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2007Application of wavelet fuzzy neural network in locating single line to ground fault (SLG) in distribution linesFan, C; Li, KK; Chan, WL ; Yu, W; Zhang, Z
2014Building system performance diagnosis and optimization based on data mining techniquesXiao, F ; Fan, C; Wang, S 
2014Data mining in building automation system for improving building operational performanceXiao, F ; Fan, C
2014Development of prediction models for next-day building energy consumption and peak power demand using data mining techniquesFan, C; Xiao, F ; Wang, S 
2015A framework for knowledge discovery in massive building automation data and its application in building diagnosticsFan, C; Xiao, F ; Yan, C
2009Mechanical properties of bulk metallic glasses at cryogenic temperaturesFan, C; Liu, CT; Yan, HG
2004A new phase measurement unit (PMU) based fault location algorithm for double circuit linesLi, S; Fan, C; Yu, W; Cai, H; Li, KK
28-Jul-2010Prediction of rainfall time series using modular artificial neural networks coupled with data-preprocessing techniquesWu, CL; Chau, KW ; Fan, C
2012Purification of selenium-containing allophycocyanin from selenium-enriched Spirulina platensis and its hepatoprotective effect against t-BOOH-induced apoptosisFan, C; Jiang, J; Yin, X; Wong, KH ; Zheng, W; Chen, T
2006Study of protection scheme for transmission line based on wavelet transient energyFan, C; Li, KK; Chan, WL ; Yu, W
2004Study on adaptive relay protection scheme based on phase measurement unit (PMU)Fan, C; Li, S; Yu, W; Li, KK