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20155 Hz repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation with maximum voluntary muscle contraction facilitates cerebral cortex excitability of normal subjectsYin, Z; Shen, Y; Reinhardt, JD; Chen, CF; Jiang, X; Dai, W; Zhang, W; Machado, S; Arias-Carrion, O; Yuan, TF; Shan, C
2008Comparing GPS stochastic models based on observation quality indicesDai, W; Ding, X ; Zhu, J
2013Cycle slip detection and repair for undifferenced GPS observations under high ionospheric activityCai, C; Liu, Z ; Xia, P; Dai, W
2006Dynamic analysis of linear synchronous machinesYu, HT; Dai, W; Ho, SL ; Hu, MQ; Yang, S; Cheng, KWE ; Wong, KF
2007Effects of shape parameters on the attractiveness of a female bodyFan, JT; Dai, W; Qian, X; Chau, KP; Liu, Q
2007GPS建筑物振动变形监测中的单历元算法研究Dai, W; Zhu, J; Ding, XL ; Chen, YQ 
2014Monitoring the land subsidence with persistent scatterer interferometry in Nansha District, Guangdong, ChinaAo, M; Wang, C; Xie, R; Zhang, X; Hu, J; Du, Y; Li, Z; Zhu, J; Dai, W; Kuang, C
2008Robust model based on C/No and priori-information of parametersDai, W; Ding, X ; Zhu, J
2012Stochastic model of GPS/BD combined standard single point positioningYu, W; Dai, W; Ding, X ; Yang, W; Gao, X
2004Visual perception of female physical attractivenessFan, J; Liu, F; Wu, J; Dai, W
2005Visual perception of male body attractivenessFan, J; Dai, W; Liu, F; Wu, J
2011实时精密单点定位中周跳探测与修复的算法研究Yi, Z; Zhu, J; Chen, YQ ; Dai, W
2010顾及卫星钟差插值误差的GPS精密单点定位观测值随机模型Yi, Z; Zhu, J; Chen, YQ ; Dai, W