal LnIIIL complexes (Ln III = La3+, Eu3+, Gd3+, Tb 3+, Dy3+, Ho3+, Er3+, Tm3+ or Lu3+; H3L = Tris{[3′-(2″- pyridyl)-5′-tert-butyl-2′-hydroxybenzylidene-2-imino]ethyl}amine)Wong, WK; Liang, H; Guo, J; Wong, WY; Lo, WK; Li, KF; Cheah, KW; Zhou, Z; Wong, WT 
2016The toxic effects of indoor atmospheric fine particulate matter collected from allergic and non-allergic families in Wuhan on mouse peritoneal macrophagesYan, B; Li, J; Guo, J; Ma, P; Wu, Z; Ling, Z; Guo, H ; Hiroshi, Y; Yanagi, U; Yang, X; Zhu, S; Chen, M
2013Unique substrate recognition mechanism of the botulinum neurotoxin D light chainGuo, J; Chen, S 
2008Using data mining techniques to support value management workshops in constructionShen, Q ; Guo, J; Zhang, J; Liu, G
2014Visualisation of helicopter-borne thermal imagery in a 3-D urban environmentNichol, JE ; Wong, MS ; Guo, J
2008Wavelength domain interrogation of polarimetric temperature sensor based on polarization maintaining fiberYang, Y; Shen, T; Guo, J; Jin, W