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2015Comparative study on static and dynamic analyses of an ultra-thin double-glazing PV module based on FEMDong, J; Yang, H ; Lu, X; Zhang, H; Peng, J
2015Comprehensive technology to find lining seepage water passage ways of a highway tunnel in Karst areas of ChinaWang, Y; Li, Y; Tan, D; Liu, S; Wei, W; Dong, J
2008Deformation monitoring of dam model test by optical fiber sensorsZhu, H; Yin, J ; Zhang, L; Dong, J; Fung, K; Jin, W 
2009Dependence of sulfadiazine oxidative degradation on physicochemical properties of manganese dioxidesLiu, C; Zhang, L; Li, F; Wang, Y; Gao, Y; Li, X; Cao, W; Feng, C; Dong, J; Sun, L
2012Dynamic textures indexing and retrieval based on intrinsic propertiesJian, M; Lam, KM ; Dong, J
2016Evolution of domains and grain boundaries in graphene : a kinetic Monte Carlo simulationZhuang, J; Zhao, R; Dong, J; Yan, T; Ding, F 
2014Evolutionary location and pricing strategies in competitive hierarchical distribution systems : a spatial agent-based modelHe, Z; Cheng, TCE ; Dong, J; Wang, S
2012An experimental study on defrosting heat supplies and energy consumptions during a reverse cycle defrost operation for an air source heat pumpDong, J; Deng, S ; Jiang, Y; Xia, L; Yao, Y
2012Facial shape and albedo reconstruction based on a trained prototypeSun, Y; Jian, M; Dong, J; Yang, H; Lam, KM 
2015Facile general strategy toward hierarchical mesoporous transition metal oxides arrays on three-dimensional macroporous foam with superior lithium storage propertiesZhang, Q; Wang, J; Dong, J; Ding, F ; Li, X; Zhang, B; Yang, S; Zhang, K
2015Fast 3D face reconstruction based on uncalibrated photometric stereoSun, Y; Dong, J; Jian, M; Qi, L
2014Heartbeat classification using disease-specific feature selectionZhang, Z; Dong, J; Luo, X; Choi, KS ; Wu, X
15-Jul-2007Heterogeneous photodegradation of bisphenol A with iron oxides and oxalate in aqueous solutionLi, FB; Li, XZ; Li, XM; Liu, TX; Dong, J
2011Illumination compensation and enhancement for face recognitionJian, M; Lam, KM ; Dong, J
2014Illumination-insensitive texture discrimination based on illumination compensation and enhancementJian, M; Lam, KM ; Dong, J
2012Improving reverse cycle defrosting performance of air source heat pumps using thermal storage-based refrigerant sub-cooling energyDong, J; Jiang, Y; Deng, S ; Yao, Y; Qu, M
2015Microstructural characterization, formation mechanism and fracture behavior of the needle δ phase in Fe-Ni-Cr type superalloys with high Nb contentNing, Y; Huang, S; Fu, MW ; Dong, J
2005Multitiered supply chain networks : multicriteria decision-making under uncertaintyDong, J; Zhang, D; Yan, H ; Nagurney, A
2013A novel defrosting control method based on the degree of refrigerant superheat for air source heat pumpsJiang, Y; Dong, J; Qu, M; Deng, S ; Yao, Y
2015Overview of wind power generation in China: Status and developmentFeng, Y; Lin, H; Ho, SL ; Yan, J; Dong, J; Fang, S; Huang, Y
2005Peculiar propagation of curved cracks : analytical solutions for the stress intensity factorWei, XX; Chau, KT ; Wong, RHC; Dong, J
2014Seismic and power generation performance of U-shaped steel connected PV-shear wall under lateral cyclic loadingZhang, H; Dong, J; Duan, Y; Lu, X; Peng, J
2001A supernetwork model for commuting versus telecommutingDong, J; Nagurney, A
2002Supply chain networks with multicriteria decision-makersDong, J; Nagurney, A
2015TDD-Based massive MIMO systems : overview and developmentShi, R; Tang, K; Dong, J; Lei, W; Peng, C; Jiang, Y
2015Visual-Patch-Attention-Aware Saliency DetectionJian, M; Lam, KM ; Dong, J; Shen, L